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Idea: Knights of Ren Overhaul - Ideas for Fixing the KoR in TROS

Delpheas said:

Film The Rise of Kylo Ren comic and insert it into TFA and TLJ’s forcevisons and flashbacks.

end sarcasm But really though, it is beyond mind boggling that the story of Ben’s fall and the creation of his alternate persona was told exclusively in a comic. Just as bad as having Palpatine’s announcement of revenge in “fortnite”

Right! What a great comic, too

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

Darth Sadifous said:

jonh said:

Last version of Jedi force ghost…

problem: new shots, out of sync music

Bravo! This is the closest thing we are going to get to a special edition of the sequels. Lucasfilms wishes they could have delivered something this epic for the ending. Can’t wait to see this integrated into the final film with Leia’s purple lightsaber.

This got me thinking, is someone working on exactly this - not a fanfix, but just the actual movie amplified with small changes such as these? Other changes would include the sort of shot extension that Dom has been working on to slow the pace by a few seconds, ending shot with the falcon flying off into the sunset, D-O extended squeaky wheel scene,… but no actual deletions of scenes/lines, however disagreeable they are

Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit (WIP)

Octorox said:
Would be even better if she said “Just Rey” 😉

Hah, indeed!
You know, this bit, I’m assuming, is from the end credits of TFA or possibly TLJ, and when I read you would be replacing the music, this specific bit is exactly what I had in mind, and you’ve shown it to fit brilliantly, well done!

Hal had great points about the hillarious implications of Rey killing her parents. I guess it’s just such a core piece of the plot, perhaps a more conservative approach is apt after all for now, though it is unfortunate

Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit (WIP)

I am probably in the minority and this may not be doable with the source material, but to me, in the first two movies Rey is a character with a “default” star wars background character… background. Parents either poor as shit, or dead for trivial reasons (disease/gang violence/whatever), or abandoned/sold her (or… all of the above). Such is the star wars world (except on more sophisticated worlds like naboo or alderaan where you might have more “normal” parents). And her specialness comes not from her origin, but from… the force awakening inside her for some reason and her having a good heart or whatever.

As such, a “reveal” post-TLJ about her actual origin - any reveal - diminishes that in my view. If her background is in some way special, and Kylo Ren or whoever reveals that to her, that gives her character motivation basically for free.

If she is a Palpatine, she has an innate reason to fight against her legacy, to basically cleanse her name in some way, so as to show herself not to be what her ancestry would suggest her to be (although that is also undermined by her parents being good and loving already). If Palpatine killed her parents it becomes a simple revenge story, in the end she takes her revenge against him and all is good (even though apparently that’s what he wants anyway at the start, but at some point that just changes…? and he wants her dead?). If she herself killed her parents it’s again sort of a self-redemption story and she has newfound purpose with the reveal. If the reveal is that there is no reveal - no “free” character motivation - then she has to find her place in the story herself and has to wrestle her inner demons that she has anyway - dark origin or not.

I think Star Wars covers all sci-fi ideas. Am I wrong?

Yes, I would actually say that, in answer to your title question, you are wrong.

ray_afraid said:

Star Wars has shoe-horned & ham-fisted every sci-fi trope into some story, somewhere, sometime.

Now this may be true, but scifi, as I consider it, is much more about themes - particularly those pretty well summarised in the wikipedia article. And while even some of that may on occasion have become tropey, the best scifi has lots of thematic substance, I feel. I consider Star Trek TNG to be a near-perfect representation of the type of mix of:

discussing current political/religious/cultural affairs via a “future” setting,
discussing human emotions,
discussing AI, augmented reality, etc. (“scifi” topics) in a culturally relevant, often moralistic sense,

and some other things that I love scifi for.

Star Wars has politics, sure, but mostly it is not scifi at all, but space fantasy. I mean really, is it closer to Blade Runner or to Flash Gordon? I think the answer is clear.

YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars video finds

sade1212 said:

Ben & Rey - The Power of One (11:47) by tstudios

I feel this edit does a good job of tying together the arc of these two characters across the three movies in a coherent way, especially with how it recontextualises certain dialogue. It also entirely omits Rey Palpatine, demonstrating how unnecessary that retcon was to creating a compelling story.

Fantastic reylo video, for all those reasons 😃

Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit (WIP)

CarterStarkiller said:

  1. Has someone thought of rescoring Yoda’s theme out of the victory celebration? While I love John Williams’ score this was the one cue that really confused me.

That’s a good idea, if I remember correctly, it also had a weird use of Luke and Leia’s theme

The final line of the film […]


Revenge of the Sith - Expanded Edition (v2 Now Released!)

That’s a really good take on reimplementing that, wow. Although, this being an expanded edition, I wanna say it would be more appropriate to cut as little as possible, thus trying to get the latter order if it can work out. Plus Grievous’ initial introduction moment I think is better as is, it’s much more of an “introduction” shot, complete with his theme

Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit (WIP)

Kind of a weird, possibly pointless note considering what you’ve set out as your goals, but considering you’re changing the lore anyway, I think leaving Kylo’s ultimate fate ambiguous, i.e. cutting away before he dies is kinda a good idea (thus avoiding repetitive “redeemed bad guy dies instantly after doing good thing” trope, and also not requiring fx to add him to Tatooine or anything like that). And a question: are you planning to keep the way Rey defeats Palpatine the same as in the movie: by blocking force lightning with 2 lightsabers? (it’s super dumb)

Thoughts, anyone? I understand it may be out of this edit’s scope, but on the other hand to me these elements are nearly as ew as rey palpatine and “Rey Skywalker”, speaking of which, is that final line staying? Changing that goes together with preserving “Rey the nobody”, does it not?

Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit (WIP)

DominicCobb said:

Here’s my opening, showing my new crawl and my version of an idea that’s been tossed around here a bit (using the TLJ deleted star destroyer bridge shots):

Oh god, the crawl alone is making me think maybe this movie is salvageable. Love seeing an edit in progress which focuses purely on keeping “Rey is nobody” as well.

What is your personal canon?

After a brief jump into the post-rotj old Expanded Universe and then being lured back to the ST via the Rise of Kylo Ren comic, I have reconsidered what the franchise and the ST means to me. I watched some Rian Johnson movies which were great and I also read the (presumably real) Trevorrow Episode IX script which still did not make me change my mind about… this:

I now think The Last Jedi is a fitting conclusion to the story. With the endless cycle of the power struggle there is just no good (or better) way to end the story that doesn’t feel like a rotj rehash. You could have Kylo and Rey work together in some way and build true balance, but that has its own problems…
I think TLJ satisfyingly picks up on the - meta and otherwise - bits of TFA and expands them and also inadvertently dead-ends the franchise. So I like this movie, although I didn’t when it came out, but anything that comes after it, not really (unless it explores Ren’s backstory like TROKR)

So in bold I have some but not all of the material that I really quite like and that gets me excited about star wars at a time when… who really cares about it anymore?

Anyway, two timelines:

Original Unaltered Trilogy (I prefer grindhouse versions of this but who cares)
The Mandalorian (could be reconciled with old eu but depends on the day)

And then either:
-Thrawn trilogy (that’s as far as I am, but I also started reading Young Jedi Knights because whatever)
-other 90s EU stuff I have yet to read
-also SW radio drama goes here

-(the (unaltered) prequels (with DVD version for TPM) belong in this continuity)
-along with supplementary material like Bloodline, perhaps a different OT version depending on my mood, perhaps we shall see what else new eu brings, whatever, whatnot)
-The Rise of Kylo Ren (although the 4th one shoehorns in some stuff from TROS, I like this short series overall)
-The Force Awakens (idk which version since on my last rewatch TROS was annoyingly in the back of my mind, recontextualizing what I was watching, so I could not finish it)
-The Last Jedi (ebumms’ extended edition)
-the V O I D (ok, TROS, Trevorrow script, someone’s fantheory on reddit, all quite similar to me, some I like better but none are needed)