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The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

Ivan’s crowd appear to be largely TLJ haters- those who despise a vast majority of the changes made. That isn’t a bad thing in it itself, there are some people who think that here, and we all get to respectfully share our opinions. But when surrounded by a community that continues to hate upon hate you get into a situation where anything is better.

My assumption is the praise does not come out of the edit’s quality. The people are only interested in story. They don’t care if the audio is odd or the cuts on dough, or even if the story contradicts itself as long as it directly fixes their issues with Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson the edit is a masterpiece. If it creates new problems, eh who cares.

My greatest worry now is towards the children of those in this community. When (more likely if xd) their parents show them Star Wars for the first time, Episode 8 will be called “The Last Jedi Re-Edit”. 😦

Anyone else totally disregard Leia being Luke's sister?

It’s most obvious in ANH with Luke and Leia’s reactions. In fact I think within the context of that film, Luke and Leia are meant to get together. Han acts more like a mature big brother who plays “cool” with Leia.

Best evidence here is that scene after escaping the Death Star where Luke asked Han about Leia, and Han says no chance, this is clearly aimed at a bit of love triangle. A naive, caring guy vs your typical detached, cool guy. Clearly setting up.

But something must of happened between ANH and ESB, because Empire doesn’t really seem interested in playing up a love triangle. Leia kisses Luke in that instance to make Han jealous. The entire B plot of that movie is dedicated to their relationship, so it’d be weird for Luke to just show up again. But in the same token they’ve already set up a love triangle.

Had ROTJ stuck to its guns with the original script, either Han’s death or Luke walking away to focus on the Jedi would have made a far stronger conclusion to the triangle.

Anyone else totally disregard Leia being Luke's sister?

I’ve honestly disliked that line from the get-go.

Why say it within the context of this story? Luke is about to face down Vader. Don’t tell the audience Luke isn’t important anymore. Even if Lucas was thinking Luke should have a sister at the time, I don’t see why he would reveal that to the audience now.

It is clear to me Lucas originally wanted to have a new character be Luke’s sister, but when he decided to stop making Star Wars movies, he wanted to tie everything up into a neat bow. Happily ever after. So if Han and Luke are having a love triangle, just make Luke her brother! Tadaa!

What should we see in IX?

Personally I don’t want high stakes. They’ll probably build another super-weapon. But I’m not really interested in that. We know the weapon will be destroyed.

What I’m interested in is Ben Solo. Will he live, or will he die? This is a good question that could go both ways. In my opinion this should be a pivotal part of the drama. Not will the Resistance win… of course it will. But will Ben survive?

<em><strong>Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order</strong></em> (Video Game)

I hope the game has an open world- they keep dodging the question and it would be a make or break for me. I enjoyed the Force Unleashed, but became bored after playing through the story first because they was little left to do. The demo looks very linear, which I’m not sure is my play style.

RDR2 is a great example of a game that pairs an epic linear story with an open world that I keep playing long after I’ve completed the story.

Any favorite scenes?

You are right- we do seem to focus on our negatives rather than postives!

My favorite scene in all of SW has to be when Luke temporarily turns to the dark side and starts lashing out on Vader. I never really understood its significance until later. The music sets it up as a supreme tragedy which the last six movies were all building up to. There’s this great sweeping shot through the room with the silhouettes of Luke and Vader. Everything about it is perfect!

Episodes 1-9 into ONE cohesive Fanedit

The biggest issue with a 1 in 9 edit is the scale. We will quickly get overwhelmed by all the stuff going on without a main character. Setting it around the Skywalker Family just won’t work in my opinion, because every hour you’d be swapping out main characters.

My solution to the 1 in 6 fanedit was relatively simple- set it around Vader. The introduction of the ST complicates this manner. We could frame it as “Vader’s legacy” but unless Anakin suddenly arrives and saves the day in Episode 9 it will feel terribly anticlimactic because Vader’s story ends in 6.

Therefore I agree that Luke should be the main character. A non-linear storyline is the best approach. We’d start with the Empire- not First Order, the old empire is still in power- burning of the Jakku Village, which immediately establishes the overarching plot: find the legendary Luke Skywalker to save the galaxy.

Warning this got out of hand
This segues perfectly into a title card to Luke’s birth. Immediately after his birth (and mother’s death), we’d cut to A New Hope for Ben’s talk with Luke. It is implied Obi-Wan raised Luke. Then Obi-Wan’s old droids reveal the message from the princess and off we go- A New Hope up to the Death Star escape.

Then to TFA where resistance spy Finn finds Rey and BB8. They escape to Han, who tells them “it’s true, all of it”.

Then cut back to Luke on Hoth. He gets attacked by the Wampa and receives the vision for Dagobagh. Luke leaves the rebels before the Battle of Hoth, which makes him feels selfish. When he learns they’ve been captured after a defeat at Hoth, he blames himself and goes to Cloud City to rescue them.

The Vader reveal further complicates the plot. We get a 1-minute supercut of the Prequel Trilogy.

Meanwhile in the Sequel Trilogy, the Falcon lands on Takodona and Rey gets the lightsaber. She runs away and is captured by Kylo. We quickly establish Starkiller Base… “the latest death star” (in this edit, death stars never stopped getting built, like nuclear warheads).

Luke surrenders himself to Vader, and we have the finale of ROTJ from purely their perspective. The catch is the Emperor somehow survives, which explains why the Empire has survived up to this point. Snoke = Palpatine.

The resistance mounts an attack but fail. Starkiller blows up D’Qar, with only Leia and a few ships remaining. Kylo reveals he is Ben and kills Han. Rey takes up the lightsaber and fends off against Ren.

At the resistance ship, the rebels complete the map and Rey flies out to find Luke. The first half (more like first 2/3 rds) ends with TFA’s cliffhanger.


Now in TLJ land, Luke refuses the lightsaber. Very condensed TLJ- mainly concerns Rey and Luke with some cuts to the resistance being chased.

To prove his point that the Jedi suck, Luke flash backs to the Prequel Trilogy once again. This time we get a reasonable amount of time dedicated to the flaws of the Jedi during their “prime” and we begin to see his point of view. We also better understand his reasoning for attacking Kylo.

Rey leaves and Kylo reveals Palpatine has indeed survived the events of ROTJ. We either use ROTJ footage or TLJ footage to show Kylo eliminating the emperor and crowning himself the new ruler.

The conclusion of the film is on Crait, where the rebel alliance is to make a final stand. This has to be a defining moment for a bloated movie- so the R2D2 nostalgia scene is moved here to right after Luke’s lesson with Yoda. Then Luke outsmarts Kylo, and does little speech overlaid by the Canto Bight kid. Knowing his mission will be completed by Rey and the future generations, he becomes one with the force.

Whew this is tough

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

To be fair, opinions are subjective. Luke used that quote when Kylo said a wrong fact.

Nevertheless I disagree that the assembly line and trash compactor are equivalent. First, the trash compactor feels like there’s real tension. I think it has to do with the simplicity of it all. No one is shooting or flying around them, just some great editing showing the walls slowly close in on themselves. There’s so much going around on Geonosis it becomes chaotic. Anakin is in trouble and Padmé is in trouble and Threepio is in trouble. Lucas tried to replicate the sequence but overdid it.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Continuing a conversation in the Lucasfilm’s future thread
Dom, I disagree that Endgame is made of fan service. Granted there is a fair number, in particular, the plan to win sorta makes fan service to the past impossible. Nevertheless, look at what happens to the characters (names removed to avoid spoilers).

–Hawkeye goes on a murderous rampage, breaking their morals to try to cope with loss. They do this for an extended period and exit the movie happy but also with sins they hadn’t had before.
–Thor sinks into some serious depression which takes a huge toll on them emotionally and physically. Where before this hero was the most “heroic” in Infinity War, but in Endgame they must entirely restart their hero’s journey.
–Thanos, who has been seriously hyped up, is anticlimactically killed off in favor of a more compelling plot.
–Iron Man, whom we may expect will get a “rise from nothing” character arc (that was surprisingly given to #2) becomes finally happy after the opening act. This is the sort of thing you would expect their character to end on… but instead, that character leaves their happy family to do the right thing and dies. They had everything and they lost it to save the world.

Granted two of the six avengers manage to get the happy ending they deserved and one gets to have a glorious moment out. But the other three and our purple friend are intentionally broken and rebuilt for the movie. But the fans still enjoyed the movie- suggesting “subverting expectations” can be done in a way that both surprises and pleases the fans. As I am sure many who enjoyed TLJ already knew.

Lucasfilm's movie plans post Ep. IX

Cthulhunicron said:

Buzzfeed just reported that a script has been completed for a KOTOR movie.

Don’t trust Buzzfeed.

DominicCobb said:

OutboundFlight said:

Omni said:

OutboundFlight said:

How so?

I think there’d be too many expectations from a lot of people that’d potentially ruin the films whichever way they go.

I’d be all in for more personal stories set during the Clone War, I think it’d really do wonders for that time period. We get some of it from the TV shows, but nothing actually good.

But yeah if they want to stay away from the main saga at all costs I think the old republic era is definitely the most logical pick. I really don’t want it to be a Jedi story though, I think it’d be cool to see more Rogue One-like films.

You say there’d be too many expectations, but the Clone Wars has an even greater chance of “offending” people as it is directly connected to the films. And while I love the era there are many OT fans who don’t want to return to the PT, and I respect that… TOR is a fresh start for everyone.

I think about it like the MCU. You have a ton of comics/books/games on the era, and the producers are now free to tell their own story. Most complaints regarding the ST from fans has been towards inconsistent writing (agree or disagree). But by adapting characters you would be more in an MCU position.

Man, the MCU is a lot of things but I don’t think I would ever say that it has “consistent writing.” The less SW can be like the MCU the better honestly (and I love the MCU).

Well, one thing you have to admit is how happy and united the fandom is. A consistent vision is my stab at the answer to that. While any piece of new SW material will divide people. I was convinced Endgame would divide people for providing a definitive ending… but that’s not the case.