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Star Wars Episode III: Labyrinth Of Evil (Finished!)

I think General Grevious and Bail using “General Skywalker” were the main usages in my edit, tho. I think the enemy general and a member of the general public acknowledging his rank and status does way more to age up Anakin than a clone trooper being formal.

I think only one clone says “General Skywalker” in my entire edit, and it was Temuera. And the Baker line I used wasn’t supposed to be a clone, anyway.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

I’ve honestly stayed partial to the Snoke = Plagueis theory since 2015, and Palpatine coming back does little to change my mind LOL

Plagueis found a way to cheat death like he wanted, finds/is found by the remnants of his former apprentice’s Empire, and assumes control of it, thinking himself obviously more powerful than his apprentice. But Palpatine from the grave somehow influences Ben to join the dark side and help Snoke, under the guise of being the whispers he hears of his grandfather. In TLJ, Ben, all according to Palps’ plan, betrayed Plagueis/Snoke, re-asserting Sidious’s dominance over his master.

With Ben’s faith in Vader restored, maybe whatever macguffin everyone is after in IX - Ben will have thought he was pursuing for himself/Vader - but will be revealed as what whatever Palps’ ghost wanted all along.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [Available-ish]

^I have looked at it, as well as many other edits when making this. The thing with my edit that’s different is that it isn’t just about cutting things out. I was adding to the film things that weren’t already there. I wanted Anakin and Obi-Wan to feel like three-dimensional, likable characters. Not just remove instances that make them inconsistent or a little dumb. That meant adding new/changing dialogue, rearranging the flow of conversations, etc.

Turning Anakin “wise” means more than just removing an “I sense Count Dooku” or cutting extraneous questions to Palpatine. I had to find ways to make him more assertive and suspicious, give him agency when the film itself - even with cuts - doesn’t do that.

I mean, I’ve had something finished for a while, so if anyone wants to watch my edit in a super compressed 720, they’ve just had to PM.

When I say I’ve given up, I just mean I don’t have time to export the edit in higher quality, and work out the extra kinks that are in it. All the source files are very, very disorganized spread across an old external drive and the hard drive of an older laptop. I think I’m even missing extensions I used on the Vegas I had installed on that laptop. Full disclosure, I was barely 19 when I started this project, so that might explain the organization as well as why I don’t have time now. Maybe I’ll get back to it one day.

Rebels Fanedit Ideas

My “All Ezra All The Time: The Edit” idea was a joke, but I do think theme/pairing based edits of Rebels wouldn’t really work as well as they do in TCW edits. I think you would seriously have to keep all of the Ghost crew together to make a cohesive film imo. I think a movie should stand alone to some extent regardless of whether or not it’s a part of an overall franchise/series. Having one entire movie be about two members of an ensemble where the rest are pushed to the back/un-introduced is just off to me. It would have to be about the whole group together.

An easy small thing one could do to make Ezra a smaller part, if one really wanted to, is just have him be introduced AFTER the rest of the Ghost crew, with less focus on him after that introduction. That way, he doesn’t come off as the main character. He becomes a device for Kanan/Hera/Sabine/Zeb’s development as opposed to vice versa.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [Available-ish]

^i’ve absolutely given up*

*i mean. it’s done pretty much. i can and have been able to send it to people for the past year, it’s just not in HD or usable for editing in other edits. I don’t have the time to spend on finalizing it a neat, high quality package. it’ll forever be some MP4 on a google drive link.

i will also admit, I don’t even necessarily stand by all of my decisions any more, and I think a big part of my halted progress is that I just can’t sit through ROTS anymore without falling asleep. maybe the passion will come back when TCW does.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

DominicCobb said:


I remember an older version of the “New Canon Cut” of Ep 3 having ‘Luke and Leia’ playing over the birth of the twins and it sounded pretty rad.


So this is over a month late, but I just saw this, and I found the thing snooker is talking about here with the rescore/re-edit at the end of an old version of my RoTS edit.

I ended up not using it in New Canon Cut, because I didn’t think it meshed very well with the style/pacing of the rest of the film - but I think it could work in an edit that is paced and edited in this style.

Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

In a movie where Luke Skywalker of all people is presented as a jaded cynic - I don’t think Holdo is supposed to be perceived as in the right over Poe, fwiw.

Poe is a brash hotshot, sure, but don’t overthink it - Holdo as a leader definitely made huge mistakes. Everyone is at fault for what happens, but that’s partly why TLJ is so good to me. It’s been said to death, but the movie proposes this question specifically about what defines a hero, and Holdo isn’t exempt from that scrutiny imo.

The Swinging Spider-Man (TASM 2 Fanedit)

Work in Progress

With Spider-Man PS4 and Into the Spider-Verse coming out, as well as a general revival of interest in the webslinger since Homecoming, I decided to revisit my least favorite Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There’s a bunch of issues with the film, but the biggest thing that sticks out to me is how manufactured and commercial the whole thing feels, right down to Andrew Garfield being more of a model/pretty boy instead of the iconic character.

It just doesn’t feel like Spider-Man, despite some of the most faithful characteristics of the character finally being on the screen. He finally cracks wise, finally uses his intelligence to try to solve problems, etc. The package it’s delivered in is just so bad that he comes off worse than he ever has. The elements are all there to make a good Spider-Man movie, but it’s so muddled by everything else.

There’s a parents subplot, a romantic subplot, a life/death/friendship thing with Harry, Aunt May and her nursing thing, set up for S6, and it’s not put together coherently. I honed in on what the movie had that was closest to the essence of the character: his heroism and responsibility. Get rid of everything else (especially anything having to do with his parents) and just make the movie about his struggle between his personal life and his responsibilities as someone trying to be a hero. That’s pure Spider-Man.

To present my edit, I doubled down a couple things I had always associated with Spider-Man: New York City and his 1967 cartoon. Specifically, the genre of jazz music as the soundtrack to Spider-Man’s misadventures.

The syncopated rhythmic music used in that original cartoon isn’t a far cry from the iconic urban jungle’s own typical association with a jazz soundtrack. The 2008 Spectacular Spider-Man (the best Spider-Man show everyone watch it) even has its own jazz-inspired score. There’s something that feels more friendly neighborhood and derivative of NYC by having Spider-Man and jazz come together.

So this edit seeks to make TASM2 its own standalone Spider-Man movie, scored with its own style of jazz.

The movie opens with Norman talking to Harry about their disease, and giving him his research as he dies.
The credits begin as Spider-Man chases down the Russians hijacking the Oscorp truck and the scene ends when Spidey manages to get all the plutonium and is hit in the back with a police car.
Transitions from there to a montage of Peter/Spider-Man’s day-to-day, dealing with Jameson and the bad press.
Peter hears about Norman’s death, is triggered to think about his Uncle Ben, and checks on Gwen. He is probably reminiscing the consequences of him being so close to her with his dangerous occupation.
Alexei is broken out of jail and rampages as the Rhino while graduation starts. Peter is running late to graduation on his way to confront Alexei.
Spider-Man steps in for the kid and him and Rhino begin to fight before we cut back to the graduation walk. Peter is assumed to have defeated Rhino and is late. (Cut the kiss).
Peter and Gwen kind of break up.
Peter and Gwen angst a bit.
Max is pushed around on his way to work and his obsession with SM is introduced while with Gwen in the elevator, just before he becomes Electro.
Harry is in a meeting with the rest of Oscorp’s board now that he’s CEO, meets Felicia and is notified that Peter has arrived to check on his friend.
They hang out a bit.
Cut to Electro coming out into the world/Times Square.
Spider-Man shows up to fight him.
After Electro is defeated, Harry in his dad’s office hears the news and discovers something in is dad’s research.
Aunt May tries to get into Peter’s room to wake him up, while Peter is covered in soot and is still dressed as Spidey.
Gwen remembers Max from the elevator.
Peter swings around as Spider-Man a bit, saves a bus, and comes back home to modify his webshooters to work against Electro (without a YouTube video).
Harry calls him the next day and Peter goes to OsCorp.
Harry tells Peter about his disease and that he needs Spider-Man’s blood.
Gwen finds out Max’s accident wasn’t an accident and is hunted by OsCorp security.
Peter runs into her and they hide in the closest. (No kiss)
Peter helps her escape and she talks to Harry in the elevator.
Spider-Man stops some bullies from harassing the kid from the beginning of the movie.
Harry goes home, wakes up to Spider-Man telling him he can’t have his blood. Harry throws a tantrum.
Peter is devastated by not being able to help his friend and takes it out on his room.
Peter goes to Gwen at her Oxford interview and tells her about his dilemma. He learns Gwen will move.
Harry is kicked out of OsCorp after he learns the truth of what his dad’s board did to Max and others.
Peter angsts after he learns Gwen is moving away and Aunt May tells him about how she got over Ben’s death but will never forget him. Peter hears Gwen’s voicemail and picks her up at the bridge.
Harry breaks into Ravencroft to team up with Electro. They come back to OsCorp and Electro gets access to the grid.
Peter and Gwen take on Electro and win. (No planes or hospital subplot)
Harry forces Menken to bring him to special projects. He becomes the Goblin.
Goblin shows up where Peter and Gwen are.
Goblin vs Spider-Man.
Gwen dies.
Funeral/Cemetary scenes.
The End.

There are a bunch of cuts I didn’t mention, (that list was just the basic structure), but most of the edits toned down Garfield’s hyperactive mannerisms, and made him more mild mannered as opposed to suave and charming. Additionally, Spider-Man still cracks wise, but he isn’t a jackass. I wanted to maintain a sense of earnestness in Spider-Man and Peter, and there’s more heart to the character now as opposed to before. He came off as kind of goofy douchey type with a chip on his shoulder in the original, as opposed to a loveable everyman trying his best to be a hero.

Star Wars Episode III: Labyrinth Of Evil (Finished!)

It’s an incredibly annoying movie to watch over and over again.

I’m at this point where I consistently fall asleep and wake up at the same exact points in the movie every time and I can literally just use it as the perfect power nap timer.

i remember being fresh faced and excited about editing it

EDIT: oh right and the scene right after is Obi-Wan landing on Utapau

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [Available-ish]

It was, but I took it down after I decided to update the edit. I don’t think the quality the new version is rendered in is worth putting up on MySpleen right now. I’ll put it out in full HD when I have the time.

I also actually haven’t touched the movie in a month, while I was every day before, even after having some version out. So I’m confident that the one I’ve been sending out since Feb 20th is the final version.

STAR WARS: REBELS - animated tv series - 2014-2018

I feel like Space Whales worked for me as well as they did because their intro seemed like such a useless episode, that no one would ever let you forget about as an example of the show’s low points. I would have forgotten about the episode had it not been the poster boy for the “too much filler” criticism. To see them play a pivotal part of the story’s conclusion was a lot of fun.

As for the Ezra and Ahsoka being around during the OT; I’m fine with it because Ezra and Thrawn are pretty much M.I.A in a part of the universe literally called the Unknown Regions. They might as well not exist because they’ve essentially been taken out of the known galaxy, uncharted space, and presumably without a way to get back.

Ahsoka is a little harder to get around, but they’ll probably explain it.