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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

I do think, however there is a big difference between polishing and tinkering or changing. Polishing a classic car with an original paint job seems to me akin to what Harmy is doing. What George Lucas has done would be more akin stripping parts of the original paint to add new designs, destroying the original in the process. But the contradiction is striking, isn’t it?

Not a contradiction, but a contrast. The “Special Editions” are on the spectrum of giving the fans the middle finger while the Despecalised are a resurrection and restoration of the true versions of Star Wars.

Star Wars Infinities; The Rise Of Emperor Vader

Possessed said:

Perhaps you should also start making sure you hit Enter a few times before you reply to something you quoted. I always do it several times to be safe, it won’t create a gap in the thread and ensures you’re reply isn’t lost in the quote.

(I know getting away from the carrots should be enough, but… life, eh?)

Thanks. Will do.

Star Wars Infinities; The Rise Of Emperor Vader
For now this is merely an idea. If anyone knows how to make this into a reality please do speak up.

In order to explain this, Star Wars Infinities was a series of what if scenario comics that were published by Dark Horse Comics with permission from Lucasfilm. The following is my version of those what ifs. And so, without further adieu;
(Cue Star Wars opening crawl music).
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…
Star Wars The Rise Of Emperor Vader
This is merely an idea of a fan edit. If anyone knows how to truly make this happen please do tell me.
Writer’s note: This story takes place about 20 years before the first Star Wars movie, and inhabits the same universe as the Classic Expanded Universe Canon and Lord Zerome’s (A universe I created) universe. Also just a note, Darth Sidious is Darth Vader’s unspoken of and not atal acknowledged father. Just putting this out there.
Scene One:
Hymen Gotantouag the Narrator (FYI, Hymen has a German accent): Our story starts on the planet of Dromound Kaas, the forgotten and forbidden planet of the ancient Sith God Emperor Darth Vitate and before him the true God of the Sith, Darth Vasorious. These powerful beings of the Dark Side are both alive and dead, in that their very essences are tied to Dromound Kaas, whilst their bodies are sealed away and preserved within Dark Side enhanced tombs. Within a vast black pyramidal structure, the focus zeros in on Darth Vader Dark Lord Of The Sith. However, this Vader has on an incredibly updated version of his suit. The upgrades include enhanced mobility, and greater comfort via a much more advanced set of his black ribbed, padded, multi-ply body glove that covered everything below his neck. This flexible, quilted suit was blast-dampening, and was made of a fireproof material that provided more protection against flames and corrosive gasses. The armor was constructed in ten layers, each of which was subdivided into three primary layers. The first primary layer was a self-sealing surface similar in function to a standard Emnat suit worn by most Imperial military officers. The outermost layer was a black insulating shell, and the inner layer was an Andwa gel-crystal matrix. The second primary layer dealt with impact protection from physical shock due to the irreversible damage to the torso. The first layer was Reifflex cellular padding which was also utilized for some Stormtrooper helmets; the second layer was orthofabric; the third layer was mylar laminate; the fourth layer was polychlorophene-2 fiber weave, while the final layer contained a rechargeable energy suit. The third primary layer related to the pressure and temperature regulatory functions of the suit. The first layer contained plastex pressure garments; the second layer related to temperature stasis and the third layer was a compression sheath, an incredibly better made chest pauldron, much more advanced cybernetic limbs with living tissue grafted onto them, cybernetic eye and ear replacements, complete protection from electrical discharges, the ability to use both black Sith Lightning and Kenatite, and complete invulnerability to pain.
Moving on: Darth Vader was here in order to learn from and absorb the essences of the two Dark Side entities that presided there, so that he could gain even more power in order to rule the galaxy forever with his son Luke Skywalker. To gain the necessary power for such a thing, Vader would be required to use an incredibly complex Dark Side ritual that would rip Darths Vitate and Vaserious from the planet and into Vader so that their powers would become combined within one form. By doing this, the Dark Side would truly become Powerful and Eternal, something that had not been done for millennia.
As Darth Vader approached the tombs of the Sith Lords, there was but one final test from the Dark Side that Vader would have to face, his other personality; Anakin Skywalker. In order to face this other, Vader would need to go to the tombs and allow the true void of the Dark Side to enter him so he could truly fight his other personality to the death, with the victor becoming the greatest and most powerful Jedi or Sith in the entire history of force wielders. The ritual itself was called, The Degradation Of The Force. This ritual, is in of itself a derivative of the ritual of Nathema, the only difference being that the former absorbs only Dark Side essences to make you into a Dark Side God, while the latter just strips all life from a planet to make you a Dark Side God.
After walking through the pyramidal structure, Vader came upon the tomb chamber. Within the chamber were two black sarcophagi with red markings on them in a language both old and new. Darth Vader strides away from his black Lambda class shuttle, which has three wings: one tall, dorsal stabilizer that remained stationary, and two lower articulated flanking wings. While in flight, the wings would fold outwards for greater stabilization, while during landing procedures the wings would fold inward, reducing the vessels silhouette.
And now thusly ends the exposition dump for now. Darth Vader strides into the center of the room, and proceeds to stretch out a hand to each sarcophagi, not touching them but with his hands facing towards them. Vader then proceeds to start chanting in the Sith language. (Quick side note-Vader’s voice would need to be recreated somehow. Perhaps a ring modulator). Darth Vader: Servi’gon Geri’dorkin Vasourious Feden Vitate Feden con vergedon .(translation: Rise Darth Vitate and Darth Vaserious for I wish to enact the ritual).
There is a bright red flash from the lights on the stage and the soundeffect of thunder and mysterious and haunting chanting.
Darth Vitate and Darth Vaserious
speak together yet separate, as in they seem to complete each other’s “thoughts”. The conversation is telepathic in a way. (Oh and the voices of Darth Vitate and Darth Vaserious would be completely voice edited using a ring modulator.) : Who dares attempt the ritual? And what do you intend to do with this power?
Vader: I am Darth Vader Dark Lord Of The Sith. I would use that ritual in order to become the next true GOD of the Sith.
Darth Vitate and Darth Vaserious: We need to read your mind. Cease blocking our attempts. This is necessary for verification of your identity and your worth.
Vader: Very well.
There is a pause while this mental communication is taking place. During this pause there will be the sounds of blaster fire, a lightsaber activating and various screams and bright flashing lights. During this entire time, Darth Vader is screaming in pain.
There is then a flash of red and the mind reading is finished.
Darth Vader: Was that acceptable?
Darth Vaserious alone this time: Yes. However, there now comes the time for the ritual.
Darth Vader: Very well.
There is a pause and then the ground starts to shake as Vader then pulls his arms into various gestures each more complex than the last. All the while Vader is chanting and there is a red glow emanating from the sarcophagi. The red light builds in brightness until it cannot be upped anymore, then the stage goes black and the lids of the sarcophagi are removed in the darkness and in them are put rotting corpse looking things.The lights go back up and the corpses have a red tint with some dark whispering seemingly coming from the coffins. There is another brief burst of red light and then after the red turns up to its highest setting the stage is again filled with mysterious whispering. There is a silence upon the stage, then there is the sound off a cracking sound. This cracking sound continues until the lights go off and the bodies and sarcophagi are taken off stage.
Darth Vader: It seems the first part has ended. Now for the second.
The stage lights go black and in that blackness a man wearing black pants with a belt and a black shirt appears.
Anakin: You will pay for what you have done with our body!!
Darth Vader: You were weak and broken. I have rebuilt this body into the perfect vessel for the Dark Side. Soon you will truly die Skywalker!!
Anakin draws his lightsaber and begins to step towards Darth Vader.
Anakin: You will not stop me!! I will bring peace, justice and security to the galaxy! You will not stop the Jedi from returning. I won’t let you defeat me again. Anakin ignites his saber. Darth Vader merely thrusts a hand out and Anakin is thrown back. Anakin struggles to his feet and attempts to step toward Vader. Vader raises both hands and points them towards Anakin, and shoots black force lightning out. The result of just a blast of force lightning is that the lights blink out and in Anakin’s place is put a scorched mark where he was. Fog is blown about the stage. Darth Vader then proceeds to walk out of the chamber, stopping only to say a word
Darth Vader : As I expected.
Then leaves.

Scene Two:
Time has shifted and we are now on Coruscant in the Imperial Palace. Darth Sidious, Emperor of the Galactic Empire is sitting in his throne room, deeply immersed in the Dark Side. Sidious is wearing a black cloak with a black hood underneath of which, he wears a red robe with several creases on it, and his features are gray and wrinkled with yellow glowing eyes. While Sidious is meditating, he senses a disturbance in the force. This disturbance, this vergence, scares him as the last time he had experienced true fear was twenty years ago when he had nearly lost his life in an attempt to slay the Grand Master of the Jedi; Yoda. As this is all happening, Darth Vader’s shuttle was approaching Coruscant. Sidious senses this, and proceeds to attempt mental contact with Darth Vader.
Darth Sidious to Vader: I have sensed a disturbance in the force. Have you felt it?
Darth Vader: I have, my master. What is thy bidding?
Darth Sidious: Proceed on your journey back here, I sense that only together can we ascertain the nature of this disturbance.
Darth Vader: Yes my master.
Sidious breaks off the contact.

Scene Three:

Darth Vader’s shuttle lands in the Imperial Palace’s landing platform. The door to the shuttle lowers and Vader walks out, with several of the Emperor’s guards following him to the Emperor’s throne room. The Emperor’s throne swivels around to face Vader.
The Emperor: Lord Vader, you have arrived at last.
Darth Vader: Correct.
The Emperor: I sense that you are hiding something.
Darth Vader: I knew you would sense this. Now my power is greater than any Sith or Jedi could ever become.
The Emperor: I suspected that YOU were HIDING something Lord Vader.
Darth Vader: How right you are my former master. For now, I will take from you, your power, your throne, your knowledge and your LIFE!!
The Emperor: So be it!!
With that, Vader draws his lightsaber and ignites its red blade while Sidious draws two blades from the sleeves of his cloak igniting both red blades. Darth Vader, instead of rushing toward Sidious or even making a move just stands there and lets Sidious come to him. While Vader is waiting, Sidious lunges at Vader and attempts to get in a striking blow, only for Vader to block both blades with ease. The lightsaber duel just increases in speed as both attempt to get a hit in, with Vader making casual swipes while Sidious attempts to get a strike at Vader’s arms or legs,; neither combatant seemingly unable to strike a definitive blow . Then, without warning, objects in the room start to lift up from everywhere and start hitting Sidious from every direction, while Vader just stands there amidst the blade lock. Sidious immediately jumps back and starts trying to block as many of Vader’s telekinetic blocks as he can. However, try as he might the objects start getting through, and Sidious starts to look visibly worn down with the effort of blocking a near endless barrage of objects. Suddenly, the telekinetic blasts stop, only to be replaced with whispers from the very force itself. Whispers that taunt Sidious.
The Whispers: Just like your old master, you will DIE Sidious!! Prepare to meet your doom.
Sidious: Enough of this!!
And with this exclamation of anger, Sidious raises his hands and points them like talons toward Darth Vader. He shoots purple force lightning at Vader, attempting to end the battle. Darth Vader, then raises his hands into talons as well and shoots black sith lightning in order to counter Sidious’s. The blasts of dark lightning starts to seemingly eat up the line of purple lightning all the way up to a very determined and enraged Sidious, who along with Vader keeps amping up their lightning in an attempt to kill the other. However, try as Sidious might, the power of Vader is too great as with a last blast Vader’s lightning hits Sidious and starts to fry his body and causes him to scream and fall to the floor shaking as the lightning passes through his body with the intensity and might of an endless electrical cascade of darkness. At this moment, the stage lights go out for a moment, and in that moment Sidious leaves the stage while a blast of purple energy leaps towards the sky, only for Vader to grab this beam with the force and drag it towards himself and absorb it thuly becoming the most powerful force being to ever live.
Darth Vader, then proceeds to alert Grand Admiral Thrawn, and several other high ranking imperial leaders that Vader is now the emperor.
Darth Vader turns towards the audience with his hands hanging on his belt. Darth Vader: At last I am the Emperor. Just as I predicted on Mustafar all those decades ago when I fought my former Jedi master Obi Wan Kenobi. While I was defeated then, I am now the only force being powerful enough to truly channel the Dark Side.
Fade to black.

Scene four:
Lights up on a green world
Across the galaxy on Kashyyyk, which is a forested world,.Galen Marek a powerful force sensitive child, is safe and happy with his family. However, his father Kento Marek and mother Mallie Marek are busy planning a revolt against the Empire’s presence on Kashyyyk with the help of the indigenous population known as Wookies. These creatures are the same as Chewbacca.
Shortly before this, Mallie was killed in the middle of fending off slavers who had come to threaten the Wookies. Soon time passes and the revolt is set to take place soon. With everything ready, the revolt began. Lights out.

Scene Five:
Lights up The scene shifts and we are on Coruscant again. The Imperial Palace has been retrofitted with a specially made bacta tank (a healing tank in laymen’s terms) which allows Darth Vader to not be within his suit all the time. While he is immersed, he uses the force to make further improvements on his suit. In order for him to “speak” he wears a breathing device that also gives him speaking abilities. Underneath the suit, Vader has burns and scars all over his body and has numerous cybernetic implants visible from a neck implant to help him breathe to ports on his stump limbs in order to allow for his arms and legs to be removed and restored. While Vader is doing this, Grand Moff Tarkin is running across the entire Imperial Palace in order to alert Darth Vader as to the threat on Kashyyyk. Tarkin is stopped by the guards stationed there. Tarkin is a middle aged human male with gray hair and icy blue eyes he speaks with a detached and also grave british accent . Dressed in a form fitting green military uniform with several badges of rank on his uniform.
Tarkin: It is extremely important that I speak with his majesty.
The guard: I will alert Lord Vader of your request. The guard pulls out a comlink and mutters something into it, there is a response and the guards step aside and the door opens.
Darth Vader’s “eyes” open and focus on Tarkin. Tarkin looks only slightly amused. (Quick side note, Darth Vader and Tarkin have a well founded partnership in which they both know almost everything about the other while not stating that they do at the same time).
Tarkin: Lord Vader, I have news about Kashyyyk. There has been a rebellion.
Darth Vader: I know this already my friend. Have the Inquisitors managed to find the planets? Quick note, Inquisitors are Jedi turned to the Dark Side who go out and kill Jedi or find Dark Side artifacts and obey the Sith.
Tarkin: They have found the planets. Oh and they have located an extremely strong force presence on both Malachor Five and Kashyyyk.
Darth Vader: Very good Secondary Advisor.
Secondary Advisor Tarkin: Thank you for the promotion my lord.
Darth Vader: You are dismissed.
Fade to black.

Scene Six:
Lights up on Darth Vader’s black Lambda class shuttle. It is nearing the planet Malachor Five, which looks like a radioactive green orb with a bunch of it blown off. The shuttle’s wings fold up and the shuttle lands with a soft thud. The ramp lowers down and Darth Vader emerges out of a burst of hydraulic mist. Darth Vader then walks over to a certain spot and stops.
Darth Vader: I know you are there.
(Quick side note, Darth Nihilus is a Sith Lord who could absorb any force sensitive being, something Darth Vader requires. Also Nihus doesn’t have a body anymore due to his severe Dark Side degradation. Also Nihlus voice is in a eerie whisper). Darth Nihlus: I am here Dark Lord. And I sense what you need and I am prepared.
Darth Vader absorbs him.
Darth Vader: I now have the full and complete power of the Dark Side. I now have the power I require to rule the universe for eternity.However, I must find an apprentice in order to share my power. Darth Vader curls a hand into a fist. With that, Darth Vader walks back to his shuttle.
Fade to black.

Scene seven:
Lights up on Secondary Advisor Tarkin, who is sitting in a chair inside of his new office which is next door to the main audience chamber of Emperor Darth Vader. As he sits in his office, he is speaking via com link with Darth Vader, who is enroute to Kashyyyk.
Tarkin: Lord Vader, might I suggest that you send one of your inquisitors to “research” that disturbance you mentioned on Tatooine?
Darth Vader: Very well, send the Grand inquisitor. Report back to me if anything new occurs.
Tarkin: Yes lord.
The scene shifts to Kashyyyk, where Darth Vader is inside of his personal shuttle that is within the docking bay of a massive looking modified and custom built Super Star Destroyer, called The Eternal. Within the bay, numerous troop transports are launching from the bay, while TIE fighters and ATSTs are launching as well.
Darth Vader’s shuttle lands on an already chaotic battlefield, with the sounds of imperial and Wookie attacks being heard. Darth Vader, has already left his shuttle and is walking towards a series of hutts. While Vader is walking, a man in a brown cloak steps out of the door of an extremely tall hutt and proceeds to perform a force-augmented jump and lands a few feet away from the dark lord.
Darth Vader: Who are you?
The figure: I am Kento Marak, Jedi Knight.Who or what are you?
Darth Vader: I am Darth Vader The Emperor of this galaxy. You will cease your obstruction of my empire or you will live long enough to see me desolate this pathetic world.
Kento: I will not allow these innocent Wookies to be put into slavery by your empire!!
Vader, appears outwardly unaffected by this exclamation, but within he is seething with rage at the very prospect of slavery. Vowing to set this right, he barks an order into a comlink that only he can hear and orders that word be sent to Tarkin about this revelation and that “he would know what to do”.
Darth Vader: Then prepare to die with your slaves. A simplex mis direction, something Vader has become almost accustomed to doing. With that, Darth Vader uses force absorb (a power the writer has made up, which basically allows a force user to absorb all the powers, knowledge, and abilities of a target.) to do just that on Kento. With that done, Darth Vader then goes over to where Kento came out of and proceeds to enter the hutt. Within, a boy of about nineteen with a white tunic on is sitting in meditation. Oh and the boy has a lower toned voice even for his age. Darth Vader senses a power BEYOND anything he has felt since he first absorbed Darth Vitate. “I must make this boy my apprentice” thought Vader.
Darth Vader: Who are you?
The Boy: I am Galen Marek. And you must be that “Dark presence” my father was referring to.
Darth Vader: You are correct. I would wish for you to come with me. We have much to discuss.
Galen Marek: Very well. Quick side note, in both my version and the expanded universe version of his character Galen always studies both the light and Dark Sides of the force and then combines the powers of both in order to become extremely formidable.
Lights down.
Scene eight:
The stage lights up on the Imperial Palace on Coruscant where Darth Vader is within his Bacta Tank, speaking to Galen Marek and to his now found son Luke Skywalker. Luke has hopeful blue eyes and shortish blonde hair and has on a black jacket and pants.
Darth Vader: Only one of you can be my immortal apprentice, the other shall live as any mortal man. You must convince me of your worth.
Luke: I am your son and thusly the heir to your empire. Because of my link to you, I could become just as powerful as you given time.
Galen tries to speak but nothing comes out. Just before anybody can react, a lightsaber of black color comes out of Galen’s chest. His falling body reveals behind him a dark tall pale figure in a black cloak.
Within seconds, Darth Vader is suddenly back in his armor, having used the force to speed up the process.
Darth Vader: Who are you?
The figure’s voice is a harsh commanding baritone with a hint of a hollow echo. The figure: I am Darth Degreadous.
Darth Vader: Why are you here? And what are you?
Darth Degreadous: My purpose was to eliminate he who was not worthy. I am an agent of Lord Premeditus. That is all.
With that the black cloaked figure disappears in a black fog. Darth Vader then uses a force ability called The Dark Reclimation, which copies and pastes all the force powers and knowledge of one Dark Side God and gives it to another. With that, Luke and Vader will rule the galaxy forever.

NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

solkap said:

Yes, ChainsawAsh is correct.

Those 83 rars are 83 pieces of one MASSIVE ISO file that is over 46 gigabytes. And you have to have all the pieces before you can extract anything. But once you have a folder full of parts 1-83, then use unarchiver, making sure to set the destination somewhere with about 50 more gigs of free space. Select the first rar of the batch (“Star Wars Despecialized 2.7 BD50.part001” in the case of the Star Wars Film Blu-ray) and start the extraction process. Your computer will recognize that it is part of a set and automatically extract all the rars. It will also reassemble them into the finished ISO file and save that to whatever you set for the extracted file to save to. That process will take about 30 minutes to an hour.

But I think we found the problem! Keep at it man! You can do it!

Thank you.

NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

I go to the site where the form is, then I click on the rar link, it takes me to a google docs page which I then download which upon downloading turns into a TextEdit document which has a bunch of URLs under headers. I copy and paste all the URLs into JDownloader and it then either subsequently fails to download one of the files or one of them downloads into a folder. Annnd after even getting one of them to download into a file the unarchiver issues a “this file is incomplete and cannot be unpacked” warning and that’s the end.

NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

solkap said:

Ah ha. I think I see the problem. Are you trying to download them all in one sitting? If that’s the case, it won’t work. As I said here:

solkap said:

All these links are in free accounts, which have a 5 Gig transfer limit. That means you’ll probably only be able to download a maximum of 10 files before getting a window telling you to wait several hours before continuing to download.

Since the files are 500 MB each and there is a 5 GB transfer limit, the largest number of files you’ll be able to get in one sitting is 10. Then you have to wait for about 6 hours and download another 10. Repeat until you have a complete set of rars for one of the following six sets:

Star Wars Despecialized 2.7 BD50 (83 rars in this set)
Star Wars Documentaries (42 rars in this set)
The Empire Strikes Back Despecialized 2.0 BD50 (83 rars in this set)
The Empire Strikes Back - Documentaries BD25 (40 rars in this set)
Return of the Jedi Despecialized BD50 (83 rars in this set)
ROTJ & SW Trilogy Documentaries BD50 (82 rars in this set)

It will probably take a few days just to download one complete set because of the cool off time, but that is the only way it will work. Stick to doing 10 at a time and wait before downloading the next batch. That should work, and when you finally are done, then extract them. As I said, my aim is to make them available, but inconvenient. Patience. Take your time my friend. And good luck!

On my computer it opens a text edit document that has the urls to each that I copy paste. I don’t use mega.

NJVC Custom Blu-ray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

solkap said:

Hmmm. Did you run into any trouble like this when you obtained (assuming you did) any of the other versions of the DE? As long as you have all the files in one folder, and go to extract the first file of the set, it should work. Could you post some more info on exactly what steps you are taking as well as the exact text of the error message you’re getting?

Also, to other members, I know next to nothing about using Mac books. Are there any users here proficient with Mac OS who might know of troubleshooting steps that I might be overlooking? LordZerome1080 could use your help.

The exact specifics are that jdownloader refuses to complete the downloads and the unarchiver says the files are either incomplete and cannot be extracted.


benduwan said:

TV’s Frink said:

benduwan said:

TV’s Frink said:

benduwan said:

Tantive3+1 said:

When Vader’s shuttle is landing in the second DS there is a scaffolding struture on the left side of it, but then in the next close up shot of the shuttle it’s no longer there.

When R2 plays Luke’s holographic message to Jabba, Luke’s lightsaber is shown clipped to the right side of his body. Then before the message ends a brief shot of Luke’s hologram is visible showing his lightsaber clipped to the left side of his body indicating that in all previous shots of Luke before the one with the message ending, Luke’s holographic image was flipped.

NOTE: In the film Luke keeps his lightsaber clipped to the left side of his body (this is also true in TESB).

During R2’s holographic message of Luke to Jabba, in the shot showing Jabba and Bib Fortuna then panning down to Salacious Crumb the smoke coming from Jabba’s pipe is going inward and the bubbles in the bong are flowing downward indicating that this shot was played in reverse.

In the scene when “Leia” pulls out the thermal detonator in front of Jabba, the shots showing Boba Fett during this are flipped due to his helmets antenna being on the left side.

On Jabba’s sail barge when Luke is shot on his mechanical hand by a blaster the injury from the shot is already visible on his hand before he’s even shot and when he is shot he’s actually shot on the sleeve.

good catch.i never see this.
more please… 😃

retail shops
retail shops

you got good eyes.

The point is you don’t need to quote a mile-long post just to say one thing about it.

i could make it longer…😉

Just to be a werdio so can I.

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

And this person:

Batman The Animated Series restoration.

Mark’s Down On Your Syntax said:

bromeo said:

Just watched a recap review of the panel and came here to hype about the remastered edition! Great things come to those who wait. 😛

Me too!

I was over the moon when we got Mask of the Phantasm in the summer but now this? Unbelievably good news but can I be really greedy and hope for some new commentaries and documentaries as well?!
We can only hope.