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The Rise of Skywalker The Ultimate Special Edition Release (Now Available)

Recently I posted that I was making a new edit of TROS on reddit and it’s now finished. I’ll post the change list again and if you would like to see it I’ll send you both the mega and the Google drive link. I’ll warn you that the Google drive didn’t upload the full edit but if you download it to your computer it’ll download the full fan-edit. Hope you guys enjoy - cheers

Change list

Hal 9000 Crawl cause its better than the original

Green vat of Palpatine clones from poppasketti

Edited the opening with Kylo and Palpatine down. The fleet is not seen and the question of who Rey is is not asked by Palpatine

Fade in to Rey with rocks, “Be with me”

Rey has her training and own vision separate from Kylo’s

Falcon journey is changed, much like Hals edit with effects by poppasketti

No lightspeed skipping. I don’t mind it but it just doesn’t help with the pacing. Think of the lightspeed skipping as a deleted scene lol

Rey and Poe’s convo about the falcon doesn’t have lightspeed skipping

The Resistance meeting about the intel is edited to be less cheesy

Shot of Falcon flying in space above Ajan Kloss is extended thanks to poppasketti and/or Hal

Kylo has his own vision that takes elements from Hals edit and some of my own. This vision leads into Kylo making his helmet. Can you tell Hal is a big inspiration haha

Rey talking to Nambi Gima cuts out the “I don’t have a last name” bits so its less on the nose

The scene where the location of the necklace that Kylo took is placed after the intro with Lando.

“They fly now” line is cut. I don’t hate the line but I know a lot of people do so I cut it for them When the gang falls into the sand we transition immediately to them underground now

The scene with Leia and Snap is moved after the Lightsaber, flashlight gag

When they find the dagger it now makes Sith whispers

Dialogue of The Knights of Ren is added from “Hi, My Name Is Alex” from YouTube

I use shots From the first trailer when Rey is looking at Kylo’s ship on Pasana

No explosion of Kylo’s ship

VFX shot from poppasketti of Ochi’s ship flying off

Used shot of Poe turning on buttons in Ochi’s ship to Segway the conversation with Rey and Finn to the Conversation about Kajimi

Cut the “all we’ve done” lines from Poe

Added the shot of the Falcon being taken by tied after the Kajimi convo. The falcon shot leads into the conversation with Kylo and Palpatine on Kylo’s destroyer

Added a Scene of D-0 and Rey with VFX from poppasketti

Rey sense Chewie on the Destroyer and that’s how they find out he’s alive

Added Dialogue from Knights of Ren

Added the line “You were right” by poppasketti in the facetime fight

Took out the “You’re a Palpatine” line from the Rey reveal

Took out the Dagger compass shots. Now Rey touches the dagger and the Sith whispers appear

Sith whispers can he hear as Rey travels throughout the Deathstar wreckage

Kajimi being blown up is gone. I go from the Hologram convo with Palpatine and Pryde to the body of Leia

The Conversation with Luke and Rey is edited, leaving all talk of Leia knowing about Rey out. I don’t hate the idea but I think it just works better without

Rey’s Dialogue with Palpatine is edited

Added the voices from Hal 9000’s edit when the Starfleet of “Just People” arrive to save the day

Ben arrives with Vader’s Tie, VFX by poppasketti Ben doesn’t say “ouch”

Added Dialogue for Knights of Ren when they Surround Ben and when Ben gets the saber by “My, Name Is Alex” on YouTube

Force ghost scene by the amazingly talented Jonh is Added

Ben and Rey kiss is cut. It’s more tragic that they don’t kiss and just look into each others eyes

Endor is taken out of the montage and is replaced by Coruscant with VFX by poppasketti

The chess scene is added at the end as Rey is at the lars homestead

Double rainbow shot is added VFX by poppasketti

Shot of Falcon flying off into hyperspace is the final shot, as it closes the Skywalker saga. VFX by poppasketti

Awesome People:
Hal 9000 -
poppasketti -
krausfadr -
Jonh - My Name Is Alex video -