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General Writing, Illustration, and Publishing Thread

OutboundFlight said:

SilverWook said:

Have any of you guys ever used a professional proofreading service?

For my wip draft, I’ve just been using Grammarly. It does a good job (for a droid). I’ll proofread it myself during revisions.

Interesting. I wonder how it would handle a fantasy novel with a lot of made up names and words? I’m having eyesight troubles unfortunately, which will make proofreading more difficult.

Return Of The Jedi - a General Random Thoughts thread

darklordoftech said:

I don’t think Anakin should have become a ghost at the end. Vader was confused when Obi-Wan became a ghost, so how could Vader possibly become a ghost himself?

Vader was confused when Obi-Wan’s body vanished, he never actually saw Ben as a ghost or seemed to know it was possible. In ESB he says Obi Wan can no longer help Luke.

I’ve long presumed Ben and Yoda helped Anakin with becoming a ghost.

Why did they use Arriflex cameras on Return of the Jedi rather than Panavision cameras?

Funny, I recall a kid writing in to *Dynamite" magazine back in 1978(?) claiming they and a sibling had both played Jawas in the scenes where Artoo was shot and carried off. With the passage of time it’s going to be harder to verify such claims, much like the occasional old geezer who claimed they were one of The Little Rascals.

Maybe someone can ask Warwick Davis if any of the other Ewoks were kids?

I can’t imagine any of them being allowed near the pyro effects going off on set. This wasn’t too long after the infamous Twilight Zone accident.

I’d be surprised if they didn’t swap hoods and weapons around to make new Ewoks for some battle scenes.

An Environmental & Ecology thread

Let’s hope none of those people ever need a donated heart or kidney rushed to them or a loved one by jet.

It’s just getting crazy out there. Subway stopped using trays, and give you your sandwich wrapped to go even if you’re eating it there. I saw a line at one local supermarket just to get in. A special Wookiee wagging finger of shame™ to the jackhole in front of line smoking when nobody behind him can flee his cancer stick emissions.
Why the hell are people hoarding toilet paper? Makes even less here as there’s a Proctor & Gamble plant in my town that makes the stuff 24/7. What I find really odd is the local CVS pharmacy is also sold out of E-cigs and vaping supplies. Figure that one out!

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

I don’t want to derail the b*tching, so how about a thread where we can discuss writing and even publishing? I’ve written two novels, (believe it or not) and it would be great to discuss how to turn them into a ebook thingy. It’s all about the Kindles these days, right? Someone was helping me with that before health issues essentially took them off the grid.