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What's the deal with this fandom?

Oh okay there’s a question edited in there now so I’ll stop being facetious. Here’s the thing… create two things on either side of a metaphorical fence and people will argue about it. SE vs OT. PT vs OT. Anything. Some will argue that anything Star Wars after 1995 is a dumpster fire the same way some people will argue that anything Star Trek after 2005 is a dumpster fire. Some people have no critical thinking powers whatsoever of course, but generally there’s a debate going on with something, somewhere.

4K restoration on Star Wars

Well either there is a profit in collectors items and the ‘limited’ style of release they often do… or they are testing the waters to see if demand is low enough to stop. In some ways it might just be a way of keeping the public eye on certain brands. But one thing is certain; that poster art shows they think that the consumer doesn’t remember what the art is actually for, and that the legal release of OOT is likely doomed.

Name Something You Unreservedly Love About The Rise Of Skywalker

NeverarGreat said:

Chase Adams said:

The shot where Ben Solo arrives on Exogol and the camera reveals an Imperial TIE next to a Rebel X-wing.

One of these has a hyperdrive

I guess I’m just a miserable killjoy who sees a short range fighter without a Hyperdrive and wonders how the hell it got halfway across the galaxy.

Should have been a later model. Also the markings on the X-Wing don’t match the OT and the helmet Rey wears looks weird.

Uhhhh on topic… I enjoy the Kimiji sequences both the way it all looks, the John Williams cameo, and the Force Link Duel.

General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

I don’t know if there’s a thread somewhere but Empire of Dreams has a “we changed stuff” disclaimer at the start now. Presumably because it now includes the pink saber from 2004 and the Ewok eyelids from 2011, amongst other things.

Edit: I also watched the Clone Wars CGI movie. It was real bad. Like worse than I could have even imagined. Good grief.