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The music of the Original Trilogy vs the music of the Prequel Trilogy

StarkillerAG said:

Mielr said:

Has there ever been a silent screening of any of the OOT movies with a live orchestra? I always thought that would be a wonderful thing to see.

Yeah, that would be amazing. The SE live orchestra screenings were fun, but kind of counteracted by the distracting SE changes.

I don’t care for the scores for the PT very much. I think a lot of the overkill with the music was to try and distract from what was happening (or not happening) on the screen. ROTJ is my favorite of all the scores.

Agreed. I think Williams realized that the prequels were extremely boring, so he tried to compensate with lots of epic choir music. Padme’s Ruminations in particular sounds more like Gladiator than Star Wars.

That’s because John Williams could see all the freed slave/Ancient Rome vibes even if the film makers were too incompentent to actually execute those ideas properly. He’s a pro.

Is it Lucas, or Fox, who has prevented the restored OOT release?

George once said that ‘once all the older VHS tapes are worn out the only thing left will be my version’.

Looking at Disney’s negative attitude towards film preservation even just recently I feel like they have the same idea. Eventually people will forget that Solo had directorial problems. People will forget that Star Wars 1977 didn’t include Jabba. People will even forget that Splash didn’t include CGI censorship. The digital domain will be the only thing left and they will own it.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

RogueLeader said:

You know, it is kind of surprising that they went into this trilogy knowing the main character would be female, but they didn’t seem to even consider hiring a female writer. I mean, clearly there were female cooks in the kitchen early on, like Kennedy and Hart. And I’m not saying men can’t write women characters, but I feel like Rey might’ve lacked something that a female writer really could’ve provided for her.

The problem isn’t new perspectives but the lack of good writers in general. All those millions spent without having something decent on paper. And they could have salvaged something, but they let JJ near the writer’s room and they gave Terrio more work for some reason.

The <strong>random YouTube / Vimeo etc video finds</strong> thread for the Original Trilogy


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A new Star Wars Disney+ series confirmed - written, produced &amp; run by Leslye Headland

It’s a dumb knee-jerk reaction but then “female-centric” isn’t a narrative description. Certainly not one that should be in news like this. It would be more appropriate to actually say what the focus is; Jedi, Underworld, Military etc. So logically they must be doing this to stir up all the channels that keep ranting about that whole The Force Is Female schtick. Now there are only ever extreme reactions after all.

Small details that took you <em><strong>FOREVER</strong></em> to notice in the <em>Star Wars</em> films

NeverarGreat said:

I think the compositing is vague enough here to support any interpretation as to where the lasers are coming from.

I agree. The Falcon fires only a handful of times in the whole battle and they’re all similar. In the opening TIE attack it seems to come from a central position. As they swing under the frigate there’s a shot from an extreme angle as it comes in from above, then another as it cuts to an interior cockpit view. BUT this is the weird one, because if you listen it sounds like a snub fighter blaster shot not the Falcon gun turret sound effect. Is it a front cannon or just an X-Wing off to the left? Then you have the part shown above as it takes out the Interceptor.

The <strong>random YouTube / Vimeo etc video finds</strong> thread for the Original Trilogy

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