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Who Would Like To See An Original Star Wars Re-Release Theatrical Showing?

Original#Fan1 said:

First did you state a 3D version? Holy Mother… That I would just love to see but how will pull that one off but knowing Disney they will find away of course. However being down here in the southeast where nothing really happens like that. As far as the DC theatre I love to see that i theatre one more haven’t seen it in a theatre since when I was in high school. Something like that should be a blast.

I had no idea 3D was still a thing.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

SparkySywer said:
What do you guys think? Do I make sense or have I gone too deep into schizo territory?

Nope you are correct. What you’re describing is the process of writing a sequel properly in a way that addresses previous threads and consolidates earlier details. Unlike TROS which is just a shambles.

What they needed to do was:

  1. Bring back Rey’s visions and work out the details of the saber connection
  2. Address what exactly was awakened in The Force… Awakens… and why Snoke cared
  3. Finished the Rey and Kylo arc in a meaningful way, in particular the idea that Rey was desperate for belonging and Kylo rejected it
  4. Explicitly say that Palpatine funded the First Order to forward his plans
  5. Explicitly say that Palpatine used his foreknowledge of the Dyad to forward his plans
  6. Explicitly say what Snoke was doing and how this gave Palpatine a good reason to exist in this trilogy
  7. Actually write a story about family instead of just having Carrie’s soundbite become a joke
  8. Finish the potential of a First Order vs Final Order conflict
  9. Finish the potential of Finn vs Kylo or by extension his former death squad team members
  10. Or just actually write a script that fills out the trilogy in a nice interwoven triangular format instead of it being three disparate movies. Is this so hard? How can a corporation with so much time and money make such a mess, when just 5 minutes typing this on the fly offers a better outline?