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All Things Star Trek

Okay firstly, the Empire should not be judged on the might of their ordnance but on their sheer ineptitude.

Remember that time they lost an entire space station because they left an exhaust port unguarded?

Or that other time they lost an even more powerful battle station because they flew it into battle with massive holes in its superstructure AFTER informing their enemies of its weaknesses?

All in all, I don't mind this sort of speculation for fun but let's remember who we're dealing with here ;)

Took a look at that website and then kinda wished I hadn't – I feel kinda embarrassed for whoever put in all that effort and then summed it up with “because I say so!”.

"Even with its numerical advantage removed, the Empire would still squash the Federation like a bug. Accept it."

Now if you want to compare fleets let's talk Battlestar Galactica – that flagship alone has survived bombardment from nuclear warheads. A fleet of Battlestars? Game over, man.
I can't speak to the strengths and weaknesses of Babylon 5.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

doubleofive said:

So this is what my living room looks like now:


Mrs. O'Five was tired of taking turns, so she bought an Xbox One of her own.

 I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem.

FYI - My xbone gets upset if I put anything over the grill on the topside.

Re: Alien Isolation - it seems like more of a F*ck You to people who don't pre-order rather than a sweet bonus for those that do.

As interesting as the game looks, We know that Amanda Ripley died as an old lady. That kind of seems at odds with her dropping into these insanely dangerous situations..

Last movie seen

doubleofive said:

My wife and I watched...Battle for The Planet of the Apes...Fun weekend.


Mary Poppins.

Felt like watching it after seeing 'Saving Mr. Banks'. I'd forgotten how good this movie is.

All the balls.

Indie Game: The Movie.

A documentary following the development of 3 indie games - Braid, Fez and Super Meat Boy.

pretty entertaining if a little slow.

Last movie seen

A million ways to die in the west.

some pretty funny moments and some pretty dull moments. Most of the best bits are in the trailer.

Sigourney wants to make another movie. I wonder if they would pretend Alien 3 and Resurrection never happened?

She's been saying that for years. I don't think it will happen. is there anywhere left for the story to go at this point?

Maybe cast her and Ahnold [sic] in AVP 3?

Video Games - a general discussion thread

Honestly, I wouldn't have any interest in a '1:1 improvement' and I don't think many other people would either.

Firstly - I can still play Halo 2 on my xbox 360.

Secondly - the visuals were pretty lacking in Halo 2 the first time around. If I can play it in the 'classic' mode without popping textures and jagged edges I will be a happy man.

I'm not entirely sure but it seems like the comparison shots that are circulating are both from the xbox one version. That isn't really a true indication of the difference.

They aren't 'changing' the ending - but they are adding things - there will be a new epilogue [and prologue, i think] as well as terminals.

It's no secret that Halo 2 had development problems and a lot of stuff got cut out. The game was a lot of fun to play through but just didn't feel satisfying afterwards. I look forward to a more fleshed out story, even if it's not what Bungie originally had in mind.

And yeah, the abilty to jump directly from Halo 2 to Halo 3 without waiting 3 years is a nice touch ;)

Video Games - a general discussion thread

Nostalgic? Probably. I have great memories of halo2 and it seems they've fixed the few things I had issue with - poor textures, cliff hanger ending, etc.

Uninformed? - I certainly hope so. At this point the more I read about Destiny, the less interested I become.

No offline mode means the game will pretty much be pay to play. And tough luck to people with poor internet speeds.

Customization is fun but I'd prefer to play as the hero of the story rather than some random.

The 'forced' social aspect of the game doesn't really interest me either. Bungie claim that you 'can' go it alone but certain missions towards the end will require co-op play.

Overall it just looks kinda of bland. I hope I'm wrong and I'll probably still get it at some point but it's not a must have in my eyes.

Bungie has a great reputation at this point but a lot of the guys who put in the hard work over the years have left or been fired. I'm skeptical that they can repeat the successes of the past.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

You've held out this long. At least most of the quirks have been sorted now and the few that remain should be sorted asap.

This might interest you. - https://xbox.uservoice.com/

It's the official feedback / suggestion website.

I did enjoy the novelty of jumping on board early but the interface was awkward at first with some basic features lacking..

We'll have to catch up once you guys are up and running. You'll probably have a whole load of system updates to grab before you can jump in and have fun.

Really looking forward to the Halo pack too.

Is is sad that I'm much more interested in playing a game Bungie put out 10 years ago [Halo 2] than the game they are about to release [destiny]?

The Standalone Star Wars Films

I wouldn't say that a visor covering Dredd's face is quite the same as a guy wearing a bucket.

When Dredd is angry you can see it on his face.

But that's what Kasdan's wants to do. His idea is that at the start of the film someone who Boba Fett is hunting kills him and takes his armour. You never see his face, there by doing away with the whole prequels thing and any knowledge of the character.

It would be a great way to start the film.

To me that sounds terrible. I am very skeptical that they can do something new and interesting [in film] with the character.

And what of the fact that Boba Fett in ESB [now] sounds exactly like Jango Fett in AOTC?

Video Games - a general discussion thread

If it's a case of the latter then it's a wise decision.

House of the dead on Wii looked like shit - but it was done in a way that actually enhanced the fun.

I haven't really been paying attention to the style though. I've never really been a fan of Zelda..

*ducks for cover*

Just finished Wolfenstein on Uber difficulty. This might be the first game ever that I unlock every single achievement, pretty close now.

Last movie seen

Broken Allegiance was a nice surprise when I first saw it. They planned to do a sequel / prequel at some point but it never really happened. I remember seeing some test footage / fight choreography and being impressed.

Plus it was made near where I live. :)

Now I feel like watching it again.

I watched a lot of those films back in the day and a few were pretty decent. I remember also being impressed by one called Duality - it's pretty fight heavy / green screen heavy with barely a shred of plot but it was fun.

I remember enjoying thumb wars but it was probably mostly the absurd nature of it rather than the actual humour.

I remember being impressed with trailers for a fan film called Tyderium some years back but it appears to be trapped in development hell or abandoned altogether.

There are probably some other good ones out there but I've been out of the loop for a while, might do some digiging..

Saw World War Z yesterday. I remember enjoying it while watching it but feeling disappointed at the end. Apparently the Book is pretty different, might take a look at that.

2 Balls.

DOOM: knee deep in the edit. (* unfinished project *)

Not by a long shot.

I just don't have a lot of free time to spend on it and I am working on some ideas that take a lot of planning.

I'm working on a secondary story that would seem unrelated at first but eventually be revealed as a direct prequel. This will hopefully be done in a comic book style combined with classic doom music and sound effects.

This allows me to come up with alternate explanations for things [like how C24 works] as well as adding a lot of references to the early games.

I intend to skew the story back towards 'invasion from hell' rather than 'science project gone bad'.

Your favo[u]rite actors & actresses

Ryan McAvoy said:

Tyrphanax said:

Sean Bean. Man's a genius.

 Good call ^. I've opted to watch a few movies of questionable quality over the years, just because Sean was in them.

 At least until his character inevitably dies.

Picking favourites is hard.

Robert Downey Jr

Nathan Fillion

Benedict cumberbatch

Edward James Olmos

Nolan North

Tony Todd [dat voice!]

80's era Kurt Russell

I could go on forever

The Marvel Cinematic Universe

1. Get good writers.

2. Get good directors.

3. Get good actors.

It's not simply a matter of getting good people. They've gotten good people in the past and turned them away.

And there are other things to consider -

At this point the story of Iron Man is pretty much told. Where do you go from there? - Can the Avengers series carry on without Tony Stark or will they keep jamming him awkwardly into other films ala Nick Fury?

if they keep branching out with new characters then things will probably be fine but I'm not sure how things will pan out if they keep forcing an Avengers 'reunion' every few years.

4. Don't sh*t on the fanbase and if possible get them on your side by staying true to the source.

I guess we saw an example of this with the Mandarin. Although I am fairly certain that a lot of the people complaining had never heard of the character before.

I actually liked what they did there with Trevor Slattery.