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crawl generator (link)
The problem with a LOT of tutorials i've seen is that they never really aim for something that looks exactly in the style of the films. What's the point learning a new method if you're going to wind up with something that looks like dogs balls?

I've actually been messing around with a small app i got a while back called LS text. Some of you may be familiar with it. I'm pretty impreseed since it is Very easy to use and with a little playing around can give you great results.

I need a crawl badly

Badly you say? - I might [stress might] be able to help ya out...let me know.

Sluggo's Star Wars Trailer Contest *Next contest begins April 25th*
Nice. Very nice.

Unlike the earlier clip you 'stumbled' upod there Jambe yours makes far better use of the source music. great sync work. Top stuff. And cheers to the exalted sluggo for the comp, I would have made an entry but I know i'd never get finished in time - between you and me tho I'd have probably used the same music.

Can't wait to see the other entries too.

Keep up the good work. All of you.
Requiem for a Clone War dream... (2003 series) (* unfinished project * - lots of info)
well, you're sort of correct. [there's plenty of past tense] I do see what you're saying tho and no harm no foul - Please note that nothing in the crawl is final. I'm not entirely happy with the wording yet, And I will go over the spelling and grammar of it all for the final templates. Everyone is welcome to comment sand suggest - that is why i set up the thread, The absolute bottom line worst i can do is disregard something...

And now...Some updates - btw, Now that I'm home again I should be able to get some stuff together pretty soon, Depending on how busy things are @ work.

First up is an idea I’ve been calling ‘angry eye’ Just like anaikin experiences after slaughtering a gaggle of seperatist leaders. Just another way to show off the angry young Jedi he is. I’m thinking it might help Ani’s descent feel a tad more gradual…


These are not specifically shots that would feature said effect…merely shots that worked well for testing purposes.

Here are a few more shots I’ve either corrected errors or tinkered with for my own amusement.


I'm toying with the idea of a cammo style look for some troopers. I don't know how well it would work tho given that these guys were'nt originally stationed in a forest / jungle environment. still tweaking and testing...

And here are a few shots of the opening ‘Test’ crawl I did. I’m not 100% happy with the crawl text so once I manage to work out something I like I’ll get that done.



As you can see I'm toying with the idea of dvd intro style with characters shown within the logo but I'll probably stick with the token yellow outline / black center.

Now my first choice as far as the opening crawl goes is to use some version of the main title music from the films, But I’m also toying with the idea of either just using sound effects ala the original broadcasts openings or using an alternate tune.

The latter 2 both present problems – How can I deliver 1 minute plus of sound without it being distracting or annoying? And what music best reflects the feel of the show?

I’d lean toward the main title music however I’m really not sure what to follow it up with, I need something that is calm yet conveys what is going on. That being the coming attack on Muunilist by the Republic.



Requiem for a Clone War dream... (2003 series) (* unfinished project * - lots of info)
Since this shot no longer really exists I decided to rebuild it from scrath - Since I'm planning for it to be the opening shot after the 'pan down' from the opening crawl...


I salvaged a good shot of all the ships


Then i cleared away the starfield and began saving each ship to an an individual layer - So that they can be moved independantly of each other


And here is what we have so far, I've worked out the order in which i want them to appear, Now all that is left is creating the movements, which should be quite simple in something like Premiere. And then of course making sure that none of the sips cross paths during the sequence.

Requiem for a Clone War dream... (2003 series) (* unfinished project * - lots of info)
First off I do love the series but I do feel they butchered it a bit for the DVD release - I'm not crazy about 'preservation' but I was a little annoyed to see some favourite scenes altered.

I'm a little ambivalent about the mace fight, I agree it is a little over the top but there are some bits that i love, I might look at trimming out a few bits. It's not definitely in at this point, really it depends on what serves the story.

Re: the music - yeah the series could have used a lot more. i do love what there is tho.
Re: requiem, I was actually making a Pink Floyd reference. But then a little Clint Mansell Music can spice up anything i guess

I was thinking about Ventress last night and was considering whether to make her death definite, I want to but i was thinking of maybe showing her arm on the ground [not severed] and a finger twitches or something. I'll see what's possible before i work it all out tho. If it doesn't tie in well with other eu sources, I'm alright with that.

One thing that might upset people is my plan to give windu a blue saber glow rather than purple, I love the colour but I never really liked the idea of it. How do people feel about that. I'm know i'm not the only one who wants it blue...

I'm not home much at the moment until Tuesday but hopefully I'll have some stuff to show by then, I've been working on a lot of stuff in photoshop but i dn't really have any clips done yet.

thanx for the comments so far, and remember if you find any errors or whatnot in the show -please let me know. I wondered how they let some things slip through at firtst but then it took me quite a while to notice some mistakes so...

Requiem for a Clone War dream... (2003 series) (* unfinished project * - lots of info)

In short: ‘clone wars’ shorts reworked into a theatrical style feature.

I’m sure this has probably been done before but I thought I’d be a fun project while some other things are on hold. The audience I’m aiming at is…myself, So if I’m happy then I’m happy.

I am however on the lookout for suggestions and such – especially in regards to errors for correcting. For example, I only recently noticed that in chapter 2 when the arc troopers are shot down in the city their gunship is painted red however in other shots it has a blue paintjob.

The things I’ll focus on most are:
The intoduction – I’m not planning to follow the star wars film template exactly but it will follow closely. I’m working on an opening crawl and pan down to the rebublic cruisers approaching muunilist – this will involve rebuilding this shot that was butchered for the dvd release.

Pretty much the whole 1st chapter will be cut up and slotted into more relevant moments later on – The scene in palpy’s office a flasback [in sepia no less], Anakin reflecting after Asajj falls to her death.

Ventress – That’s right, I said falls to her death! I really hated how she just kept showing up in EU canon [oxymoron?] I plan to craft a few new shots from existing footage in order to give her a definite end rather than a vague one. [Don’t get me started on Bobba Fett post sarlaac pit]

Lightsabers – for the most part they look great but there are quite a few shots where the blades look, well, fat and / or the glow just looks odd. – I know it generally fits with the animation style but I intend to rework them where I see fit.

Color correcting – there are a few very minor things but there are a hanful of things I’ve noticed like anakin putting a black glove on his new hand – only in the very next shot he is gloveless again.

Tweaking the finale – I’m tweaking the end shot slightly by adding in 2 jedi starfighters flying into the fray [1 yellow, 1 red J] so that it really does end right at the point where ROTS begins. I’ll also redo the credits to cover both volumes and anything additional.

Music – I quite like the clone wars music, however I’m planning to overly more cues from the films [specifically AOTC and ROTS] I’ve done a few tests so far which sound pretty good.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


In the aftermath of the Geonosis conflict the duty fell to the Knights of the Jedi Order to lead and command the newly formed army of the Republic.

The Confederacy of independent Systems have secretly built huge droid factories and massive warships on Muunilist, Homeworld of the intergalactic banking clan.

As the heat of war grows, Two young Jedi knights have been dispatched to quell this seperatist tthreat and restore peace to the galaxy….

Anyone got anything better than this? It’s just a quick idea and i think it could be more polished.

More details and images to follow…

The Matrix Squared (Released)
Notice the ETM scenes with Persephone were pretty much a carbon copy of how we see her in Reloaded - just delivering the same lines to a different person. She doesn't really get much depth at all from what I've seen, If anyone can do something 'interesting' with this character I'll be impressed. We do get a sense of her motivationin Reloaded - She's bored and aiming for a little revenge on Merv. Not that it's entertaining at all tho.

I actually liked the Bane stuff for the most part, I was impressed with how well that guy did 'Smith'. Although I guess that with tighter editing it could be more 'edge of your seat' type action. If you can heighten the shock of his "electric cable to the eyes" attack that'd be great too.

One things that's bugged me ever since i noticed it early on is that after Trinity and co. Rescue Neo from the Trainman and they are riding in the back of a car when you see Trin her face/head is covered with a dark green area - I can only assume they did some form of compositing here. Anyone else noticed this?

If you are looking for something to cut in between 2 main storyline scenes have you considered trying to slot in something else, Like Zion preparing for war or whatever...I guess it all depends on what you want in your edit in the end.

If you are interested in a detailed list of critiques and complaints I'm gonna have to go and watch the lot and get back to you.
The Matrix Squared (Released)
Cheers, that's nice to hear.

I was considering adding something like a sentinel sprawled across the the cover in the background but I'm really liking the plain design. I'm not much a fan of collage style dvd covers. I might do it over in a higher res. Any suggestions for stuff you'd like to see?

Btw - I don't mean to interfere if you guys already have plans laid, I'm just sharing

Spence - are you sorted now or are you still looking for help on stuff like the intro that you mentioned.

The Matrix Squared (Released)
Well if you guys are interested I'll post a copy when it's done...for use. [the cover]

Ultimately I have ideas for a Matrix 2/3 edit on the back burner [Don't we all] But that's fairly far off atm. Just got myself the 10 disc saga set and been in a Matrix mood. Might have to check out some of these Matrix edits soon.

Sometimes its a pain to be anal, isn't it?

Not at all. Go for quality every time.
Ep 3 death star !
So It's simply a proof of concept.

I got the impression that after aotc ws done they realised they still had a lot of story ground to cover, trying to slam in as much as possible. I think they could have conveyed the same sort of scene by simply having them review DS plans on paper or hologram. It was already strange that they alreay had an IMPERIAL fleet mobilised. Esp when they already had all the 'clone war' era vessels.

Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit) (Released)
Well, I think one of the keys to dubbing animation is to over act a little since regardless of the quality of animation you just don't have the subtle nuances of facial expression. Or body language to convey the entirety of what you are saying. - this of course doesn't really count facial motion capture [or films where Tom Hanks plays every single character...]

i guess the best recourse is to try some scenes at various levels and see what fits best. Voice acting is quite an art and there are a lot of profesionals that just don't seem to have it right.

Glad to see you are taking the Criticisms seriously as you are putting so much into this project as a whole yet the previous attempts at dubbing Anakin were somewhat lacking and lets face it - Distracting at best. The new attempt is much improved and if you go on as you are now I think you've got a winning formula.

Kinda like the reverse of George here, You tried something, it was kind of awkward, people were honest with you about it and now you are working to improve it

sidenote - anyone seen the English dubbed version of Night Watch? I was amased at how well it was dubbed. I've seen great films ruined by terrible dubbing and hopefully SOTDS WONT be one of those.

At the end of the Day this really just has to make 1 person happy but for listening you have my support, and i'm sure just about everybody now.