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The Last Of Us: Beyond The Wall (Completed)

The purpose of this edit is to re-conceptualize Season 1 of this amazing series into a two part feature film duology.

To inquire about this edit message krausfadr on OriginalTrilogy.com or Fanedit.org.

This edit reorganizes the scenes for a more cohesive story, congruous concept and dramatic impact, removing a lot of extraneous filler material. While Season 1 was just plain outstanding (for the most part), it had substantial bloat. I consider this edit an improved, definitive version, and also a good way to watch it again before Season 2 is released—a very full story told in 5 hours instead of 8½ hours.

Overall, this edit is intended to be even more of a gut punch than the original. And the most important thing is: NO SHITTY PUNS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FANEDIT.

Part 1
A retelling of Episodes 1 through 3
Original Runtime 3h 29m
Edited Runtime 2h 22m
Time Cut 1h 7m

Part 2
A retelling of Episodes 4 through 9
Original Runtime 5h 11m
Edited Runtime 2h 32m
Time Cut 2h 39m

Major Changes:

⦁ Scenes are kept moving along while still allowing PLENTY of breathing room. Much less filler scenes and dialogue.
⦁ New intro credits and opening visuals. Gave credit to one of the main original writers of the game who was omitted from receiving credit in the series.
⦁ Used some music from the game soundtrack
⦁ New dialogue added in a few scenes (Joel’s voice).
⦁ No more 1960’s television segment discussing the fungal threat. This conceptual introduction is done much better using the Indonesia footage.
⦁ Some minimal regrading and post production to make lower budget scenes look in league with the rest of the “movie.”
⦁ We get to post apocalyptic 2023 about 20 minutes into Part 1.
⦁ Some important information is withheld and then told in flashbacks for dramatic effect and to keep the story moving.
⦁ Joel has a bit harder edge and is more decisive and less wishy-washy around Tess. He also shows weakness but does not blubber on and on either like a total wimp. He can now be best described as a pessimist, no longer a defeatist.
⦁ Removed Robert in action. We only see him dead.
⦁ Removed side story of Joel selling narcotics. Also Joel drinks heavily but isn’t popping pills (it’s ok he was popping pills, they just overdid/overemphasized it).
⦁ Joel, Tess, and Ellie don’t have to backtrack after they escape the Quarantine Zone.
⦁ No Cumberland Farms visit.
⦁ The story of Bill and Frank is interwoven with the journey of Joel, Ellie, and Tess. Even with removing Joel and Tess visiting them at their compound, they feel more connected to the story now.
⦁ Part 2 is in a more compelling non-linear order to create rising action and conflict.
⦁ A lot of fluff happens in Episode 6 when Joel reaches Tommy’s commune. De-fluffed.
⦁ Digital removal of some of the various opening credits that happen over scenes.
⦁ Much much less Kathleen. They developed her character more for the series and she wasn’t all that compelling.
⦁ No second stop to rest in Kansas City with Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam. Once they get going they’re going.
⦁ Cut Episode 7, Ellie’s backstory in the mall.
⦁ No older Native American couple.
⦁ Much much less cult leader speeches. We see a short glimpse of the hunger club.
⦁ More hard hitting ending that feels like an ending.
⦁ Custom redone end credits for Part 1 and Part 2.


The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Ok, slightly off topic (Kylo/Ben lives / dies), then I’ll shut up. Hearing that Disney currently plans on Daisy Ridley reprising her role as Rey and doing what amounts to a version of the Jedi academy book series, it’s a shame they didn’t let Ben live. Or also, what could be an amazing storyline is in the next film: Rey resurrects Ben (or we learn he didn’t die), and Ben then doesn’t want to live with the shame of having been Kylo Ren.

So depending on what Disney may or may not do with the character Kylo Ren in the future (his body never vanished), the force ghost Kylo at the end of Ascendant may not be cannon in the future. Who knows.


Adywan I really applaud the painstaking effort to merge multiple sources into probably what will be the best looking 1080p ANH footage in existence. Too bad it has to be frame by frame and can’t be motion tracked??!! Could you do the initial crop and aligning of a clip and then raise the gamma (temporarily) to give the motion tracker something to hold onto?

The Terminator (Enhanced Edition) on IFDB [RELEASED]

Here are my edits on IFDB:

The purpose of this edit is to improve the low budget, outdated VFX so it still feels like a 1984 Terminator movie, but the laughable moments like painfully obvious Schwarzenegger mannequins and choppy stop motion animation are fixed. This film editing project aims to level up Terminator to a higher budget 1980’s production.

This edit does not change the film’s narrative or add deleted scenes.

Released in 1080p, 5.1 channel surround with no major change to the runtime (the cuts mentioned below add up to about 30 seconds). In replacing VFX shots I kept the shots generally the same length and content, e.g., replacing a HK aircraft with the same thing or a tank with a better tank. I did not want to expand the length of shots and make it feel like a completely different scene.

Change List:

  1. Regraded throughout to reduce the extreme teal from the official remastered Blu-ray.
  2. Re-foleyed many of the gunshots from the remastered Blu-ray 5.1 mix using new, beefier sounds. Where’s the beef? Right here.
  3. Cleaned up and processed various 3rd party VFX to remove the color banding and other artifacts and to blend the footage into a 1980’s movie.
  4. Replaced an opening production company credit with a credit for those who did the new VFX work.
  5. Replaced the beginning of the opening scene from the future with footage from VFX artist, Jamie Martin. It looks more realistic now as an establishing shot for a ruined, apocalyptic Los Angeles with a better rendering of the Hunter Killer craft, rather than a low budget styrophome set with miniature stop motion animation.
  6. Matched the font and recreated the Los Angeles 2029 A.D. title.
  7. VFX so the Terminator doesn’t flinch-blink when he guns down the first Sarah Connor.
  8. In Reese’s dream about the future, replaced a few VFX shots with much better ones by Jamie Martin.
  9. In the same dream, foleyed in the arrival of the getaway car.
  10. Added post production VFX during some of Reese’s dream footage so it’s less apparent the background with the HK Tank is a screen.
  11. Removed the sound of the phone crashing when the Terminator guns down Sarah’s roommate. Also made it so he doesn’t flinch-blink so much during the gunshots.
  12. Darkened, reframed, and added one deepfake VFX shot by StoRyx to the eye surgery scene. Now the footage looks more realistic rather than featuring a brightly lit, ridiculuous mannequin.
  13. Added blood VFX and gore SFX to the eye surgery scene.
  14. On the closeup of the Terminator’s cyborg eye, slightly rotated it to match the tilted angle of the Terminator’s head.
  15. Cut the Terminator fixing his hair in the mirror after he removes his eye. So there is no sudden jarring difference in the look of his face.
  16. VFX to darken the Terminator’s sunglasses when he arrives in the police station lobby so we can’t see that his eye is still there. Concealed his eye and eyelashes at a side angle as well.
  17. Darkened the glasses in one of the shots of the police station shootout where we could kind of see the Terminator’s eyes again.
  18. Added some blood spray to various cops being shot including when the Terminator shotguns the fleeing rookie.
  19. Cut a few frames of one of the cop’s reactions to getting shot.
  20. Changed a weird shot of the Terminator backing up after shooting a cop, so now he advances forward and shoots some more.
  21. Foleyed in Reese kneeing the cop.
  22. Added some camera shake to closeup up of car’s fuel guage showing empty since the car is moving.
  23. When Sarah dreams as Reese recounts what the future is like, replaced some of the Hunter Killer footage with better looking VFX by Jamie Martin.
  24. Same future sequence, post production to help reduce the effect of using screens for backgrounds.
  25. In the dead cat motel, darkened and reframed the scene with the Terminator looking through the address book so it no longer showcases a joke mannequin.
  26. Same motel scene, added some VFX and SFX to create a lovely surprise.
  27. Re-foleyed The Terminator’s footsteps departing the motel.
  28. Re-foleyed Reese’s sneakers hitting the pavement after hitchhiking.
  29. Darkened, reframed, and widened the footage with the Terminator dummy driving the big rig at the end so it looks more realistic and more like Schwarzenegger.
  30. Post processing to reduce the background screen effect in multiple shots when the rig explodes behind Sarah.
  31. The endoskeleton robot at the end (the full sized puppet version) moves faster as it follows Reese and Sarah into the building (cut a few seconds of it moving slow and Sarah picking up the board. Also sped up some of the sluggish endoskelton footage).
  32. Inside the warehouse as the Terminator gets close to Sarah and Reese, removed the studio sound effects which indicated a Terminator POV shot that wasn’t actually there. Seems that with the actors not looking straight toward the camera the intended POV did not work. Foleyed in Reese stepping back.
  33. The endoskeleton has its movements smoothed to eliminate the stop motion animated effect. VFX work by Uncle Machete using flowframes.
  34. Re-foleyed the endoskeleton smacking Reese around.
  35. The final shot of the stop motion version of the endoskelton walking toward Reese is replaced with a Blender version by StoRyx.
  36. Post production processing of epic shot of Sarah driving away toward the stormy sky, to make it look more real and less like a composite.
The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

It sounds like someone is punching in dialogue that doesn’t quite match up. I’d add slight outdoor reverb to the new voice clip and EQ it as professionally as possible. Then I’d slightly degrade the quality (with bad EQ) of her actual dialogue and add the same reverb effect. This can make all the dialogue clips gradually sound similar enough so it doesn’t sound like a jarring add in.

FAN EDIT REQUEST THREAD - Post your dream Fan Edits Here!

Onhisbacko said:

I’d love to see an edit of Unbreakable that removes the two freeze frames & title cards from the ending.


“David Dunn led authorities to Limited Edition where evidence of three acts of terrorism was found.”
“Elijah Price is now in an institution for the criminally insane.”

I love Unbreakable, but those moments are so cheesy. The point has been made. I don’t need to know that the good guy saves the day … especially if it’s coming from a previously unseen narrator. Always takes me out of the movie. Which is bad considering it’s literally the last 30 seconds.

That would be the easiest fanedit ever made actually.