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An <strong>Info &amp; Help Thread</strong> for the '<strong><em>Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties</em></strong>' section... (Searches, FAQs, 'Where can I find x?', 'Is there an Edit of film x?', Myspleen, and more...)

I really like the alternate one. At least it’s consistent with the movie as a reverse tone to the first Die Hard. The theatrical version is just a dumb action piece that just doesn’t make much sense.

Ranking the Star Wars films

For myself I would say I don’t hate any of them and I would, some day, rewatch every single one of them, but I can’t pretend that I like TPM, AOTC, R1, Solo, TFA… (I like some of them when properly fan edited though) I can enjoy them, find qualities within, rewatch a few sequences and be glad to see the “SW soul” supplement in their DNA is always better to anything compared to the average blockbuster, but I honestly don’t like all of them. As a whole, it’s different, and maybe the “I-IX” experience may give the Saga something more as a complete movement than what just separate entries do.

Ranking the Star Wars films

DrDre said:

Here goes:

The Empire Strikes Back (9.5/10)
Star Wars (9/10)
Return Of The Jedi (8/10)
Revenge of the Sith (7/10)
Rogue One (7/10)
The Phantom Menace (6.5/10)
Attack of the Clones (6/10)
The Force Awakens (6/10)
The Last Jedi (5/10)

Nice ranking ! It’s good to see that EpIII ranked as the best post-OT entry. It’s well deserved. It’s also very nice to see a member who actually likes (more or less) all of them.

The &quot;Custom Special Edition&quot; That Will Likely Never Be

Just a nitpick about your TESB edit: I believe Leia’s line “You think after what you did to Han we’re gonna trust you” doesn’t use the best audio mix (we can’t hear Leia because of Chewie). I don’t remember what is the best mix for this line (the original 1980 audio ?). And I would also suggest to use Ady’s audio to fix the slight continuity issue with Luke “Steady, Rogue 2” to “Steady, Rogue 3”.

By the way, since Ady is releasing a 1080p file of his color corrected ANH, there might be a chance he releases as well his color corrected TESB ?

Aside from these details, it’s a very nice edit, taking advantage of the good SE alterations and a few Ady’s modifications to prevent the most notable continuity issues. The best world between the OOT and SE/Revisited 😉

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

As a matter of fact the issue is not really Chewie walking past Leia but more Leia hugging someone she doesn’t know (and someone we know thanks to TLJ she really never met before ! They still have their scene together when Rey leaves to Jakku, so removing it wouldn’t damage the narrative flow in any way). I believe cutting the scene to go straight from the Falcon arriving to the “mourning situation room” would fix all issues regarding Chewie. But it’s such an unpopular opinion I might be the only one to wish it 😄

As far the Rathgar sequence, you should check out DigMod edit which almost nailed it by also removing the “Han using Chewie’s blaster” joke (I just remember it was a little bit too dry and that a few shots should be reinstalled).

Since you wish to deal with Finn and Poe escape, DigMod also removed a few things that make the entire escape feel more serious (or less like a comedy):

  • he removed Poe and Finn’s conversation after Finn says “Because it’s the right thing to do”
  • he Removed Finn firing on and killing Stormtroopers and the traffic control room (but you already intend to do so)

And, à la TLJ:L, I believe it would be nice to cut down a little bit of the over the top humor that is something quite embarrassing, such as (more or less exhaustive list based on DigMod edit… and I know most of it would be an unpopular removal but in case people would have changed their mind about some parts of TFA now…) :

  • Poe’s “so who talks first…” lines and the mask joke (I agree it’s sort of funny but he’s the main vilain who just butchered an old guy and killed many villagers, making fun of him right now seems very out of place)
  • Finn and Rey’s excessive teenage celebration after they make it to space (yeah it’s cute but a little bit long, DigMod cut it down and made it work better in his edit)
  • Finn’s line “you got a boy friend?”
  • Finn childishly pushing down on Rey’s head
  • Han’s no look shot and use of Chewbacca’s crossbow and subsequent “I like this” line
  • troopers walking away from Ren’s wrath after he discovers Rey is missing
  • Han’s “so it’s big” line
  • Finn’s “I’m in charge now !” (it would go like this: “Remember me ? FN2087 – Not anymore. Follow me”)
  • Finn’s lines about not being ready and his head nod “what’s that” lines when he doesn’t understand Han shows him to look behind

There also is a very nice deleted scene that could be reinstalled if the quality permits it (the Kylo visits the Falcon deleted scene).

And, the ANH forced references (Han’s 14 parsecs reference, Luke’s training sphere out of the blue, trash compactor reference with Phasma… I’m OK with the chess game 'cause it looks nice and it’s the Falcon so it works in a way).

About the restructuration itself of the plot, i’ll need to think things through with pros and cons. I really like v2 version though.

Mr. Plinkett's Prequel Reviews Remastered in HD?

BlueCopy said:

I have an encode going for an AVCHD compatible mkv of the AOTC review. I still will need to do some chapter marks and sit down and give it watch before I get it uploaded.

Oh even nicer to get them in full mkv container ! I’ll be sure to PM you to get a link for those. I’ve watched your EpI review HD remaster and it’s excellent. For some reasons there are a few low definition shots but I guess it’s because you’ve kept the puppet Yoda instead of the CGI version.

Return of the Jedi - your opinion?

It reminds me that my main issue with the Vader’s plot in ROTJ is the line “I MUST obey my Master”, whereas he explicitly told his son (and his wife !) that he would rather like kill the Emperor and rule the galaxy himself. Just removing that line and leaving only “you don’t know the power of the dark side” would make things work better I guess.

It’s just a slight complain: I know ROTJ is not the same top quality as ANH and TESB and has many problems here and there, but it still is a very good movie (and still the third best SW in my opinion), as a SW and as a fantasy flick.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Yeah I get why this decision has been taken, and I’m fine with it. But in the meantime wasn’t it possible to just release an uncompressed mkv version with no time-consuming bluray structure ? Since I’m using a kodi system and that I don’t possess a bluray burner, I never burn bluray structures on discs anyway 😄