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Star Wars Holiday Special Ultimate Edition

Morphzero said:

LexX said:

Are you adding subs? I’m making one but it’s still halfway there… They’re timed to the Editdroid version.

Haven’t even thought of that! Yes. The commercial versions will have the Wonder Woman/Incredible Hulk bumper at both ends. Are the subs going to be in English?

No, it’s gonna be Finnish but someone could use the timings after I’ve finished them. But like I said, it will be timed to the Editdroid version only which has no commercials, not interested in watching commercials. 😃

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

Wolfman said:

In Star Wars, I always wonder what General Dodonna is saying when Luke starts talking in the Rebel briefing.
You can’t make it out as Luke is talking over the top of him.
I think In the novel he mentions different colour squadrons covering for each other.

I also have many lines that I have wondered. What do the stormtroopers say in the cantina when Han speaks over them about Ben’s handy work and then after the troopers go down the corridor after they split on levels 5 and 6? And what does the hangar intercom say for the first time in rebel hangar?