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<em>The Mandalorian</em> - Season One Discussion - * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

Just watched the first episode and here’s my random thoughts. Let’s get the bad out first to end on a positive note.


  • cinematography - didn’t look that great and shaky cam was completely unnecessary and unstarwarsy
  • music was very bland and uninteresting
  • going back to the sound archive, all the same landspeeder/gonk/Garindan/door droid sounds, they couldn’t make any new lines/effects for them?
  • at the same time, Matt Wood’s new blaster sounds continue, the main point in the originals was to make them from real sounds while these sound like something from the synthesizer. Ben Burtt, I miss you
  • the bounty said twice “oh my God”, someone screwed up big time to let this pass through
  • foundlings? did we really need more -lings…
  • Yodaling? not sure how I feel about that, it was a surprise for sure but let’s see how it continues… if it’s Yoda’s baby from time before TPM then I’m out! LOL


  • feels like Star Wars universe if you compare this to older games
  • had fun moments/jokes, including inside jokes like Life Day
  • I liked pretty much all the characters which is saying a lot about new SW characters these days
  • overall, the minuses are merely nitpicks and if this doesn’t get any Filoni’s wolf fantasy or something I see myself enjoying this very much!
4K restoration on Star Wars

Is there anything to ensure that these aren’t scanned from the 1997 negatives? To me it seems by reading all the comments that all the DVD changes have been changed. The colors are different, Greedo scene is different, rocks are different, Tatooine sky is different and the dunes have been reverted, A long time ago texts have been reverted, Jabba’s tail has been covered etc. It just seems that they had to remake all those DVD changes for the 4K release. Maybe someone could compare the Emperor hologram and Hayden to the DVDs also if they somehow differ. Do the Ewoks still blink and R2 has that weird new effect in ROTJ?

[Official] All Star Wars films released in 4K HDR on Disney Plus: 4KSE with more changes

CatBus said:

So are we calling this one the 19SE yet? Dibs!

Let’s see, for Star Wars, ignoring some of the subtler differences (the cloudy composite/altered credits/natural home video variance between releases), we’ve got:

1977: original video (mono mix)
1977: original video (stereo mix)
1977: original video (six-channel mix)
1981 (3): “A New Hope” crawl and flyover, same three audio choices (crudely spliced onto 70mm reels, but still different)
1985: new audio mix, 1981 video
1993: new audio mix with alterations, 1981 video
1997SE: altered audio and video
2004SE: altered audio and video
GOUT: unique pairing of original video with 1993 audio
2011SE: altered audio and video
2019SE: altered audio and video

Star Wars is now weighing in at THIRTEEN distinct versions of the film. And that’s when you exclude the obscure ones!

I’m hesitant calling anything Special Edition that isn’t actually the Special Edition, from 1997. To me, they are the SE, DVD edition, BD edition and now this 4K edition.

Small details that took you <em><strong>FOREVER</strong></em> to notice in the <em>Star Wars</em> films

TheHutt said:

Fang Zei said:

I never noticed the gigantic 94 until now either.

Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but didn’t galactic standard numerals kinda/sorta resemble arabic numerals, if only very vaguely?

Not just vaguely. Unlike the retconned letters (see “Tractor beam”) the Roman numerals are still part of Star Wars universe.

You mean Arabic. Although they did retcon Roman numerals to Episode IV. 😉

Terminator films

CarboniteSolo said:

The story was very heart wrenching, it wasn’t just all killing

I agree, it had great heart-warming moments and I would’ve liked that the movie “stopped” more from the pointless action. Like I mentioned, Arnold really shined in this and this new take was great to see (even though as a fan of the originals the thing that started this movie was sort of blasphemy 😛 ). I just couldn’t buy Dani’s future and Grace’s situation seemed too similar to Salvation. The premise was just too much of the same for me, but I know it’s hard to make something new since it worked brilliantly for the first two times. It’s just one-upping in every sequel.

Terminator films

Just saw Terminator: Dark Fate. Sure, it was miles better than the last one but it was just too much action. And it was like the 4th ot 5th time of the same baddie terminator. It almost got interesting when they had some small talk with the new terminator since that would have been actually different to try to reason with one. Other than that, the 50 times they beat him up was boring from the start. It was great to see Linda back and of course Arnold was the best part, again. The Mexican/feminism angle was more beaten than the REV-9 or whatever it was called in the movie. Every man in the movie was just a pussy or killed immediately. Clap, clap. Not something that I’m looking from my Terminator films which to me is one of the “most manly” franchise. Well, soon they’ll be ruining Bond, too…

I don’t honestly know how to rank this. It had a couple of moments that were easily the best since T2 but then something that was utter garbage and like 70% of just bore. Without Linda and Arnold it probably would be right after Genisys. Needs a rewatch at some point.