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Color matching and prediction: color correction tool v1.3 released!

Williarob said:

I have compiled a 64-bit version for OSX. I tested it on my Macbook pro (still running OSX High Sierra) and on a virtual machine (still running on OSX Sierra), and it worked on both but I can’t tell you for sure that it will run on Catalina, so give it a go:

Web installer (32 MB): https://mega.nz/#!D9JUzCRC!0B482Vg6yIC9eZXKAsOMdLnLvFItG5bv5JKJ0BJraYI

Full installer (879 MB): https://mega.nz/#!D1YUnATI!g21ed17ldNaXQ0ZZN43_j3dEFBxsNeO8foslxuDD98A

Note: either way, you will have to download about 900 MB: the only difference is that the web installer will download the other 800+ MB during install whereas the full installer requires the download up front. When I tested them, the web installer was unable to connect to the matlab URL it needed to in order to download the rest of it, so you might be better off with the bigger download…

It looks like the download links don’t work anymore. Would you mind putting up a new link? Thank you!

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

Keep in mind that rotten tomatoes changed how audience scores were measured when Captain Marvel was released.

Because of review bombing, only certified audience members can vote.

Plus, it’s been documented that there was an effort to review bomb the last jedi:


Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

I just got back as well.

I liked TFA and strongly defend TLJ as one of the top 3-4 films in the franchise.

What did I think? I thought it was pretty good actually.

It has its issues, but it’s not the trainwreck the reviewers are making it out to be.

I suppose the leaks are true, and I can see people being upset if they read a synopsis, but the execution is alright. They really did Rey and Ben right in this one.

Oh and I don’t recall seeing that much lens flare at all RU.08. The JJ lens work is pretty subdued.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

RU.08 said:

Mavimao said:

I’ll be seeing this in 5 hours (yay Europe!). I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

The premiere here is less than 90 minutes, lol, and still plenty of seats available at all my local cinemas. All I want to know before I buy a ticket is this. Is it the same JJ shaky-cam style cinematography as in The Force Awakens, if it is I’m not going. Let me know! This will determine whether or not I see it tomorrow.

I’m on it!

The Last Jedi - Isolated Score (Released)

Hello everyone,

As you may know, there was an isolated score track that was only available on a digital release. I have the Bluray and since I live in Europe, I didn’t have access to this download code on ‘Movies Anywhere’.

Does anyone know where/how I can obtain this track? I’d like to mux it in my personal copy. Thank you!

Info Wanted: Has anyone tried up-scaling '28 Days Later'?

If you watch the deleted scenes, you can see that the footage went through a LOT of post processing to alleviate the harshness of the original video source.

It was also outputted to 35mm for release and judging by the quality of the home video releases, they scanned the 35mm negative instead of going back to the original DV tapes.

In a way…it’s already been upscaled.