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To Color Or Not To Color

jero32 said:

Nothing wrong with alternative versions in my book.

Of course I reserve the right to think the alternative version is absolute crap.

 That is what i say in the first post,color for those who want to see the movies in color,and B&W for the B&W nostalgics.


And as others have mentioned,todays technology wont screw the process like the 1980s process did.

To Color Or Not To Color

I was thinking these last years,about this.

Should old black and white movies be colorized?

I ask this cause we all know GL is against the idea,he want them to stay as they were filmed,in my opinion i think if he decide that he can change his movies,adding new stuff,removing some,and make Greedo shoot first,and all we can say is unimportant to him.


We could make him think that the producers of these old B&W movies,would also want their movies to be colorized,cause back then color film was more expensive than B&W films,and that they have first say on he subject.

And if he want B&W he just have to let color copies be made,then keep the B&W for himself.

Name Change Please

timdiggerm said:

It appears there's already a user with that name.

I won't tell you why I found out...

If its email is,it must be mine,since sometime ago i couldn't remember my password,and was unable to login,with the crappy username i have at the moment.


PS if its not the email,then i want something other than montcalm.



Reason Why George Lucas Should Shut The Hell Up!

We know GL is apparently for the preservation of the old black 7 white movies,he's against colorizing them for whatever reason he got,but i say if he decide he can do or change things in the movies he made,he has no authority to say that old movies should not be colirized,for all we know the producers of these movies wanted to make them in color,but since back then the color films were more expensive they used the cheaper B&W.


So in short i say rto Lucas to STHU he has no right to decide if these movies should be or not colorized.