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Making the Obi-Wan & Anakin training session (From the Kenobi series) work in an AOTC edit.

NeverarGreat said:

If there’s a tradeoff between an opening to AOTC which feels horribly stilted and one that has some visual problems due to de-aging, I’ll take the visual issues any day.

Anyway, since people are suggesting their ideal opening to AOTC here are my two cents:

Landing on Coruscant
Deleted scene of Padme and the Senate
Palpatine’s office (full scene)
Establishing shot of Jedi Temple (using musical sting from Elevator scene) followed by Rescored Training Scene
Padme’s Apartment (Delete elevator scene)

I think that the training scene covers all the introductory vibes we get in the elevator scene, so it should go.

This opening reveals an aspect of the film that didn’t occur to me until today, and that is the reason Palpatine wanted the Jedi assigned to Padme. In the deleted Senate scene, Padme is railing against the Army of the Republic, saying that security is antithetical to liberty. Palpatine recognizes that she could derail his plans, and must find a way to convince her that this security measure is required. Then in the office scene he impresses on her the severity of the situation and convinces her to take on extra security. It’s a direct psychological attack on her ideals.

Placing the martial training scene directly after this office scene drives this point home in a way that the original film does not. The Jedi are soldiers, regardless of what Windu says, and these soldiers have just been placed in the service of a person who detests military solutions.

This is really good! It also helps to disregard the changes in Hayden’s and Ewan’s age from one scene to another.

Star Wars: Kenobi | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [WIP]

Hi, Acbagel. Do you plan to change the ending of the second Vader vs Kenobi fight? Some users here suggested to make the fight end with Vader burying Obi-Wan with the rocks, and after Vader leave the planet, Obi-wan would then free himself thinking about Luke and Leia.

You plan to make something along these lines, the original approach or something different from these two options?

OLD BEN: An Obi-Wan Kenobi Fan Edit [ON HOLD]

Yeah, I think that’s what edits are made for, isn’t it? The editors take aspects that didn’t look very well in the work, and try to improve them. In fact, it’s much more interesting when the editor manages to make a not-so-good aspect of the film look cool in the final result rather than simply cutting it, after all the creators thought the original story with this particular element in mind. For me, Reva is a character that needed a little more development to make it work, and I think that’s entirely possible to archieve through editing. BUT, if you think she’s already a good character on the show, that’s great too. I believe people following this thread are excited to see your version of the show because your ideas are really different, creative and seem to work really well with the story, regardless of whether it has more Reva or less Reva.

But that’s it, regardless of what you decide, try to do what makes you most comfortable. I would personally love to see your take on the show.

Re-creating Anakin's confessione about the Tusken massacre

It’s a good idea. Maybe you can change the hologram aspect to something more easier to do, in terms of editing. You can make Anakin yelling in the scene, and change the scene to Palpatine’s office but making Anakin dialogue continue through radio transmission, and switching continuously from one scene to another, mainly to hide Padmé’s presence. This way, maybe you could imply that Anakin is talking to Palpatine.

The problem with this idea I proposed is that Anakin looks directly to Padmé when he talks, so it would be strange to have Anakin clearly looking to something during the scene, but with no one in the room while he speak through radio transmission 😄. But it might work, I don’t know.

Making the Obi-Wan & Anakin training session (From the Kenobi series) work in an AOTC edit.

Yeah, I don’t know… The idea is awesome, but putting the flashback scene side by side with AOTC scenes still don’t seems to fit to me. Even with the deepfake on Hayden, he still looks very different from when he was younger (he was skinny in AOTC, and now he has a thick neck, for example). Even Mcgregor looks so much different too, the voice, the wig/hair…

Maybe if you manage to make their skin tones be more or less the same from when they were younger, and the tone of voice too, the difference could be less noticiable. If you notice, they looked a little tanned back then. At least, that’s the impression I get.


Anjohan, I noticed that during the new rescue, the color of Leia’s coat changes in a few shots to the former green, instead of staying brown. I think that you probably noticed it but let this pass by, since it’s just a few glimpses, but I’m just saying in case you haven’t seen this detail.

(By the way, thank you for uploading V2 😉)

Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

Octorox said:

Return of the Jedi very much ends with “And they lived happily ever after”, so seeing the Luke that rejected the dark side and turned Vader to the light fall prey to the very doubts and fears that he successfully resisted may seem counter to expectations. However, real life is full of regressions, relapses and setbacks. People contain multitudes, and personally I prefer my characters to be messy.

I think that the thing with Luke is that we don’t see a natural fall of the character. The last time we see Luke in ROTJ he is happy and well-balanced, and suddenly he is completely different in TLJ, as Octorox said. However, the problem is that the reason behind his fall is just showed in a brief flashback and explained in a really superficial way, and this is why it was received so bad by a big part of the fandom.

Kenobi, for the other side, has a fall super acceptable, since we saw in ROTS all the motives for him to being that way in the show.


Yeah, for the people who liked the show at how it actually is story wise, a fanedit like the tiktocker one could be a good shot, sure. But many people disliked the fact that Leia was rescued twice in the same series, Vader let Kenobi escape for no apparent reason in their first battle, Reva tryed to kill Luke with a poor reason, etc. So when the faneditors take this kind of thing in consideration, they aren’t just doing what they wanted to see in the series, they are making something observing the complaints of other fans too.

I think that these edits are more for the fans that didn’t like the show fully, just parts of it (but still want to liked it).


I’m in the same boat as vranir, I was just getting ready to watch the edit when heard of V2 hahah. I read the reviews and compared to the respective scenes on the edit, and thought about some things:

InsertCointent said:

For example, you kept the whole “Frick and the stormtroopers” scene, without editing anything. I feel if you can shave of about 15 minutes of the total running time from scenes likes that, your edit would improve vastly.

Yeah, I also agree that this scene could be cut. First because it doesn’t add too much to the story, and second because of the motive presented by GLogus:

GLogus said:

I love it when the First Order is depicted as inept and stupid but hate it when the Empire is. The way I see it, the First Order are a bunch of wannabe copycats, but the Empire is the real deal, terrifying and formidable.

And about the “imperial cruiser chasing the rebels ship” scene, I posted something in another thread to make it a bit less strange (sorry if you already read this and decided to not took this approach, Anjohan):

You can just cut the supposed hyperdrive problem entirely, and make Obi-Wan wanting to confront Vader just because he wants to resolve this personal conflict with Anakin (this is somewhat confirmed by his conversation with Roken). To accomplish that, I think that would be necessary just to cut most of the chase sequence, and insert a shot of the rebels ship entering the light speed right after Obi-Wan’s ship has launched. You could even relocate part of the drama with Obi-Wan and Leia about he being left behind for when they are leaving the planet, i.e. right after Reva being stabbed by Vader but before the beginning of the chase sequence in space.

This way, you make the Empire less incompetent for not sending tie fighters after the rebels ship, since they would have escaped too fast after they leave the orbit of the planet. Just an idea, though.

And, personally, I think that the scene where Vader doesn’t stops the second ship because of Reva wasn’t shown very well. It’s too much information in a very short time. I saw a video in reddit that takes the same approach, but cut the flashback for the moment, and for me the idea is much more clearer:

Of course I don’t want the flashback to be cut, but maybe it could be better placed in another moment, I dunno.

And at last, I agree that the “Have you come to kill me?” line from Vader doesn’t make much sense.

Overall, thank you very much for making this edit Anjohan, you are doing an amazing job with the various editing choices you took so far. Good luck with V2, I’m looking foward to it!

Obi-Wan Kenobi Redux Ideas Thread

Phase3 said:

I’d love to get other people’s input on something I’d like to try in my edit, for the last few sequences:
What I’d like to do is for Obi-Wan to not leave Jabiim, so that the duel with Vader happens on the one planet, instead of what we see in the TV series, which originally was:
Go to Jabiim / leave Jabiim / go to another planet a few minutes later.

I was thinking along these lines:
Kenobi briefly speaks with Leia, Haja and Roken (scenes that were originally on the starship, whilst fleeing the Star Destroyer). This may require altering the view in the windows to match the hangar bay on Jabiim. Removing the audio of blaster bolts from the Star Destroyer is easy, however I have no experience with altering background images and colours! /
Kenobi surrenders, and converses with Reva /
Reva says “He’s on his way” /
Vader says “Bring my ship” (scene originally located much later) /
Kenobi kills off two Stormtroopers, and escapes /
Vader arrives, destroys one starship, and the second starship takes off /
Brief shot of the starship leaving the atmosphere /
Time permitting: use a shot of a starship entering hyperspace, if timewise it doesn’t conflict with the timeline of the story /
This means cutting out the ridiculous “chase” by the Star Destroyer and starship. That was some poorly-written nonsense! No tractor beam used? No TIE Fighters, Interceptors or Bombers sent out? No simply blasting the starship into oblivion? Really?! Very “creative writing” there, Disney… /
Reva immediately tries to strike Vader — no footage of her slowly walking up to him. I want this scene to be much faster than what we saw in the TV series. Her slowly walking up was, well, too slow! /
Vader and Reva duel, and she is left for dead (no scene of her finding the communicator device) /
Vader walks off /
Vader goes to confront Obi-Wan /
This would require the Imperial Shuttle to be removed from the background, as it would conflict with the Imperial Shuttle seen in the background on Jabiim /
Obi-Wan leaving the planet after the duel: to a very slight reversal of footage, where he puts his robe on the seat of the starship. Now he finds L0LA after the duel, instead of beforehand.

What do you all think?


I liked it, I just don’t know how you can make to show that Vader and Obi-Wan travelled to another place in Jabiim to have a duel. But I think it’s a good concept.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Redux Ideas Thread

Good to know that you cut entirely GI from your edit, CaptainFaraday. I was looking for an edit that make exactly that, since he is basically useless in the story and his makeup is terrible.

Adude said:

(I know you can say that part of Anakin was disappointed in the battle, and or felt sorry for him. Or maybe just repaired Obi Wan for leaving him after he got burned. So he let him escape, but at that scene it didn’t really land that well.)

Yeah, this is why I suggested earlier that the Palpatine scene could take place just after the first Vader vs Obi-Wan battle. Palpatine imply that Vader could still be attached to his master, and this would be the reason why Vader let him walk out. If you think of it, this conversation made much more sense after the fist battle than after the second battle, since in the second one, Vader looks much more obstinate to kill Obi-Wan, and in the first duel Vader seems to have more grief and the will to make Obi-Wan suffer, but not kill.

Of course that this would require some flashback to occur while Vader observes the flames or while the robot rescues Obi-Wan. That’s not a perfect solution either, but is a plausible reason, for me at least. Anyway, is really hard to think in a logical reason for why Vader let Ben go in that moment.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Redux Ideas Thread

PixelJoker95 said:

Hi everyone!
Since this is a general ideas thread, I’m posting here until I have something more to open my own.

So yeah, I’m going to do my own take on Kenobi theatrical cut. Still writing down the ideas and doing smaller scale tests, but will probably start working on the edit itself sometimes at the end of July. And it will be the one of Adywanic proportions!

Now, given that I have academical background in editing, but decided very early on to chase the career in VFX, this sounds like a perfect side project for me. Not to mention that SW inspired me to do what I do, and that in fact I did some visual effects for the upcoming Andor series. And please don’t get your hopes up for my editing skills, they’re a bit rusty after years of not doing anything on a larger scale.

For now I can present you with two tests:

  1. For some reason I expected Vader to fly his own TIE fighter into the final duel. He’s going there for personal reasons, not so much for the official Imperial business. Plus we didn’t see live action TIE Advanced since '77.
    This is a single frame test, since I’m still working on the camera tracking (and that compression in the darkness doesn’t help at all!).

  1. I like Rupert Friend’s performance as Grand Inquisitor, so much so I don’t mind that he doesn’t really look like Pau’an. But hey, why not fix it if we can, and bring it a bit closer to 2005 look of the species. I have a full video of it, and in motion in looks marvelous. Have to tweak the tracking on some frames, then I’ll upload it.

Ofc all of my footage will be uploaded for others to use if they please, in 4K.

My god, this is really good! I’m all for the Tie Fighter idea, for real. You plan to use parts of the “Star Wars Squadrons: Hunted” clip in your edit? Because a dogfight between Vader and Obi-Wan before their final battle would be sick:

You could use even the shots of Obi-Wan sensing Luke in his ship during the dogfight (sorry if I bother by suggesting this dogfight concept though. Even without this, Vader using his Tie would be dope in the show!).

And the Grand Inquisitor idea is totally awesome, it would give to your edit some movie-quality that the show is certainlly lacking in certain areas. In my opinion, the two ideas are really, really great!!