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Was Samuel L a good addition to the Prequels?

The way I answer this type of question is to considsr if a thing helped or hurt the movie.  In my opinion, he didn't hurt the movie.  It wasn't  a worse movie because he was in it.He did slightly help the movie.  Not with his onscreen time, but off screen.  The speculation about what he would be like as a Jedi probably put a few butts in the seats.  So final score:  Didn't hurt... might have helped.

Anyone else blase' about the New trilogy?

Hal 9000 said:

Maybe I'm not charitable enough to Star Wars' patriarch, but the most recent creative input from Lucas that I'm aware of is giving Palpatine the name "Sheeve." 

I honestly take comfort knowing Lucas is removed from the bulk of what's going on.

 THIS, the fact the GL is removed from the bulk of the decisions, is the only reason I am cautiously optimistic.  

Anyone else blase' about the New trilogy?

Never again.  If after 6 months, people are still talking about how great it is and still have no complaints, I'll rent it.  The _only_ thing that would get to go see it on opening night would be if Disney gave me an indication that they "get it"
 by releasing a fully restored OT prior to the first official teaser trailer... so that I know they aren't just doing it to hype VII, but because they actually care.

What's the best order to use when watching the Star Wars saga?

I'll be more clear...

If you are dead set on watching all six movies, which I wouldn't do, I would watch in this order...

1. Wars - Harmy's edit

2. Empire - Harmy's edit

3. Jedi - Harmy's edit

4. Menace - Fall of the Jedi edit

5. Clones -  - Fall of the Jedi edit

6. Sith -  - Fall of the Jedi edit

What is Fall of the Jedi?  here is a link to the trailer...

+1 on preferring Menace.  never watch the other two prequels, but I will occasionally watch GL's edit of Menace because it still has more moments than not that feel like a Star Wars movie.   Clones and Sith are just so. fucking. awful.

Also +1 on The Ridiculousnesses.   

Help Wanted: for my Clone Wars Fan Edit

This post is the seed of a project I am about to undertake.  I intend to do a re-edit of scenes from the Clone Wars that will, for me, supplant Episodes I and II.

I, along with many other internet enthusiasts, complain that those movies should have been about Obi Wan and Anakin’s relationship to which was alluded during Wars.  I started watching CW in spite of the fact that I have otherwise sworn off all things Prequel-era precisely because I’ve heard so many good things about how it delves into this back story.

What I want to do is create a 90 minute or 2ish hour movie that IS the story of  their relationship.  I have all of the editing tools, I have the time, I have the skills.  What I need is source material.  Does anyone know where I can get a copy of these episodes that are ready to drop in and begin cutting?  If the answer is “buy the DVD or Blu-Ray” that’s fine, but I’ve never had any luck with rippers.  I don’t know if I’m just cursed or what, but I would prefer some already existing source in which  I don’t have to remove the protection.

I haven’t seen anything like what I am proposing out there, but if there already is, and you know about it, please feel free to point it out to me.  I’d far rather watch it than spend several weeks or months cutting it.

EDIT: …and it occurred to me a fraction of a second too late that this probably should have been posted in Fan Edits instead of General.  I’m still kind of Noobie that way.  With apologies to the mods for the extra work they have to do if they decide to move it.

General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread
  • Me :)  :I'm confused. At this link is says, "Disney officials confirmed that the digital print being provided the Plaza will be based on the Special Edition version which got a wide release in 1997." That isn't the 1977 version. Have you guys got the actual print yet so you can confirm whether it is '77 or '97?

    • Plaza Atlanta Nope we don't get the print till July 18 th ... Day of ..
      It has been confirmed today Star Wars IV (1977) Special edition .

    • Plaza Atlanta In studio world there is no 1997 version that is just a theatrical release of the 1977 film in a special edition. If you look on Rotten tomatoes there is no listing for 1997 Star Wars.

    • Plaza Atlanta This is very confusing for all of us ..
      • Steve Lee This article states that it's the Special Edition. You maintained last week that it was the original version. Which is correct?

        • Plaza Atlanta It is Star Wars 1977 film special addition that was re released in 1997 . Original means not a sequal the first film although its listed as IV.

        • Plaza Atlanta If you have tickets and don't want to see the special version we are happy to refund .