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Balnce of the Force opening Crawl
To each their own...
If you never felt there was any part of TPM or AotC that had any promise, no amount of changes I made, beyond writing and shooting an entirely alternate film was really going to change your feelings about that.

The real reason I'm posting in this thread is that it has come to my attention that a typo somehow slipped its way into the crawl of CW and somehow has gone unnoticed for over a year...

I've gone back and fixed the crawl along with rewording one little part that kind of bugged me and I'll be passing the film (as I see it today ) on to Rikter shortly.
The emperor
So you know, I'm already taking care of it.

We have a new enemy... The young rebel who destroyed the Death Star. I have no doubt this boy is the offspring of Anakin Skywalker.
How is that possible?
Search your feelings, Lord Vader. You will know it to be true. He could destroy us.
He's just a boy...

MagnoliaFan version:
(darkened the emperor's hologram, underneath the hood and in the neck area especially)

We have a new enemy... The offspring of Anakin Skywalker... He could destroy us.
He's just a boy...
Plot Point Clarification---Please (re ESB)
Luke destroyed the Death Star and Vader was directly responsible.
He was the one who let Luke, Han, and Leia escape the Death Star and take the stolen plans to the rebel base.
You can assume the Emperor wasn't pleased... and I'm sure when spies discovered that the guy that made Vader look stupid was named Skywalker, that may have grabbed his attention a little as well.
Lost footage...
As far as the vhs back in the day with music, I ran a tv out from my computer and ran it to vhs, with the synched up music track overlayed from a burned cd at the same time.
It was primitive, but it did the trick.

FYI, the music on biggs scene 1 is from Shadows of the Empire.
The music for the second scene was edited together from many scenes in ANH, until it synched.
Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread
Off the top of my head...


Alternate Title and Crawl, giving more history on the Jedi, Republic and Trade Federation
The plot is also altered from revolving around taxation to slave labor.
Opening crawl music replaced with music from EP IV UE soundtrack (a little longer and it just sounded better to me)
Cockpit scene en route to the Federation cruiser was ommitted
New music cue landing in Fed docking bay
Neimoidians are dubbed and subtitled as is TC-14 when talking to Neimoidians. Most of their dialogue has been totally rewritten.
First scene with TC-14 and the Neimoidians is expanded considerably with additional dialogue.
New music cue leading into Darth Sidious' appearance.
Sidious' face is digitally shadowed under the hood hiding his face.
Sidious' line "I don't want this stunted slime in my sight again!" has been altered to "I don't want this slime in my sight again!"
New sound effect added as gun turrret swings around.
The reaction scene in the cockpit has been omitted.
The sound effects for the explosion of the cruiser has been enhanced.
New sound effect added for the battle droid turning off the hologram of Nute Gunray.
Battle Droids dubbed and subtitled when speaking to each other or Neimoidians.
Some Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon dialogue is trimmed from the battle onboard the Federation ship.
Dialogue trimmed in "It's an invasion army!" scene.
Additional little plot twist added in the Viceroy's viewscreen scene with Queen Amidala.
Dialogue trimmed in Naboo council"Senator Palpatine?" scene.
Hologram scene between Nute and Droid commander is cut.
Jar Jar is dubbed and subtitled.
Jar Jar is a pompous ass who believes he saved Qui-Gon's life by dragging him down and thinks Qui-Gon owes him the life debt.
It is also revealed that the Gungans desise humans with a passion... except for Jar Jar, who doesn't mind humans so much, seeing as the Gungans hate him even more than they do humans.
Otoh Gungah referred to by name.
"The Invasion is on schedule, my Lord" scene has been moved to follow Jar Jar's debut, breaking up the Gungan antics.
Boss Nass is now Governor Nass.
Lots of alternate exposition in Otoh Gunga. Jar Jar is revealed to have been thrown out several times. The Gungans hate the Naboo people because humans stole a Gungan relic, the Kyber crystal from them, explaining the big glwoing globe at the end of the film.
Nass is leaning toward supporting the Federation against the Naboo, pre Jedi mind trick.
A sound effect is added to the Jedi mind trick.
There is a little trim to the end of the scene.
In the sub scene it is revealed that Jar Jar was the Gungan charged with guarding the Kyber crystal. He was sleeping on the job and allowed the crystal to be stolen.
The second underwater sequence has been cut and replaced with a recut version of the waterfall scene.
The Viceroy, having captured Amidala plans to force her to offer the people of Naboo as an alternative uncompensated workforce in retaliation to her lobbying to outlaw their slave labor forces.
Instead of telling the droid commander "Process them", he nonchalantly orders the droid to to "Shoot her companions."
When Qui-Gon and co rescue the Queen, Jar Jar claims credit for it, after lying face down on the ground for the whole fight.
Some dialogue is trimmed outside of the hangar.
The battle droid's "joke" toward Qui-Gon has been cut.
The "You stay here" scene between Jar Jar and Obi-Wan has been cut.
The entire Naboo escape has been resquenced so that they lose shields right away, but don't regain them until the last minute.
Some additional dialogue is trimmed during the escape.
Some dialogue is trimmed in the "Here Master, Tatooine" scene.
The line "Not for a Sith" has been trimmed out of the Darth Maul introduction scene.
As an homage, the Viceroy's aide says, "This deal is getting worse all the time!" in said scene.
Some dialogue trimmed in the Artoo intro scene.
The Padme and Jar Jar scene, cleaning artoo has been cut.
Upon arrival to Tatooine, it is revealed that Qui-Gon is taking Jar Jar with him to Mos Espa because the Queen ordered him to, as she felt he was stinking up the ship.
When Padme is ordered along, Jar Jar wonders if Padme was stinking up the ship as well.
A ship has been digitally painted out of Mos Espa's skyline.
New noises and chatter have been added to the streets in all Mos Espa scenes.
The poop stepping scene has been cut.
When we first come upon Watto, he hums the Cantina song from EP IV for a few seconds before Qui-Gon and co enter.
Watto is considerably harsher toward Anakin in the subtitles.
Jar Jar no longer has slapsticky antics inside the store and the "Are you an angel" scene has been trimmed considerably.
When Qui-Gon tries the mind trick on Watto, he becomes much angrier and throws Qui-Gon out shouting, "Get lost! Come back when you gotta some money!"
As Qui-Gon embarassedly exits the shop, Jar Jar knocks over a bunch of stuff and Watto shouts, "Hey! You break it, you buy it! Eh?!"
Jar Jar's "No again!" speech has been cut.
The scene of Jar Jar stealing the frog has been trimmed.
After Anakin saves Jar Jar from Sebulba, Jar Jar brags that he was about to give Sebulba a beating until that kid got in the way.
The Jira scene has been trimmed to make her less creepy.
Anakin's "very, very dangerous" line has been trimmed to "very dangerous".
Instead of "Hello", Jar Jar remarks "Oh, what a dump." upon seeing Anakin's home.
Anakin's acting is trimmed throughout Threepio's introduction.
Music is replaced throughout the Coruscant balcony scene, using the Imperial march seguewaying into the Emperor's theme. Every piece of sound had to be rebuilt from scratch for the sequence.
Sidious has an alternate line to end the scene, "The Republic will soon be under my countrol."

I'm sure I've skimmed over dozens of noticable changes and hundreds of really minor changes by now, but that should give you a gist on the first part of the film.

To be continued later on...
MagnoliaFan Edition Episode III-VI Titles
Somehow I think if anyone but me had suggested tinkering with 4-6, they probably would have gotten flamed good and proper, especially after the SEs and 2004 version.
I think there's just a certain faith that I know what I'm doing.
I'll just say that I have looked into pretty much everything on your list below and a lot of other little stuff.
I kind of see it as, I'm going to touch up the OT here and there subtly with a fine chisel...
LFL went at them with a jackhammer.
Bootleg DVDs
He only throws the hook once.
The Pre ANH disc is just an exact recreation of the VHS bootleg.
If I were to alter a scene like that , it would actually be for my own edit of EP IV, which will be done after I have the dvds and know more concrete on EP III.

BTW, I guess someone on these boards has a reel to reel version of that scene in question.
If it manages to get transferred to a more useable format and passed my way, it'd be appreciated.
Anyone want to comment on new DVD release for magazine article?
Someone once asked Steven King if he was upset with the way a film adaptation of one of his novels destroyed the book. He replied, "They haven't ruined my book. It's still right there on the shelf."
Basically the way I see it, George can screw with the films and make as many changes as he wants... Make the whole thing one story arc surrounding the fall and redemption of Jar Jar for all I care... So long as the original films are still available...
Lots of dvd releases have seamless branching for multiple versions of 1 film. It's not hard to do. There's no reason not to include the original versions, really.
Basically, it seems like George has gone back, second guessed, and screwed up the adaptation to make it "cool", and now has decided he doesn't want the original one allowed on the shelves.

It's really sad that he's gone from such a visionary in the 80's to someone who with $150 million dollars (TPM), got his film out done in every department (story, acting, and effects) by a film student with a mac and a lot of resilience (BotF).
MagnoliaFan Edition Episode III-VI Titles
That's damn eerie...
The title I have been tossing around ever since I started on "Balance" for Ep III is "Dark Force Rising"
I just kept hesitating because of the book title...
Granted I like "Revenge of the Sith", besides the back to back "of the"s and the fact that 9 out of 10 people who I've met who heard the title ask, "What the hell is a Sith and why do they need revenge?"
They didn't even slightly recall the few throwaway lines in TPM and AotC.

Oh, and a website is still on the to "do list".
MagnoliaFan Edition Episode III-VI Titles
I saw that a little while ago...

Now up in the air with the Revenge/Return of the Jedi thing...
To keep Ep 3's title or to change it.

Titles as of now:

Balance of the Force
The Clone War
_________ (Revenge of the Sith)
The Hidden Fortress
The Empire Strikes Back
_________ (Return of the Jedi)

And to clarify as far as the Hayden ghost thing goes, I guess it wouldn't bother me if it weren't so half assed...
First, matting his head on the old body just looks bad. When he lowers his head, his jaw magically vanishes into his robe for a moment where they matted the body on.
It might have been cool to see Ewan, Hayden and (for the first time) a truly young Yoda as ghosts all reunited, but to just reward Anakin for turning evil seems stupid...
Might as well show a redeemed Palpatine standing right there with them.
MagnoliaFan Edition Episode III-VI Titles
Anyone else think Hayen is picturing Leia in that metal bikini when he looks at them?
I can almost hear him, "Hey baby... You ever been with the chosen one?"

Oy vay... After seeing this, maybe I'll just add myself in as the force ghost next to Yoda and Obi-Wan...
Lord knows I could make it look better than that...

On second thought Ani, maybe you should pass that beer bong this way...