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Last web series/tv show seen

DuracellEnergizer said:

Currently rewatching Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and I'm now into the second season. Seeing Melissa Joan Hart in tight pants episode after episode makes me feel like a hormonal teenaged boy again.

ah, those days.

I've been re-watching the early 90's series The Byrds of paradise [featuring a 20yo Seth Green playing a high school student]. I used to love that show, shame it got cancelled pretty early.

Also been getting into Strip Search - elimination contest featuring comic strip artists. Made by the guys at Penny Arcade.

Decided to finally catch up on season 2 of Mortal Kombat Legacy. I really don't know what happened here but it was pretty dull overall. The first season was good fun but season 2 was kinda boring - and they even brought back Shang Tsung from the first movie [Cary Tagawa]!

It ends on a cliff hanger and i've heard talk of a third season but I don't think i'll bother unless it back to being more like season 1.

Last movie seen

X-Men: Days of future past.

It was fun but pretty uneven. The future timeline stuff was a bit of a novelty but felt kinda flat. Overall I think First Class felt a lot more polished.

There's kind of a weird logic at play in the film that they sort of explain, but in a nonsensical sort of way.

[mild spoiler]

Take Charles for example - In First class he lost the ability to walk after taking a bullet to the spine. In DOFP if he takes the serum that Hank designed to supress mutant genes....he can walk again.

And he is alive again in the future after being torn apart by Jean in X3. It's implied that he posessed the body of a braindead man on life support [x3 post credit scene] - and here he appears looking exactly like his old self...and apparently still paralyzed.

Monuments Men

I wanted to like this film, I really did. The pacing is all over the place. They probably could have stretched the last part into a full movie and really fleshed things out.

It feels like someone was trying to rip-off Band of Brothers ala Transmorphers...

Video Games - a general discussion thread


Took about 15 hours to complete on the very easy setting and it's designed to be played through at least twice.

There are a few extra game modes that you can unlock by exploring and collecting, Don't know much about them yet.

In the first mission you make a decision that creates two branching versions of the campaign - although I assume they are fairly similar.

overall it's good fun, running around shooting stuff without being forced on rails or to only carry two or three guns at a time.

A lot of areas allow you to sneak around and there are high value 'commander' targets that can call in reinforcements if you don't take them down early.

There's quite a lot of story crammed in, there's a lot of cut-scenes and the protagonist is far from silent - he even talks to himself.

Just so you know - Mecha Hitler does not make an appearance.

four balls. ;)


This game is insane - blocky retro visuals, chiptune music, game mechanics that will make your brain melt.

I think I've got the hang of it now. It's a side scrolling shooter with a handful of characters with different abilities. The interesting part is that at any point you can rewind time and drop in as a new character and from that point fight along side your previous character.

If your previous character was killed but then you manage to prevent this then they become like a visual glitch and if you touch them you take on their traits as well as your own.

Last web series/tv show seen

Bingowings said:

Nice to see In The Flesh back on.

If the first series was playing with AIDS, Strike-breaker and Sectarianism metaphors (predominantly 80's subjects) this series seems to be more up to date with UKIP and ATOS clearly the targets.

I like how they deal with the more expensive actors left over from last year :-D

 It was a nice surprise. I never expected them to do more. I think this season will be longer, too.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

DrCrowTStarwars said:

The Kinet was never going to work in the real world for the vast majority of games and it takes up space that I don't have in my living room so I for one am glad to see the back of it.  Also I don't see why people should have to have highspeed internet in order to play games on their console that they paid for. You see I like ten percent of the country live in an area where there are no highspeed lines and that whole satilite based internet thing costs too much money and doesn't work for gaming(I know because I tried it)so I am glad to see Microsoft getting rid of that too. 

 The Xbox one is in an odd place right now, sort of a worst of both worlds. Sure, the online requirements were terrible and M did well to ditch them but it's still a system that is HEAVILY reliant on bandwidth.

The system itself cannot do anything until you download and install the operating system and many games require a 'day one' patch that can be up around 6 to 7 Gigabytes.

If you live in an  area with poor internet speeds or reliability then your time with the system will probably be frustrating.

The company was WAY off on what they thought people wanted and now we have this weird hybrid. System updates have been coming in rapidly to implement things that should have been there from the start.

It's a good thing that Don Matrick left when he did or Ballmer may have had him skinned alive.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe

DrCrowTStarwars said:

Johnny Ringo said:

The show is just fantastic, that is really what I think

oh by the way, which one's Fitz?

 The Scottish guy with a model TARDIS in his room.

 not sure if not sure if serious

I actually liked the early stuff but it got really bland really quickly. I'm glad that the show has been getting a lot more interesting in recent weeks..

RE: Agent Carter, I have high hopes. Definitely interested in that but I'm hoping that a different team is put in charge of it, I really don't want the same show [as SHIELD] in sepia tones.

Bingo - If your attention starts to drift then Jump ahead and see if your opinion changes, If you still aren't feeling it then bail, i guess.

I'm not too concerned with continuity and spoilers so I just check in every now and then. I've watched too many episodes that did absolutely nothing for me by now.

The Standalone Star Wars Films
Maybe a young Han Solo movie, as they can use the recreated Falcon set pieces for that.

How young are you thinking? - because the ship did belong to Lando at some point.

I'd be interested if they [Han / Lando / et al] were portrayed as drug runners and gamblers rather than heroes / 'good' guys..

A movie about the forming of the rebel alliance seems unlikely given the new TV series coming out.

What are the chances that some of the movies will be animated?

Are Ford, Fisher and Hamill confirmed for multiple films or only Episode 7?

What are the chances of a BTTF2 style plot that weaves through an established film from a different angle? - Apparently the new Terminator film is going this route.

I understand that people love boba fett but I don't really think there's much you could do [now] with the character that would be meaningful.

We already know about his birth, his upbringing and his death.

Somebody mentioned a clone wars film using the PT cast, something like that could be fun if based on a decent script. Although we HAVE just had 6 years worth of Clone Wars story lines.

maybe something set in the old republic era?

Last web series/tv show seen

Definitely got a bit of a Smallville vibe watching the Gotham trailer. I don't expect much but I'll probably check it out. I do like me some Donal Logue.

Is anybody watching Silicon Valley? - It's a new show from Mike Judge about a bunch of programmers trying to get rich. Apparently it's loosely based on some of his own experiences.

I read that it's already been greenlit for a second season which is good news...but I also just read that one of the actors just died of lung cancer so I'm not sure what will happen there. Kinda sad.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

Ryan McAvoy said:

I bought 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' yesterday because the shop had it for just £5 brand new (About $8). I thought, I know it's supposed be bad but how bad can an Aliens game be for that price?

Turns out, pretty damn bad.

The graphics are inferior to not just the last 2010 AvP game but in some respects, they don't even hold up next to the classic Avp from 15 years ago! When you lob a grenade it is animated with less explosive impact that a party popper. The lighting is so bad and lacking in atmosphere that it doesn't even matter wether you use your lamp or flares (Something normally integral to Marine gameplay). The character models resemble waxworks with lips that barely move or synch with the dialogue.

But the worst aspect is the Aliens themselves. First off there is no build up whatsover. You are facing off against one within 3 minutes. And the very first Alien got itself stuck in the floor and just sat facing the wall while I shot it in the back. I then walked over it's body just to see what the efect was. Nothing! You don't get burned by the acid! This is an Alien game?!?

The second group of Aliens I came across was also glitched to hell. When the first one attacked I went into an automatic push-back mode and then the next attack automatically launched that same mode. and again and again until I was dead. The game woudn't let me draw my pulse rifle and defend myself properly. This is after a year of large updates and bug fixes? God knows what kind of mess people must have been facing on day one.

At points, I actually found myself pulling out my motion tracker just to hear that heartbeat sound, to manually add some atmosphere myself! I honestly can't remember a worst made game released at this level or from a pedigree gaming franchise like this.

In short, if somebody offers you this game free... I'd still advise you to think twice. It's not worth the time it takes to install even for a few pounds.

(btw Any word on the lawsuit against the developers for false advertising)

There was talk a while back about potential lawsuits after it was revealed that the developer [Gearbox?] were given money by sega for A:CM and spent it on developing borderlands 2 instead.

from what I've heard of the development cycle the project should have been canned long before release.

After playing through in co-op mode I've been warning a lot of people to stay well away from it.

I've got high hopes for the new game - Alien Isolation but I'm preparing myself for the fact that it could also suck.