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Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

That deleted scene was AWESOME! It definitely got me excited. Can't wait to see what other deleted scenes we get. I hope we get some new deleted scenes for the prequels, too. I would like to see a finished version of the Jedi storming the trade federation shipps that was cut from the Arena Battle scene in AOTC.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Hey, Ady, I doubt you even remember me, and I wouldn't blame you. I havent been logged on in a long time. The last time was back before ANH:R came out, and I didnt make a huge contribution to that project. I gave my oppinion here and there when and if I could, and I wanted to say that I think your final product turned out phenominal. Congrats to you and everyone else involved!


P.S. I found my username in the credits, and I gotta say that was a bit weird seeing that in a fanedit. I love this forum and to be engrained in one of its biggest project means alot to me. Thanks for throwing that in there even though I feel like I did nothing to contribute to the project.

Help: Wanted... Revenge of the Sith German Dub?

Hello everyone…it has been a while since i have been on here but i have been keeping an eye on things and i am glad to see the community is still thriving. 😃

I was wandering if someone could hook me up with the german dubb for episode 3. I would highly appreciate it. I am interested in german and i like this movie and i would like to watch it in german. Plus, I got an idea for grievous.😃

If neone could help me out i would highly appreciate it.


Originally posted by: adywan
Originally posted by: Marvolo
The screenshot pack is no longer available. Could you re-upload it, adywan?
here it is :
Originally posted by: dumb_kid
Quick question that I don't think has been asked before re: subtitles for Greedo... will they be in frame our out of frame / burnt into the picture or selectable dvd overlay? Personally I 'm hoping for in frame / burnt into the picture because that is the most film-like in presentation... what say you?

The Greedo subtitles are burnt into the picture & in frame.

Now for some bad news....

There is still so much to do on this edit that a November release is now unlikely. There is still a very slim chance that it will still happen but i'm not going to rush anything. December is also probably off the books. At the rate i am going the later half of December is looking more likely but then that clashes with the Christmas postal rush so if this is the case then i will delay it until the beginning of January so there will be no postal problems but i may upload it to usenet at an earlier date, but juts the DVD-5 version for now

Thanks for re-uploading the pictures.

Originally posted by: Bobocop
It certainly isn't any more nitpicky than fixing the speed of the receding "STAR WARS" at the beginning, which has already been done.
Of course, if adywan doesn't do anything to the crawl I doubt it will ruin the movie for anyone. But with all the other stuff that's being tinkered with, why not fix that as well?

This is the difference. I can see the Star Wars logo flying away unnaturally fast compared to the other films. That allignment problem or whatever it is is not something I noticed until you drew those red lines, and is something I don't notice when I watch the film. Adywan has improved and fixed things he notices and we notice when we watch the film. This is something most people only notice when they pause the film, and draw red lines across the words. Adywan's goal was to fix and improve many things. All the other stuff adywan has done improves something within its context. When he adds a stormtrooper it is to make for a more complex background, or when he enhances a shot it is to add more complkexity or smooth a jump out or fix a continuity error. If he fixes the alignment or whatever the problem is does it in anyway improve what the crawl is saying? It doesn't becaue the crawl's alignment is not effecting the message it is trying to convey. This is not teh same as a continuity error that pulls me out of the film, or a jump cut or a bland background. This is just a crawl.

Also, most of the stuff that adywan has fixed is stuff that now that I know it is there I notice it everytime I watch the film. This crawl thing is somethign that even though you have mentioned it, I want notice it when I watch the film.

adywan, if you want to fix it then go ahead. I am not mad that people want it fixed. I am just amazed that some people notice stuff like this. It is no wonder some can not enjoy the films when they worry about stuff like that.

My oppinion on this matter could be do to the fact that I skip the crawls most of the time. I know what they say so I don't need to watch them again. There whole purpose is to give a little back story. I don't need to watch them again, because I already know what they say. And some might say that new fans need to watch them, well, of course they do, but if someone that has never seen the films watches them then they are going to be focusing on the what is being said not the allignment.
Prequelize the OT
Originally posted by: CO
Han is about to go into Carbonite:

Leia: Han...............

Vader (steps in): Wait, is that C3PO on Chewbacca? Hey everyone, I built that guy, what did you guys do to him?

C3PO: It's the maker! How are you doing Ani?

Vader: Could be better, I am alittle burnt, and I am about to freeze my future son-in-law

Leia: Your freezing my boyfriend, you are about to fight my brother, and you choked my mom, you bastard!

Chewy: (Growls) I'll bring Yoda here, we have good relations!

Boba: (Jumps in the mix) These stormtroopers do not sound like me?

Han: Cause it is the OOT version, you weren't the clone template yet!

Vader: Put him in carbon freeze, and Boba, no one is interested about you pre-ESB!

Leia: Han......I love you!

Han: (He is about to say I know) when he has a change of heart, "You are in my very soul Leia, tormenting me, I can't breathe....."

C3PO: That is cause it is so damn cold in here, give me back to my rightful owner.

That was very funny!
I know for people who like the Original Orignals, which includes me, this may be hard to get used to, but the Roman Alphabet which is what we are all typing in now does not exist in the Star Wars Universe. Aurabesh is the writing system of most humans. " A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" is meant to be ambiguous and not set Star Wars in a certain time or place. If the Roman Alphabet writing system is used in the Star Wars universe it ties Star Wars to a certain time on Earth. This takes some of the mystery and magic out of the films.

Also, it is very hard for me to believe that our Roman Alphabet would be used by humans off of earth across the universe. This is a system not even all humans on earth today use. The idea that every human in the Universe will in the future use, what is already an old writing system to us, in the future across the Universe is absurd.

I know this isn't the way the Original Originals are, but it is accurate to the Star Wars universe and is a change I fully support. Adywan, I am glad you are keeping the Aurabesh and including more of it.
Indiana Jones IV
In that video, the crowds reaction is funny. When he says he is going to tell the title the crowd gets really loud, but when he reveals the title the crowd doesn't get near as loud. That title is too long. It needs to be something simple and interesting. Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls sounds like it could be the name of a jewlery shop in New York.
Part VII VIII and IX
Originally posted by: Scruffy
As long as we're on this kick, the whole point of the Star Wars Trilogy is to show a younger generation not making the mistakes of their elders. The conflict is intergenerational, but it is also optimistic. On the one hand, you have the old people:

Darth Vader
Emperor Palpatine
Governor Tarkin
Ben Kenobi

On the other hand, you have the young'ns:

Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
Han Solo

The old geezers are vying for the loyalty of Luke, who represents the young generation. There are two geezer factions: the Dark and the Light. The Dark Side represents the real-world establishment: they control the government and the military, and they have all the real-world power in the universe. The Light Side is sort of an idealistic paleoconservative group: they represent the "good old days" of the Republic, elegance, knighthood, and a desire to destroy evil. Each side attempts to indoctrinate Luke into their way of thinking. As the protege of the last Jedi, the son of Darth Vader, and a military hero, he is perfectly positioned to legitimate either point of view.

Luke creatively chooses a third way. He adopts much of the discipline and techniques of the Light Side, but not its harshness. He is not so much interested in destroying evil, which he probably views as hypocritical in light of the Light Side's peaceful philosophy, as he is in reaching out to the lost. Against the ardent advice of his two Jedi tutors, he obeys the love and hope in his heart, and is ultimately rewarded when that love is reflected from his father's heart.

Love, hope, these are the keys that both camps in the geezer faction lacked. They Dark Side sought control through fear and mass violence. The Light Side, from what little we know of it, sought control through direct if somewhat judicious violence. Luke, given the power of life or death, declined to exercise it and merely sought rapprochement with his enemy. The Republic fell, the Empire fell, but a young idealistic man lived to enjoy the company of his friends surrounded by tall trees and the smoky songs of their celebration.

I liked that analyisis.