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The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)

I won’t be of much help about this, since I don’t believe TLJ needs that many things to be removed. My only issues with the theatrical cut that can be fixed are essentially the “MCU stuff” (and not even all of it). That being said, about the V3 changes :

Remove the silly mugshot of Hux after commenting on Poe’s X-wing approaching
Remove Rey interpreting Chewbacca to Luke (He just responds with “The Falcon?”)

Seems like good ideas.

Remove Luke’s quip about Jakku being “pretty much nowhere”

Well I like this joke 😃

Remove Rose responding to Finn’s “MTFBWY” with “you too.”

Yeah, in favor of removing it. Finn has just been around for like 24 hours, I don’t get why he would be some kind of rock star.

Tighten up Finn and Rose’s reaction to Maz’s “Oh yes, he can” for better timing

Why not ?

Reinstate a trimmed version of the balcony scene overlooking kids and horses being beaten on Canto Bight

Yep, I agree without that the movie lacks depth.

Reinstate Rey asking Kylo Ren if he has a cowl to put on

Funny that we’ll never agree about that 😄 we have the same interpretation of the film, but we don’t interpret this sequence the same way.

V1 changes redacted in V2:

Hux being berated by Snoke

(the scene doesn’t work at all)

V1 or V2 changes for which I don’t agree with :

Trimmed Paige kicking the ladder slightly
Removed Rose repeating, “They can track us through lightspeed.“
Removed Luke’s line to R2, “Nothing can make me change my mind.”
Trimmed some of the comedy with BB8 being placed under a basket
Removed the detail from Kylo Ren that Rey’s parents are buried in the Jakku desert

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)

I must say I’m very glad with V6. I remember when I first saw Hal’s edit of EpII, my only issues where the weird “Kamino system” alien voice, the lack of the droid factory scene to address the continuity problem on Geonosis (and to put back some action at a necessary moment), and a few other stuff here and there (most of the little stuff had already been fixed with V5 compared to V4 which was the first version I saw).

I don’t mind Dax scene at all (especially here without the bad introduction), as I remember one of my first posts on this topic was probably about putting it back to address the “Kamino system” issue. As for the Jar Jar stuff, when Dom talked about his own edit he mentioned he would be putting this kind of stuff back, so rewatching those two short scenes I’m like “well, why cutting that in the first place anyway since there is nothing bad ?” (good idea to leave the senate emergency power scene as it was in v5 though). It’s also probably unconscious for most of us, with what we recently learned with Ahmed Best difficult time with the Jar Jar bashing.

Other little stuff put back are incidental so small that I’m fine with it (I haven’t got time to watch it entirely, just the main changes over V5, but given the changelist I’m sure it’s cool). It gives EpII back most of its original content without the very bad stuff, which is something I was looking for since I’m more and more tolerant with the PT and its defaults as time passes. V6 is a very conservative edit, removing the worst and keeping what’s necessary to not feel in front of a fanedit (yeah, Anakin’s creepy look is lame but the cut in V5 wasn’t that seamless). I also believe you’re the first faneditor to finally remove this awkward shot of Anakin watching his foot to reveal… Padmé lying in the sand ! Where is Marcia Lucas when we need her ! 😉

The only thing I would have put back is the title “Darth Tyranus” and maybe Octoroxx idea of reusing EpIII footage. Aside from that, I believe V6 is as close as possible to the perfect EpII cut according to my taste. I would however be interested to see a mock up of a trimmed confession scene, just to check if it could improved something.

As I am thinking about the alternate audio track I made for V5, I’ve just found the following that I could duplicate for V6 (most of my V5 changes are no longer relevant for V6):

  • Replace Padmé’s “Ani” with “Anakin” taken from the deleted scene (All channels)

  • Add eerie motif at Kamino from McNeely’s “Imperial City” (All channels)

  • Replace ending cue with McNeely’s “Imperial City” excerpt (All channels)

As soon as I find time, I’ll try to do it. It was so painful to make the alternate audio for the ending that I want to keep it V6 compliant 😄

edit: oh too bad we didn’t think of that sooner : adding the necklace Anakin gave to Padmé in EpI during the wedding in EpII. I don’t remember if we talked about that during V5.

The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was

I’m glad you’ve used a higher bitrate video source for TESB: the quality is excellent. I haven’t checked the entire edit yet, but I like the colors (to be fair I don’t mind the bluray color timing except for the pink lightsaber, however it looks better with this grading). Thanks to anyone involved with it (I understand it’s a huge amount of work to get this result). I’m ok with what’s kept for the SE (many small things actually) and what’s being pushed away or “fixed” (Adywan’s Emperor and cloud city continuity issue, brillantly done - I just wish you had emulated his continuity fix for the reused shot of Piett at the end of the movie).

I’m surprised by the change from “the Jedi master” to “a Jedi master”, but it works well. I’m more surprised by the fact Lucas never thought about implementing it himself back in 2004/2011 !

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)

Just to be sure about that: you have no intention of putting back some of the “queen meeting” sequence (without “angry Anakin” of course), right ? This scene provides more political exposition and continuity between Episode I and II regarding the Trade Federation and the Naboo official blindess towards the Republic.

(besides the scene is shot on actual set, it’s nice to get as much real locations as possible in this movie)

I’m just mentioning it now to be sure, since you wish v6 to be final.


Hal 9000 said:

[Place lines from Jamila scene about staying in the lake country to refugee transport scene]

OK, I didn’t remember the queen’s name 😄 nevermind my post then 😃

70mm print of GOUT on Saturday in Academy Theater in CA!

Marcia… Marcia formerly Lucas ? Seriously, one of the best editors of her time is going to attend the double feature ? That’s awesome. And in 70mm glory !

(yeah there also is R1 scheduled but even if I don’t like it, its cinematography is among the best of the Saga)

(and I love Giacchino’s score)

Have fun Lucky ones !

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)

DominicCobb said:

One of the reasons I haven’t showed anyone my AOTC edit is because I’m not done yet, which is almost entirely because I’m trying to rescore the droid factory scene to make it musically coherent. Needless to say, it’s a pain in the ass.

I’m hyped 😃

So you don’t think that Yoda’s theme in a scene where Anakin is slashing space bugs is coherent ? 😄

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)

Hal 9000 said:

It looks like L8wrtr sequenced the droid factory scene about as well as one can, so my ‘pitch version’ will be pretty similar. Though, I hope I can get the music to feel smooth. Granted, the music is a hack job to begin with.

Would someone be able to do a little sfx work to show Anakin lightsaber blade retracting/deactivating (when he’s surrounded by droids and Jango) since you’re probably not going to keep the destruction of his saber ? I have no idea how hard it would be to do so. Just throwing idea 😄

Star Wars Episode I: Cloak Of Deception (Finished!)

It’s funny to see that people aren’t as harsh nowadays with the PT as they used to be. Even myself.

A few years ago, when the bluray set was released, I tried to rewatch them. At the sole exception of ROTS that I still like as it is, I wasn’t able to go through TPM and AOTC. But I found out that Hal9000’s fanedits “salvaged” the best out of them, removing all of the bad, enhancing the good. And at each iteration, Hal has been putting back things he had previously cut: a simple sentence here, a shot there, etc., and in the end, after watching version 6 of his edit, it seems COD has now become a very conservative take on TPM: only 20/25 minutes removed, mostly the worse Jar Jar jokes, the gungan subwater village (and the entire journey through the planet core), all Anakin’s “yeppeee !” and other little things of the same nature (I’m still glad that COD Anakin destroys the Trade federation ship on purpose, and not just by luck like TPM Anakin : you can’t always explain everything by “it’s the will of the Force”, George 😕).

Well, I like COD v6 a lot. I know exactly what was put back and I’m ok with it. I’m even beginning to think it would be possible to watch the theatrical version without as much difficulties as before. Even the Jar Jar tongue joke works now, it somehow makes sense (talking about Jedi reflexes, and actually showing this kind of reflexes in the context of a dinner scene with alien species : I mean, yeah, it works !, I totally get what Lucas was trying to do, even if it’s not as good as what we were expecting).
So, again, excellent work Hal and thanks for keeping a high quality standard for your releases.

For those wondering, I’m not sure i’ll make an alternate track for COD: all the changes I made have either been taken into account by Hal (even improved: Jar Jar voice over delayed by 1 second indeed works better !) or are no longer related to the edit (no more added music during the race). Only change I would make is removing Shmi’s “I raised him” line. Not sure it’s worth the effort !

I have nevertheless kept the podrace montage from v5 in a separate file 'cause I love the effort put to use McNeely’s excellent score (I kinda miss the low res extra shots you used to achieve the music sync by the way 😃), and I’ve also kept the “dawn before the race” scene (it’s a cute little scene).

Unless there is a v6.1/v7 (Hal, never say never again 😄); it’s my go version. I would be interested only by an extended cut of the same v6 that would add a trimmed Gungan village version (with no journey through the planet core though), à la L8 edit. And maybe along with the “dawn before the race” scene.

I’m looking forward to TAS v6 now !

(also for LOE v6 of course, but for ROTS I’m really hopping Octorox does make his conservative edit one day 😉).

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)

I do agree the factory action scene is one of the lowest points of the Saga, but at least with its droid non sense removed I think it works well to transition from getting off the ship to Dooku’s meeting. I would however keep the saber destruction, just to clarify Anakin has no choice but to surrender.

Hal, since you’re going to put back some Drax/Dinner scene, wouldn’t it be a good opportunity to insert the droid toxic dart analysis deleted scene ? I remember it was sfx finished. Well, not sure about that.