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(The Mandalorian+Boba) The Way of Mandalore | A Compilation Edit (Completed: Out Now)

So I have recently re-watched both Book 2 and Book 5 (The Boba parts) of this edit to prepare for Mando season 3.

I have some new, maybe some old by accident feedback I wanted to give.

Book 2 is overall fantastic, I love nearly every single change.

I’m still not sold on the whole removal of the lizard parts, as I feel like it’s clunky without it but that’s probably a agree to disagree kind of thing.

  1. At around 30:05 there is an abrupt cut that sticks out a good bit, it’s from you removing Boba smiling.
    I understand cutting this scene, but I really think it’s worth reverting as it sticks out more to have it out than to have it in. Unless of course you can fix the audio transition.
    Though I don’t have the skills to be able to do that.

That’s probably all my editing complaints for this book, other than maybe seeing if you can remove the entire rat catcher scene and just having Fennec and Boba walk out of the room uninterrupted. But I imagine that’s difficult and could be clunky.

I do have one more criticism for this particular edit (Book 2) and that is mainly the quality difference between this Book and Book 5. Book 5 is of a much higher (visual) quality, looking like it’s nearly blu ray quality. While also being over double the file size.
While Book 2 is noticeably lower in quality. I understand it may be impossible to “fix” this with your current situation and or disc space. But thought I’d mention it.

Something else regarding the quality of Book 2 is that I also noticed a noticeable quality drop between the original Mando Episode 5 parts, and the Boba flash back scenes.
To me at least it looks like the Mando parts are at a much lower quality of the rest of Book 2 which is distracting IMO.

Again, it isn’t a massive deal but to me it’s the one major thing holding it back from being a proper “replacement” for the original Disney Plus versions.

By contrast Book 5 (The Current day Boba + Mando parts.) Looks visually fantastic. And is a pleasure to watch, as is Chapter 2. I did however have a few nitpicks I thought I’d mention.

  1. I feel like the Rancor fake out scene is almostttt perfect, and it would likely be if somehow you could add rancor sounds perhaps while the gate is opening.
    Nothing too offensive and out of place as that would detract instead of add. But I feel like it’s one of the only things missing here.

  2. I also feel like cutting the shot and line of Fennec saying “Shall we see the Mayor” or something of the sort, sells the scene better and make a nice transition.
    I did it on my own personal copy atleast and found it to be good.

  3. I can’t think of a specific line to cut and this may be too broad, but I feel like Boba is a bit too “overly friendly” in Garzas sanctuary with his dialogue.
    I’m not sure if there’s anything here that can be done though.

  4. I appreciate in the final Boba parts having cut the entire exchange with the Mayor’s assistant walking out of the destroyed sanctuary trying to reason with the Pykes.
    However I feel like the cut to Mando and Boba flying out may be a bit too abrupt and sudden.
    I think Smudger did a bit more of a natural exit of the sanctuary for Boba and Mando in his edit,
    I think the music and such flows better as well there.

When Fennec kills all of the leaders at the end of the Rancor battle, I think it should sorta fade to black for a second or so to signify a somewhat passage of time between the final battle and Mando seeing Grogu.
Instead of Mando going straight there after the fact.

I think it may also help with the slight tonal shift between that scene and the ones that follow being more peaceful and such. This also just makes the timeline of the show feel a bit more stretched out.

I hope the criticism comes off as constructive as I adore these edits, they truly improve the show very much.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Jar Jar Bricks said:

  • Might there be a way to improve on “I made Snoke”? Perhaps “I trained Snoke. A puppet designed to make you who I needed you to be.”?

As I mentioned in a previous post, a Palpy voice clone is sadly not very likely to be possible.

That’s unfortunate that Palpy isn’t likely. It could be a huge deal to get him to say the “more than a clone less than a man” line.