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Colour matching for fan edits
Okay it sounds interesting. So far I've been doing things by hand and by eye. Would you mind putting up an example or 2 [ie: screenies] Laserman? That shold help me decide whether to give this a try.

I'm currently having trouble colour matching two seperate shots that weren't intended to match initially. I don't wanna reveal what i'm working on until I have something worth showing off. Going for a partial sepia look.

In the words of Turkleton: "Learn by doing!"
ZigFried's Archival Saga (* unfinished project *)
Agreed. I just cannot get my head around why you are bothering with such a pointless task like this. All you are doing is making pirate copies.

Paint wars on the other hand was something that everyone seemed to be enjoying, it was novel, it was original. And i'm sure that if the images came out less often the anticipation would be greater still. I'd really like to see you go back to 'paint wars' rather than [in my opinion] wasting time and effort on something like dvd copies.

I've got a handful of star wars projects myself but i've barely made a start yet, Just sit back take your time and enjoy the atmosphere.
Heroes - a quick project...
the show has a lot of strong visual elements...when a guy cuts open someone skull to feast on the gooeyness inside - you don't need heavy dialogue to figure he's up to no good.

At the moment i'm waiting for the last episode of the year [2 more days] then i'll continue.

I guess its possible to do a version keeping the audio from the show instead but i dont know how well that would flow.

I'm doing the project regardless but i started this thread or the imput of others so if you have concerns / suggestions i do appreciate them.
Heroes - a quick project...

Over the past 10 weeks I have become an addict - to ‘heroes’. the new NBC show. while tinkering with a somewhat recent version of adobe premiere I decided a project was in order to familiarize myself with the new layout. Shortly afterwards I heard that the next episode [the eleventh // Fallout ] would be the last screened before the new year. Having a lot of friends that I’ve tried to hook into the show i figured that it’d be sweet to string together a trailer of sorts to bring people up to speed as well as sucking them in.

I quickly locked in a piece of music that had the elements i was after - the Requiem for a dream main theme [Kronos Quartet // Clint Mansell]. I also quickly began to slot in placeholder images and title cards for certain scenes…And that is the point I’m at.

I’m wondering whether i should try and do things in chronological order or simply what best suits the music. The main plot lines I’m focusng on a ‘Peter and claire at union wells’ and ‘the beginnings of Sylar’…But then it is a 6+ minute song so there’s room for quite a bit.

Hopefully any heroes fans about can throw me some suggestions on what themes and scenes would be suitable to include, which scenes would best serve during climactic moments, allusons to possible things to come etc.

I’m planning to wait and include anything i see fit from next weeks episode [Fallout] but i really want to get this done by the end of next week, so i need to lock it all in before i cut in the final footage.

Over the past few days I’ve begun constructing a

as an after effect i’m considering tinting the footage as well…Here are 2 VERY quick examples.

and a further consideration is whether i should include any spoken dialogue from episodes where appropriate to heighten the excitement

What do people think? I’ll consider almost anything
any non fans may still be helpful since were all editors at heart here these days.

The Prequel Trilogy 'as one movie' Edit - Released
if that is your plan you could really just focus on the stuff you feel is important story wise - like a recap "Previously on STAR WARS"

you could even break it down to acts and scenes with fancy little title cards...and maybe an intermission? Maybe scour the 'musical journey' and see if there are enough suitable lines for Ian [palpy] to introduce each act?

You could focus on Anakin's downfall for example sans a George Lucas sized ego...

or a retrospective more in line with how characters like 'Ben' refer to past events. - you could do the whole thing in sepia but that might be hard on the eyes.
Another bloody edit of TPM (* unfinished project *)

Jar Jar could be more heroic in this scene by having him release those blue ball things onto the droids...?

And not taking a cannon to the nuts!

I'm all for the enslavement idea if possible and i agree on sorting out the chronology of the gungan plotline first... I haven't had a chance to really review any of the footage yet. I havent looked but what of the possibility of having the sphere of a trade fed ship descend - ala geonosis.
- Although it would seem the ring section would be more suited given the storage space.
- or they could be planning to herd them up by the shuttle load?

It was never made clear WHAT the federation trades in, i guess you can bend this to your will.

I'll have to go and rewatch tpm on the weekend and see what else i think of. I'm happy to contribute here as i'm really interested in the ideas brought forth as well as improving the pacing of the movie. - be forewarned tho, i may steal good ideas for my self .
Another bloody edit of TPM (* unfinished project *)
well there's one reason i can think of why killing all the gungans wont make sense. Because they appear to have Jar Jar as a representative in the senate in later years.

Good thinking with Anakin. It may well be possible to still have him destroy the control ship AND remove any reference to taking down the droids...The ships would still need to pose a threat at this point tho - just as the blockade i guess...

I agree he needs something to do but I still dont like that he destroys the ship but random button mashing [and trigger pulling] alone tho. Having him convincingly plan to do it would be nice if possible. maybe cut and paste some dialogue?

He's only a kid afterall anyway and doesn't belong in the battle.

You could say the same about Luke.

The trade federation might seem sinister if given an actual purpose [that will be one of my goals]. not just blockading cuz a guy in a robe told them to. I the the idea of them attempting to enslave the gungans - has more of a gritty, real world feel to it. The droids DID seem effective at rounding up civilians.

I'd love for the film to end on Palpatine. but i'm not sure how well that would work. we all know there's sequels to the story so there's really no need to wrap things up neatly at the end. At the end of ANH they were celebrating the heroes that stopped the imperial death star on their doorstep. in TPM the only reason seems to be the newfound unity between the races...That doesn't really seem to fit anymore i guess.

I wonder if it would be possible to paint the gungans out of the city. maybe its desserted when the jedi arrive since they are on the battlefield?
Another bloody edit of TPM (* unfinished project *)
Originally posted by: SomethingStarWarsRelated
Alright, I’ve been working on this idea on and off for a few weeks now…
I’d call this an animatic, since these videos only consist of stills and audio from TPM…
The purpose of these two clips is:
1. To be useful for Ith’s edit with the gungan battle on Naboo.
2. Trying to use footage in other places so we don’t have an 80 minute TPM.
I should also mention that some of the ideas are able to be achieved ONLY if you can slow/massage the original TPM footage.

Let’s look at the first video:
Clip 1
So this would be a new intro for the gungans and Jar Jar. You could throw Boss Nas in there if you want saying “Who’s a dis?”, but I decided to leave him out. Heck, in this version, you probably wouldn’t have to have Boss Nass in the movie at all.
I like this version because you now see some of the creatures from Naboo REACTING to the invasion!
Also this version would allow us to not even bother going to the gungan city at all. We basically show Jar Jar leading the Jedi to the palace on foot (this is also something I’m working on). So yeah, no gungan city, and no bongo ride.

Second clip:
Clip 2
Following this clip, you could then cut the gungan battle together with the queen being captured and the Jedi arriving. The great thing about this idea is that in this timeline, Jar Jar is with the Jedi, so he can’t be in the battle at all!

The hardest part would be figuring out what to do with the Padme/Queen subplot. Because if you go with these ideas, you wouldn’t have that scene (where she reveals herself to everyone) in the movie at all.

So, these ideas are not completely fleshed out…and some of the shots might be difficult, but I think it could really be worth it.
I’d love to hear some thoughts…

Ith, if you're there, I'd love to hear from you too!

Sounds like a great idea... this is definitely the direction i want to go with tpm. The clips look really good and makes the invasion seem more interesting, and importantly - menacing! this might also allow more time to focus on Anakin.