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Idea: Backstroking the other movies

I’m currently watching the fan dubbed version of Backstroke of the West (which is awesome…except for Yoda’s voice) and I thought I would try Backstroking something else from the trilogy, using Google Translate (would’ve used Babelfish, but that site is a shell of its former self), and adding in Backstroke terminology wherever possible.

Here’s the first scene I’ve done, and will probably refine it later…

See: No, my father did not attack in the war. He was in the Navigator Spice freighter.

ratio tile: This is your uncle told you. He does not insists your Father’s ideals. That he should be here instead of keeping distance to get hands.

See: You attack in the Clone Wars?

ratio tile: Yes, I was once a hopeless situation like your father.

See: I wish I could know him.

ratio tile:  He was the best star pilot in the Milky Way and a cunning warrior. I know you’ve become a pretty good pilot yourself. He is a Friends. This reminds me of … I have the matter here for you. I hope you have your father This time you are my enough, but your uncle would not allow it. He Worried that you might walk last with my ratio tile fool some of the damn idealistic Crusade like your father.

blow the skin: Mr. President, if you do not must me, I’ll shut down Period of time.

See: Certainly, go ahead.

See: What’s like this?

ratio tile: Your father lightsaber. This is a hopeless situation’s weapon. Not Clumsy or random as a shock. An elegant weapon for a more civilization time. For over a thousand Generations of hopeless situation elder are guardians of peace and good In the my Republic. Before the dark moment, before the Empire.

See: My father is how to failed?

ratio tile: A young hopeless situation life Reaching the west of reaches, who was one of my students, until he become to bad person, save the Empire driven out and exterminate the hopeless situation elder. He betrayal and murdered your father. Arrived, the hopeless situation elder are But extinct. Reaching the west of reaches is the dark world temptations of dint.

See: The dint?

ratio tile: Hear, the dint is what can’t of the hopeless situation his ability. This is an energy Site created by all on the hoof esse. It surrounds we, penetrates we. It binds the Milky Way cooperated.

ratio tile: Now, let’s see if we can not find who you are, my little kid. And to go where you come.

See: I saw the news on his part …

ratio tile: I seem to have found out.

Leia: Section ratio general, years ago you served my father in the Clone War. Arrived, he please you to helping him in his struggle onjection the Empire. Execuse me, I can not express my father’s decision that you Person, but my airship has depraved under beat, I’m frightened my count To breeze blow you Alderaan have lost. I handles important message For the surrender of the insurrection into the memory systematic of this R2 bureau. My father will understand of how to retrieve it. You handles to see this childses security delivered to him Alderaan. This is our great majority desperate time. Save me, ratio tile, you’re my only wish.

ratio tile: You need academic association to which power source is, if you accompany with me Alderaan.

See: Alderaan? I so how to Alderaan. I has to go Home. That night, I was in for it, because it is.

ratio tile: I must your save, See. She must your save. I too my For such use.

See: I can not hands! I handles cooperation to do! This is not to say that I like Empire. I will ruin it! However, what I can do is correct Right now. This is a place so far away from the road.

ratio tile: This is your uncle texting.

See: My uncle. So I went to explain how This?

ratio tile: Academic association dint, See. (came up Learn troops)

See: You see, I can seek you as far as possible to the anchor. You can get a That Limo Si Isley transport or where you’re going.

ratio tile: You need do what you feeling is appropriate, certainly.

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retartedted said:

JVC S-VHS deck

Aha. Any chance you could post the model number? Just curious, as I have one and, well, hate it. :p (turned out to be a bottom-of-the-barrel one)

Anyway, I know I'm really late to the party, but congrats on finishing what you have so far. The quality of what was available before was severely lacking. And now there's a PAL edition too. Always nice to see these pieces of Star Wars history getting the respect they deserve.

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mfastx said:

I don't see how or why everyone feels the need to nit pick.  It's not their edit.

I think part of it is that after all this time, [some] people feel that's it's being made just for them, and there is an emotional attachment to it, so to speak. Easy to get worked up about things when that happens, especially if it involves something they had strong feelings about in the first place.

Fortunately, many can get on with things even after their green laser dreams have been crushed... Haha. ;)

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johnlocke2342 said:

The problem is if Disney/Lucasfilm ever find out about this thread they'll either shut the forum down (more probable) or hire you (less likely but well deserved).

I wouldn't worry about either. (sorry, Harmy, I honestly don't think you'll be hired by them, at least not in the time it takes for me to write this sentence... Heh heh.) There have been very few fanedits shut down overall. Even high profile ones have been allowed, like everything Harmy has already done, Adywan's stuff, Jamie Benning's stuff, etc...

Other than a few Facebook fan pages being shut down of late (which seems to be nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to some troll spamming/reporting), everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. ;)