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Idea: Backstroking the other movies

I'd...rather not. (you can try if you'd like, though) Even the real Backstroke had some coherency and logical thought process. (no, really!) I mean, it might produce some extra ridiculous results, as you say, but I'm doing it to match the level of ridiculousness, not surpass it.

I think the balance is exactly right. If you saw my gigantic glossary of terms and knew how long it takes me to do even a few lines, you'd understand. :p

Idea: Backstroking the other movies

South Korea: How to feeling, child? You do not seek very boon to me. In fact, you seek like enough pull ear Gundark strongly.

See: To your thank.

South Korea: That is you owes my two, the junior.

South Korea: Then, your worship, seeks like you tries maintains I little is continuing.

Leia: I have nothing important to do with it. General Rieekan consider that do not take care behind systematic all airships to be dangerous, before we come the energy blockade are here.

South Korea: That is a good of story. I consider that you are it can't be to bear let seek like my gorgeous person stemming from your sight.

Leia: I do not know that your where obtains your illusion, the laser brain.

South Korea: Laughs at it, fabric hair bulb. However you have not seen us in the Yugoslavian paragraph alone. She expressed her my real felling.

Leia: I...! Why you have adhered,...Stupid,...Ragged... nerf herdsman!

South Korea: Who is ragged? I vexed certainly her quite close to the amount to obtain to the mark all her am stirred celestial globe such, ahem, child?

Leia: Why I guessed that you don't know affair concerning it the woman?

Idea: Backstroking the other movies

I found a much worse translator. Ordinarily, that would be bad, but in this case, that's great! ;) I'm quite pleased with the results. ("Away put" became "Invests"? Awesome! That's the same line of reasoning, if you will, as in the original Backstroke!) Here's a section from Empire...

SEE: ...Still had the matter to be familiar about this place. I feeling to like...

STRANGE VOICE: What does the feeling look like?

SEE: If we keeping watch on!

CREATURE: Invests your weapon! I meant that you do not have the harm. Why I want to know, your here?

SEE: I am seeking for somebody.

CREATURE: Seek? Find out you to have my person saying that?

SEE: Good.

CREATURE: Helpings me be able you. Yes, mmmm.

SEE: I so do not think. I am seeking for a outstanding soldier.

CREATURE: Ahhh! A outstanding soldier. The war does not make one outstanding.

SEE: Invests that to get down. Hey! That is my supper.

CREATURE: Do you obtain are very big, eat this type food?

SEE: Listens, the friend, we do not have meaning to lemon in that water hole, if we possibly mess with our airship, our meeting, but we cannot, therefore why you are not...

CREATURE: Can't Aww, mess with your airship?

SEE: Hey, you possibly broke this. Do not make that. Ohhh...You make the confusion. Hey, gives me that!

CREATURE: Ore! I will helping you not have.

SEE: I do not want your helping. I want behind my lamp. I mudhole that needs it to leave this to mount.

CREATURE: Mudhole? Mounts? My family this is.

SEE: Oh, Reach the man, making him handles it.


SEE: Reach the man...


SEE: Now you will transfer, kid? We handles been done a lot of cooperation.

CREATURE: Otherwise! No, no! Stays and helpings you, I. Seeks for your friend?

SEE: I am not seeking for a friend, I seek for hopeless situation elder.

CREATURE: Oohhh. hopeless situation elder. Vanquish. You seek for Vanquish.

SEE: Do you understand of him?

CREATURE: Mmm. send to him you, I. Yes, yes. However now, we must eat. Come. Good of food. Come.