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Info Wanted: Is there a way to see the Prequels in their original theatrical version?

ChainsawAsh said:

Per forum rules, you must own the official release nearest in quality to the fan project you’re seeking before you can download said fan project.

For example, if you’re trying to download a standard definition DVD release of a fan project, you only need to own the official DVD first. But if you’re trying to download an HD project, you need to own the official Blu-Ray first.

But what if I had but I lost/sold?

How to download projects from here?

oojason said:

In answer to your question, Shredder73 - you DON’T download projects on here.

What CatBus said is spot on.

We are NOT pirates - and this is not a torrent or download site.

We ❤️ Star Wars and give it all the moneys. Please don’t sue us.’ - this applies for every Fan Edit on here (not just for Star Wars releases) - we pay for the official film/tv/media release beforehand; via purchasing the blu ray or digital download etc.

Patience is also key… take the time to look around the site and read up on how the site works - and doesn’t…

Threads such as these links below will provide you with quite a bit of information, help and assistance:-

Welcome to the; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within…

‘How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries

About : Help : Forum Rules and Guidelines : Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ

As well as reading up on some of the more popular project threads on here…

It is indeed a fair bit of info to take in - though reading through these threads will also hopefully give you a clear understanding of what the site is about - and what it isn’t…

Good luck with it 😃

Oh I thought then this website is also downloading all kinds of Fan edits
Thanks still for the explanation

Info Wanted: Is there a way to see the Prequels in their original theatrical version?

yotsuya said:

The Phantom Menace is available from 3 sources. There is the Japanese LD and two European broadcasts. The original cut of Attack of the Clones only exists as an in theater bootleg recording. Though the DVD is probably very close to the digital version of the film that originally came out in a few theaters during the original release. Revenge of the Sith is virtually unatlered from the original. The Blu-Ray/Disney+ version has some added detail to the roofs on Kashyyk, and some added Clone Trooper background dialog when they appear over Obi-wan and Grevious’s head. The DVD/HDTV Broadcast is the even closer… only a cut instead of the original wipe between Anakin crawling and Obi-wan and Threepio in the cockpit of Padme’s ship (the wipe was restored for the Blu-ray).

The 35 mm release of Attack of the clones has three noticeable differences. 1st, when Obi-wan catches Anakin’s saber, there are more speeders in the background. When Padme talks to Anakin about his attack on the Sand People, they recut the scene for the DVD version and added some additional dialog. And in one scene, there are more sparks added to Jango’s jetpack. It is not definite that any of these changes were or were not made to the digital theatrical print, but they are definitively changed between the 35 mm film prints that nearly everyone saw and the DVD. According to Rick McCallum, there are more differences, but they have not been documented.

But The Phantom Menace is the most edited with the additions to the Pod Race and the speeder ride on Coruscant.

Where can I download these versions?