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The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)

NeverarGreat said:

As noted before, I discovered that a lot of my music and sound effects were stuck on a mono track so I liberated them to become part of the surround mix, and I’ve already done work on several new sequences for version 2. It’s already a lot more polished than V1.

Nev, so when V2 is released, it will have those mono tracks in stereo! Oh man I really am so excited for the update when it eventually comes out. You’ve taken TFA to the next level.

True Romance (A Hyperviolent Cut) WIP

True Romance
A Hyperviolent Cut
by krausfadr

This is a work in progress, not yet released. SPOILERS ABOUND BELOW…

The late Tony Scott and the great Quentin Tarantino. I takes two to make a thing go right… right?

Tony Scott’s direction certainly improved some aspects of Tarantino’s True Romance screenplay:
Scott sometimes cut back on very redundant parts of the monologues
He changed certain locations to be more interesting so we are not just witnessing a bunch of “talking in rooms” (Alabama sitting up on a Billboard… pretty cool and not in Tarantino’s script)
The mob enforcer does not know karate or use it on Alabama (way too coincidental)
Scott also went in directions which detracted from the movie we would have beheld, had Tarantino been at the helm:
Chronological re-ordering of scenes reduced the mystery and story building Tarantino had crafted
Scott ineptly extended and milked the racist joke/anecdote told by Clarence’s father and milked the deadly response (added the unfunny lines, “You’re an eggplant… You’re a cantaloupe!”)
While Scott used one piece of music from the Tarantino script (Little Bitty Tear), the various other song choices had more of a middle aged douche vibe than a cool retro/hipster vibe
Most of the Hans Zimmer score sounded way off, like music in a weird Jamaican Disneyland
In the screenplay, Drexl, Alabama’s pimp, says some extra nasty stuff to a beaten down Clarence about how he’s going to make Alabama perform fellacio on him (Drexl) again. Things like this would have helped give the movie the hard edge needed for a tragic ending.
Scott filmed and spliced together a really bad demo version of the screenplay ending Tarantino wanted so that Tarantino would not want it anymore.
So where do we go from here for an edit?

The goal of this edit is to turn True Romance into a movie that feels like it could have been made (not just written) by Quentin Tarantino. The release will be in SDR 4K and 1080p with 5.1 channel surround.

Major Changes (In progress):
Uses Tarantino’s nicely crafted non-chronological order
The Hans Zimmer (“Jamaican Disneyland”) score is removed throughout as well as the late 80’s Aerosmith song (don’t send me hate mail, I’m an Aerosmith fan)
A new and improved score and new songs throughout give a real Tarantino vibe (no music pulled from his other movies)
Re-foleyed outdated sounding punches and gunshots
Deleted and extended footage is upscaled, upmixed, cleaned (somewhat), and re-foleyed as needed
Deleted and extended scenes are incorporated in line with Tarantino’s screenplay, meaning drawn out bits— those that mess up Tarantino’s cool, snappy scene progression— are left on the cutting room floor
Coccotti acts more like he does in the screenplay, with quicker action, less jokes
The flashback to Clarence and Alabama first meeting is started off using altered dialogue to better match the screenplay (Dick asks Clarence about how he met Alabama not why is he here)
Added new dialogue so Drexl claims Alabama has previously performed oral on him
New VFX adding extra blood, gore during Drexl’s ultimate demise
The first time we actually see the cocaine is now handled like the screenplay, complete with new establishing shot of the Safari Inn
Incorporates the Prayer to St. Francis which is a very Tarantino-ey element of the screenplay
New VFX so Alabama now blows off Virgil’s head with the shotgun (this is not in the screenplay but I think Tarantino would approve of how this hyperviolence contrasts with the prayer)
The conversations of the cops and then the mobsters is intercut like the screenplay
The Ending… Clarence dies but Scott’s butchered alternate ending is heavily changed, removing much of Alabama’s weirdly performed deadpan narration about Clarence. The ending also adds in better flashbacks, adds the song Tarantino has playing on the radio, and if all goes well, does a good job showcasing the comic book

Music is such an important aspect of Tarantino’s work. Here are the new songs by scene:

Drexl, Floyd and a few other pillars of the Detroit cocaine industry discuss the historical impact of the white man on cunnilingus:
“The Pimp” by Scarface replaces the goofy-assed song by the Skinny Boys-- a rap group even worse than the Fat Boys that only old white men ever put into movies

New establishing shots of Hollywood:
“Trouble / Guitar Man” by Elvis Presley

Clarence departs from his dad’s house:
“Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed replaces Hans Zimmer Score

Date at the diner:
“You Belong To Me” by Gene Vincent replaces “In Dreams” by John Waite (a solo artist that people listen to even less than his real band, Bad English)

In the comic shop and then the bedroom:
“Try Me” by James Brown replaces “Wounded Bird” by Charles & Eddie (another one of Tony Scott’s one-hit wonders from England)

Clarence and Alabama on the interstate in Los Angeles:
“A Man Without Love” by Engelbert Humperdinck replaces late 80’s Aerosmith

Clarence and Alabama Driving with Dick:
“I Love You Mary Jane” by Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill replaces late 80’s Aerosmith

Will update further as the edit progresses.

–Hans Krausfadr

Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

I pulled the quote below off Patterson’s website today:

[beginning of quote]
“Thank you all for your interest in my cut of Obi-Wan Kenobi. For now, the movie is no longer available online and instead will only be shared to “VIP” guests upon request. I’m sorry if you weren’t able to view it. If anyone has a contact at Disney, let them know that I would 100% let them have the cut for free if they wanted to put it on Disney Plus under some sort of “Legends” tab for Star Wars. I just truly want to share this work with people and I ask for nothing in return. Thank you.”
[end of quote]

Now I have not watched the Patterson cut. The idea that Disney would want someones edit is pretty delusional. Sure it’s happened in the past with some quirky directors but this is Disney. And this is apparently a mediocre edit.

Let the countdown to the cease and desist order begin.

Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

Spence said, “ Respectfully, I think these scenes feel like their missing only because you know they exist. If we weren’t aware they existed, it wouldn’t feel off to not include them.”

Right on! It’s hard for some people to view an edit with a fresh mind but that’s the whole point. An edit is creating something new.

I don’t care much when someone raves about how great an edit is unless they give details which resonate with me.

One thing I never needed was a CW version of Star Wars where baby Leia remarks to a bizarre acting Santa Claus Bail Organa that she’s not a real Organa. I wish I could unsee that.

Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

SpenceEdit said:

I am also upgrading my source for this to 2160p. I don’t know that I’ll be releasing a 4k version, as I’ve never done that before, but at minimum the final version of this will look significantly better than the current ones.

Cool! This always helps too if you ever need to zoom into a shot a little to crop something out. The shot in the final encode will still be 1080! I stopped releasing much in 4K because there isn’t much of a demand. But I still edit in 4K when possible.

So then will you have to convert from HDR to SDR? Or are you releasing in HDR?

Kenobi: A Star Wars Story (by krausfadr) RELEASED

Hal 9000 said:

Removing the line, “the same way I will destroy you” makes it now seem like Vader expects to be killed. Like he’s saying, “You’re about to kill me but I beat you to it really.” And when Ben leaves him like that, he’s pissed to be shown mercy or possibly to not be killed again. Shows Vader’s guilt, to have been passed over rightfully being killed twice.

Good analysis Hal. Yeah when I watch the scene now even though I want Vader to die I also feel genuine pity for him as well. The last 3 episodes and especially the final fight made me want to salvage Kenobi.

Kenobi: A Star Wars Story (by krausfadr) RELEASED

Haha yes to cut it down involved some serious plot streamlining and a little sleight of hand.

That was a big pill to swallow for me as well until I thought about it some more. Why did Ben not kill Vader!!?? The reason in Ben’s Jedi mind is from guilt and to show mercy. To make this a little easier to take I did two things. First I added in a flashback to him and Anakin training right before Ben escapes being buried under rocks. So we see Anakin again. Second after Vader is beaten and wheezing, I removed his line about destroying Ben. This makes him seem even weaker and maybe having second thoughts. A slightly easier (but not easy) pill to swallow now when Ben shows mercy.