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Info & Idea: Editing '2010: The Year We Make Contact'

Call me crazy, but there are some tracks from John Barry’s score to The Black Hole I think could work in places.

Moonraker Score by John Barry

Info & Idea: Editing '2010: The Year We Make Contact'

Like the idea of Soviet composers as well. There were several impressive looking space films that came out of that era, (Roger Corman would dub them or use the FX shots for one of his own productions) but I’m blanking on the scores.

I’d hate to lose the sound effects, as the scene where the Discovery’s engines fire up has a lot of impact.

I know the Bowman on Earth scenes are in the book, but in the film they rob Dave’s appearance on the Discovery to Floyd of some of it’s power. Having said that, I’d hate to lose the Clarke/Kubrick cameo in the hospital scene. Maybe edit it so it’s more mysterious? The mother sits up in bed, but lose the actual hair brushing scene?

I sometimes think the Mission Report is too static. Maybe have some moving mission recording footage from 2001 to replace each slide cropped and formatted as if it’s being viewed on a computer screen? (In other words, you don’t see anything that couldn’t have been recorded by a camera at the Monolith site or on board Discovery. The accompanying text could be translated (subtitled?) on the fly from English into Russian to suggest who’s reading it.

Would love to see this MGM logo at the beginning.

Maybe entrance/exit music and an intermission to further emulate 2001?

End credits could be 2001 style as well.

Info Wanted: Buck Rogers In The 25th Century - HD Widescreen Theatrical Cut?

Interesting! I always thought the tape releases were mono for some reason. Alas, my betamax is in storage with all my other gear for the foreseeable future.

Tapes were sometimes mislabled in the early days of Hi-Fi, or not all the duplication facilities had upgraded their equipment. (Hi-Fi could actually be switched off on some industrial recorders.) I even had an LD of an unrelated film with no digital tracks even though the jacket had digital sound markings. A second copy I later found of similar vintage had digital sound as advertised.

The LDDB has a PAL copy for sale, but the tech specs say that release was mono.

The Matrix Reloaded - Cam Bootleg DVD Preservation (Released)

trillary dump said:

WildngPower8 said:

This is great lol. The fact that you found this at a Goodwill is impressive. This would be interesting to watch and get an audience reaction audio sync with a better looking picture. I’m not sure but I wonder if anyone on here knows of the Matrix sequels 35mm print restoration projects, this would complement that big time.

Yeah I was kind of surprised to find it for sure! I flicked through it and there either isn’t much of an audience there, or they did not like the film at all because there is no cheering, laughing, clapping, etc lol.

As for the sequel 35mm projects, I am not aware of at all. I did however see this print of Reloaded for sale on eBay…

It’s easy and better to chop all that tracking bloat off of ebay links. See above.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine - NTSC DVD Restoration & 1080p HD Enhancement (Emissary Released)

Would Laserdiscs be of any benefit here? Although sadly they only got up to the middle of season 3 by the time new releases began to dry up in 1999.

The digital broadcast subchannel Heroes & Icons shows DS9 six nights a week in the U.S, but there’s a pesky bug logo in the corner and commercial breaks where there were none originally.

"Secret" Vader in Episode III

ray_afraid said:

adywan said:

SilverWook said:

This is news to me.
I guess with all the hype over Hayden donning the Vader suit, they didn’t want to publicize this at the time.

They missed out Daniel Naprous who was the actual Vader in Rogue One. Spencers Vader scenes were all reshot ( the inner cape was underneath the chest plate incorrectly during Spencers shoot) so , when doing the reshoots, they got Daniel Naprous to play Vader. Only one shot of Spencer remains in the movie

Good to know who to blame. R1’s sassy, swishy-walking, finger-wagging Vader is almost as embarrassing as the M.C. Hammer-dancing one at Disney…

I’m almost afraid to ask.