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(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

Alright, I’ve got some hopefully not too unorganized/vague notes from Chapter 5. I made these as I was watching it.

Overall a great chapter, with most everything being seamless, it turned out quite well.

Now for some of the notes that I think could be improved upon IMO.

  1. The scene around the 5 minute mark works surprisingly much better than I thought it would. Taking the last scene of the show to one of the first and making it work as well as it did was pretty impressive. To improve upon it more, if possible I would try and draw as much attention as possible away from the debris that the citizens are cleaning, and shots of the debris.
    This may be difficult while maintaining the music of the scene by making cuts of certain shots of them simply cleaning the debris. So perhaps it could also help to simply change the music that plays during this scene. As I think the music here works, but could possibly be improved upon by picking something with a slightly different tone. Though I’m not sure what that would be.
    TLDR: This scene works pretty well, but I’d cut as many shots of the debris/cleaning of debris that you can while not making the scene feel choppy with the soundtrack.

  2. The initial cut to Mando behind the curtain felt perhaps a bit too harsh/quick. Though part of me liked it at the same time. I’d mess around with a slower cut if possible that eases you into the new scene and see how it looks and compare which is best/most fitting for the scene.

  3. The Rancor (fakeout) scene works quite well with the assassin , which I was also surprised by. The main issue with the scene for me however was that you could see the Rancor’s gate/door open too much. I’d try and cut away to the assassins saying the mayor sent him before the viewer can see the gate fully open, revealing that there doesn’t seem to be anything there.

  4. As much as I hate to say it as I don’t enjoy the mods, I felt there should be some sort of introduction to them.
    The original (D+) introduction of the mods was quite drawn out and long, and had that awkward scene of Boba talking with the guy in his palace. But I feel it may be a necessary evil, as it just felt odd having the mods show up out of nowhere as they main 2 are honestly fairly “main, side characters” in this. And it just feels odd not having a proper introduction to them.

TLDR: I think it’s a necessary evil to introduce the mods similarly to the D+ show. But perhaps it can be cut up and trimmed a lot to be much better than D+'s. It’s one of the only things that didn’t fully work for me in the edit.

  1. This is ironic based off of my last point, but I’d try and see if it’s possible to cut/trim up the scene of the mods driving up the the mayor’s office around the 1 hour mark. You didn’t change this scene of them driving up AFAIK so it being a weird scene isn’t on you at all. I just can’t take the scene seriously especially after all the power ranger memes from this scene lol.

TLDR: If possible I’d mess around with cutting/trimming the scene of the mods and Boba driving up to the mayors office.
It’s just a awkward scene because of their out of place speeder bikes and the memes make it even harder to watch. I’d maybe try and cut straight to Boba walking right into the mayor’s building and see how that looks.

  1. At around 1:27:20 the main cast sorta just seems to teleport into Garzas sanctuary. It feels kind of weird. the scene may need cutting entirely, or rearranging. I don’t recall how this sequence played out in the D+ version, so this may be how it was there too. In either case it feels weird having them straight up teleport during Fennec’s monologue.

  2. I like the idea of this on paper, though in execution I think it didn’t quite work (yet at least). The idea being that, the Marshall initially declines Mandos offer to help out. I was able to tell where the scene was cut up around the 1:24:15 mark and then again to the 1:31:00 mark. I’d perhaps just revert this to the Original D+, as that seems the easiest way to make the scene feel less “edited”.

  3. In the scene with Cad Bane and Boba talking for the first time, I’d be interested in seeing about cutting some of Fennecs dialogue. I noticed during the D+'s version of the Finale that Fennec seems to be guiding along Boba quite a bit, and though some of that seemed to be cut here, I think it could do with some more cutting. She tends to monologue/explain a bit too much for my liking throughout. Though this may be personal preference.

  4. This is just a personal gripe that has bugged me since I first saw it on D+. But the scene at 1:45:15 as Fennec is driving away to me always felt so weird because of the strange smile of admiration that the Pale mod has at 1:45:19.
    Personal gripe, I’m sure. It just looks so weird to me lol!

  5. at 2:04:38 you can see the D+ “CHAPTER 6 FROM THE DESERS COMES A STRANGER” title card.

  6. I personally thought what you did with the final montage of Boba getting tribute from everyone in his palace was quite brilliant. Really great idea there. However for me it slightly messed with another one of my favorite scenes (from the D+ version). Which was of Grogu tapping on the glass with the Mandalorian.
    I’d see if there’s any way to perhaps separate the montage of Boba, and the scene of Grogu with Mando in his starfighter some.
    Smudger9 did this scene well, yet very similar in his movie edit. The part that feels a bit off to me in this edit is that Mando being reunited with Grogu should be more… I’m not sure, quiet? I think having the (great, yet not fitting for this scene IMO) music play during their scene together is what throws me off. That and that it was shortened, by not having Grogu tap on the glass.

TLDR: I’d see if you can separate Boba’s montage of getting tribute, and Mando+Grogu reunited scene so it feels more endearing.

It’s a lot of notes I have but I really did enjoy this edit. It’s certainly a very difficult edit to make and I think you’ve done a great job on it. I think with a few tweaks and adjustments it will become the definitive way to view the show (In my opinion of course).

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

I’m planning on hopefully rewatching chapter 2 over the weekend.

But from what I remember there were a few small things I thought could of potentially worked better. the scene where Fett is gifted the Lizard, his first line of the scene is “you are warriors.”
I remember feeling like the scene would of played out better without that starting line as it felt like the scene started in the middle of a conversation.

Also, though the lizard scene in the D+ version is maybe a little silly. I remember something about the edits take on the whole removal of the lizard felt off. Felt like something was missing. I feel either you could try removing the lizard entirely, or making the lizard come out of his nose like in the original.

I also remember thinking that whenever Boba saves Fennec, that while I never liked the mods scene in the original where they repair her. I think it felt a little odd not seeing any if that in this edit. Perhaps you could show bobba taking her to the modshop but cutting the scene as he enters? Idk I’m just spitballing here, that may not look good in practice.

I think thats about it. Though I could be forgetting something, and I plan on watching it again in a few days hopefully. Overall loved this chapter especially.

Will say the “bigger” of the two issues I had was the lizard scene.

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

Okay cool, I definitely prefer the new montage. As for the cart ride, I now think a combination of fix 2 and 3 would be best.

The opening shot of the cart I prefer for sure, it helps slow the pacing and lets you take in the environment more.
As for the actual “conversation” that Mando has with Cara on the cart, I prefer fix 2. As I can hear where the cuts were done in fix 3, but not in fix 2. So I think a mix would be best. With the opening of fix 3, but the conversation being all fix 2.

Other than that seems mostly all set!

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

Alright, back to the feedback on the clips of Episode 1:

Like I think I said earlier, the Mudhorn scene works a lot better now. I don’t think I got any real complaints there.

For “Villager lodging fix2” I think this works much better also. I’m unsure if this can be fixed, but the only semi-complaint I have here now is the last 20 seconds or so feel a bit sudden/rushed maybe. Basically everything after Mando says “I need one more thing.” Though part of me like how it feels fast. I’m unsure.

Now for the “Villager Job” I think this is better than what was previous done. Though part of me still feels a little off about it, but this may be because I’m used to the Disney+ version. I’m not much of a editor/film maker, so this may sound terrible in practice, but part of me is curious what the montage may sound like with the music but also with some background sound effects that were originally present.

That may not work for a montage type feel that you’re going for though.
I feel like it’s also slightly strange that we see them putting up walls and training and such during the montage, but never see anything come from it if that makes sense. I’m afraid it may feel slightly underwhelming seeing Mando train the village, only for that to be the end of that. Sort of like a lot of build up, with little pay off I’m worried about. This may come across differently though while watching the edit as a whole and not just a 1 minute clip.

I’m curious from a hypothetical standpoint if it may be worth trying to incorporate the raiders in some way, while cutting down a lot of it. Though that may be an avenue not worth exploring.

Overall, first clip is very solid. Second clip is also very solid, though could maybe see if there’s any way to make the end less abrupt potentially to see how it looks. And third clip is an improvement for sure, though I’m curious if other avenues may be worth exploring.

EDIT: Also out of curiosity, will you be using the deep fake for Luke at the end of episode 4 by Shamook?

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

Interesting ideas, I haven’t seen Smudgers version as of yet. But he may have some good ideas already present in his edit you could look into.

I have seen the finale part of his edit and personally did love how he handled it. With removing the mechanic lady, and by extension grogu from the finale, and minimizing the mayor and some of the akward mods scenes, I think it did wonders for the finale.

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

I’ll look at these again hopefully later today. I checked them out yesterday and they were all improvements especially the mudhorn. Ill get back to you though with more details.

I’ll also hopefully give my thoughts about chapter 2 as I saw that a few days ago and absolutely loved it.
I’m especially intrigued about how you handle the books of bobba fett in Chapter 5. As chapter 2 was outstanding I thought.

I’ll get back to you though about notes of chapter 2 as there’s was a few relatively small issues I had. But again. Overall thought chapter 2 was fantastic, and loved the way the story was presented.

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

Wow, definitely much better on the Blurg. No real complaints there I think.

The Mudhorn scene is better for sure, I feel like there’s a few pieces still missing. Mainly with the audio, I feel like the Mudhorn should be making some more noise around the 35 second mark based off of its movements.

  • The first time the Mudhorn attacks and knocks over Din feels maybe a bit too abrupt/sudden. That may be unfixable due to the footage available.
    And at around the 1:00 mark there’s virtually no ambient sound coming from the environment or the Mudhorn when he smashes into the wall.

The lodging scene is definitely better as well. I still think it seems a bit odd that the two men seem interested in Mando solely because he’s a Mando which they find interesting I guess. And willfully allow him and Cara to stay without any mention of them being there to protect them or any reason they may want them there in the first place.
though , again this may be difficult to fully flesh out with the footage available. I like the scene of Mando giving Cara the credits much more now also. However it seems weird again to me that he’s paying her to come along for seemingly little reason.
Plus he says “ready for round two” which makes it seem there will be a fight ahead, that never comes.

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

I was finally able to watch your edit, starting with Chapter 1. I wanted to say that overall I loved this edit, and thought you did a very good job. Though I do have a few criticisms that I hope come across as constructive! As the positives far outweigh any of the negatives.

A Small one that I had was the removal of Mando learning how to ride the Blurg. I didn’t have an issue with this from a story perspective, just that for me from where the scene was cut it felt like… the viewer was missing something. Perhaps it’s cause I’m used to the original, but it felt a bit too much like the scene cut halfway through the middle of a scene to me.

Similarly to this, I liked the idea of the Mudhorn scene change, though this one didn’t work as well for me. It seemed like the Mudhorn “spawned” out of nowhere almost, and some of the cuts have Mando all muddied and beat up, and the next cut has Mando looking clean and uninjured. Perhaps there would be a way to show more of the Mudhorn scenes without the entire Jawa subplot to avoid these few issues mentioned.

The next issue I personally found was on the farm world. I LOVE the idea of what you did here, and it worked 90% of the time for me. It’s possible I just missed what the scene was trying to say. But with the new added context, or I guess removal of context that Mando is supposed to be defending the town, it felt very weird to me that Mando seemed to randomly ask the two men who approached him at night at the Razor Crest for their credits for no reason other than to bring Cara Dune along. It just felt weird that he was able to ask for their credits with nothing in return.

It felt as a viewer as though the two men were “fans” and that they payed him to lie low at their village for what felt like a unknown reason with only the context of this Chapter.

I also found it a bit odd that the Widow at the farm told Mando “thank you” as he finally left. As from what we saw (unless I’m missing something) he didn’t do anything except take payment to lie low there for awhile? and never did anything for them.

Final thing, maybe I’m crazy but it almost feels like there’s some sort of filter over the video itself. I could just be seeing things, or it could be because the file size. I’m unsure but it seems like the colors are different than what’s on Disney+, as well as it seems there’s some Aliasing on small lines.

  • a very small thing that’s not really a big issue. Is the credit cards at the end reference now cut scenes. Not a big deal but thought I’d mention everything I could think of.

I hope nothing came across as too critical, as besides those few things I loved every other change and thought it was seamless. I’m especially looking forward to Chapter 2 now!

(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)

Reading the changelog for Chapter 4 and wanted to give some input. This is only my opinion obviously as it’s your edit, but in my opinion it’s mistake in the grand scheme of these “Mando verse” shows to remove Episode 12 from Chapter 4.

As it establishes that something odd is going on with the empire, as we see what seems to be some sort of Snoke business and cloning going on in the Imperial Facility. I already view that as an important scene with what is currently in cannon, and believe it will only become more and more important as more gets revealed in the coming seasons of Mando.

For the same reason I personally think leaving in the Ahsoka Thrawn dialogue is very important as well. (Maybe not currently with what we have in Mando, but almost definitely will be important in the coming seasons/ Ahsoka.)

I understand cutting it for the Mandalorian plot, but I expect it will be important to the plot of the Mandalorian quite soon. Perhaps even a potential future “Chapter X” in your edits.

Despite the criticisms, I wanted to say that so far, from just skimming through the Chapters as I haven’t had time to watch through them fully, Im very much enjoying your changes. And loved your approach specifically with having Mando’s and Boba’s plots intertwine in Chapter 2.