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Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
Originally posted by: RowMan
I already have TR47's Star Wars original theatrical versions on DVD and just got a new set from a different person.

Anyone here sells those? (*Outside* yakyakyak )

By the way, as far as Ian McDiarmid as the Emperor in TESB goes, I'd *love* that change, but I'm afraid it's simply just fan wish, as is that very unconvincing image from TDB.
MORE CHANGES!!! (for the 2004 OT DVD release)
Where do you see that? Because I couldn't find anything of this sort on TFN. You're NOT referring to that bulls*it "list" of idiotic never-real "changes" that was made up by someone a while ago and debunked by Moriarty from AICN? The one with "an image of Christensen replaces Sebastian Shaw, Padme is inserted in RotJ as Leia's memory", etc.?

Moriarty also mentioned that no changes were planned for the DVD release other than maybe some small cleaning, such as sabers and remnants of bluescreen lines.
Is this an original Troops DVD or a DVDR?
So, you've seen this bootleg then? Is it an exact copy of the Total Movie disc, or something with crappier quality (recompressed, skipping, with permanent Chinese subtitles like that infamout OT boot, etc.)? I wanted Troops on that DVD, and if that's the only way to go, then I guess I will bid on another copy of this (though I'm hesitant, considering that the seller ignored me when I asked him a question).
The Holiday Special "first edition"?
I do have that travesty on DVD-R, in very good quality, but I've read somewhere that someone had a website that was selling a "first edition" of this, a version not recorded off TV but taken from the original tapes used by the station, which therefore didn't have any artifacts/humming "added" by a recorder, the age of a VHS tape and so on... unfortunately, I can't recall where it was, how much the seller was asking, whether or not he shipped internationally, etc... does anyone know where this site/seller can be found, perhaps?
Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
Originally posted by: Luke Skywalker
you can check back here for a set of DVDs that will be sent anywhere in the world.... however no announcements have been made just yet...

When? And will they be the ones transferred from laserdisc, not VHS? And when? And if they're from laserdiscs, then will the interviews etc. from those versions be included? And when? How much? And when? What payment will you accept? And, since I haven't asked about this yet - *when*?

(I hope I didn't sound too rambling and overexcited. )
Info & Wanted: I want to buy them...

I really do. What? Why, the trilogy. Now I know I will have the SE on DVD soon enough - at least I hope GL will keep to the deadline - but I also want to purchase the original, pre-SE trilogy on DVD. I’ve spent enough time looking for them from various sources that finally I thought posting here would be the last chance… Since posting any links, etc., is probably not allowed, could those who have the answer e-mail me with a response ( Thanks…

To cut a long story short, eBay dealers who have it are often fishy or unreliable, or both, and the only reported online source (Mov…op) is now purely a scam site, and I know of no other source… so, if anyone does, could you let me know?

What I’m specifically looking for:

  • the original trilogy, not the upcoming Special Edition.

  • widescreen (duh!)

  • good quality transfers from the laserdisc version - absolutely not the one from VHS.

  • no permanent subtitles, other than the alien languages .

  • real, pressed DVDs - NOT DVDRs, VCDs, CD-Rs (heh).

  • the version that has the original trailers and bonus featurettes (interview with GL, etc.).

  • a seller that does not “ship to United States/Canada only”!

I don’t particularly care about covers and boxes, I can design and print those out myself.

As for payment, I suppose it would be the usual “eBay ways” - cashier’s check, Western Union money order / transfer, Bidpay and such services, cash in registered letter… Absolutely no pAYPAL, because of which I got my card hacked twice already.

So, could anyone let me in on any online boot store similar to Superhappy (who, I’ve heard, actually had them for a while, but certainly don’t any longer…?), or their eBay auction that really fulfills the requirements above?