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<em>The Mandalorian</em> Discussion Thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

The first two episodes were nice and cozy for some reason. It was just nice to get back to these guys. The volcano lair was fun but left me wondering why those characters aren’t used more. The last two… are fine. But like everyone already said it’s getting bogged down in spin-off teasers that lead nowhere right now. I don’t care about these Clone Wars characters and devoting so much time to them doing flips etc. feels like a mistake. I also feel like the reveal of Beskar being blaster and sabre proof is a bad idea. Why ever take cover from the troopers? If they follow the S1 formula though the next one will be a filler episode, and the last two will be the good stuff.

'Lego Star Wars Holiday Special' will air November 17, 2020 - on Disney+

The original is godawful and this is a legitimate way of reducing it’s visibility in the current world of search engines. It’s not really negative, it’s just a thing that will happen. Just think of when you look up a movie and some remake version now appears on screen. If George hated it so much he could have had done this himself.

What's the deal with this fandom?

Oh okay there’s a question edited in there now so I’ll stop being facetious. Here’s the thing… create two things on either side of a metaphorical fence and people will argue about it. SE vs OT. PT vs OT. Anything. Some will argue that anything Star Wars after 1995 is a dumpster fire the same way some people will argue that anything Star Trek after 2005 is a dumpster fire. Some people have no critical thinking powers whatsoever of course, but generally there’s a debate going on with something, somewhere.