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What we like about the Prequels

JediZombie said:

The Jedi had grown weak, blinded by their dogma. Otherwise, Palps never would've been able to pull off what he did.

darklordoftech said:

All they had to do is have Palpatine say "I masked my presence" or "I didn't use The Force when the Jedi were present" to Anakin.

Darth Vader was just doing boring busy work and Luke Skywalker was able to detect that he was nearby - and he didn't even finish Jedi school..

Video Games - a general discussion thread

Looks like there's a good amount of news coming out of Gamescon for xbox this year. We haven't really seen much of interest from E3 et al but now we can get a good idea of the games and features coming out in the next few months.

With all the features coming out it looks like the Xbone will finally be the system that it should have been on day one. Further proof that they launched the system way too early. 


better interface, better social features, interesting looking games, media streaming...

new halo waypoint type app looks interesting -


Played some Artemis starship bridge simulator last weekend with a big group of people. Good fun. It all went down hill once we discovered we could name our own ships. I lost count of the dick jokes pretty quickly at that point..

Been playing a bit of Broforce lately. Good fun. I don't think it's complete yet. Somebody gifted me a copy on steam.

Anyone else thinking of getting Destiny? - I think Doubleofive is getting about 12 copies. I'm considering getting it. The controls are good and the story could be fun. Not really a fan of the MMO type elements.

Real life friends here?

I tend to keep my RL friends away from places like this. Why? because I know that they would not like it here.I just keep them informed on certain things like star Wars: Revisited.

This place has a general tone that is unwelcoming to new users. At least that is how it was when I was a new user. - This is not an attack on any particular users It's just the atmosphere here.

It took a while to feel like i wasn't an outsider here.

I would if I had any real life friends : (

Not even pretend friends like the newsagent?

As a courier in a small town I am pretend friends with a lot of people, even the cops. Spending time alone can be great but in order to stay sane you need some pretend friends at least.

As for the other way around - I connect with a few of you via other means like facebook, xbox live, steam, stalking doublofive on twitter [he's not as punny as he thinks he is]

I know there are some users near me geographically but we've never met up. I've become friends with user RoccondilRinon in the flesh and we've even become friends with each other's friends IRL.

Downloading a Steaming MP3?


This should be all that you need. I've tried a lot of addons for this sort of thing and this is the only one that I've had great results with.

Had a bit of a listen - This guy is really good. Really easy to listen to.

Just tried to download the foreword with the addon above and it worked perfectly.

here's a quick guide I found if you need further instruction.


Underrated Sequels/Prequels

TV's Frink said:

Ghostbusters 2 is the worst.  The OP has vastly overrated it.


I consider those films listed to range from average to terrible. I do enjoy some of them but I don't think that alone makes them underrated at all.

Movies like Predator 2 and Die Hard 2 definitely didn't go under the radar, but now I kinda wish they had.

I would suggest Primer and Brick. Interesting films, Both with great reviews that people just don't seem to be aware of.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

first off - I just replied to your PM

secondly, I recall Bungie stating one beta code per xbox.

since your household has 2 xboxes you should be okay. Otherwise it's probably just a case of everyone trying to get on at the same time?

I'm still downloadong it myself. shouldn't take too much longer I hope, seems to be going fine so far and i've paused and resumed a few times.

we'll have to try catch up during the weekend if things go smoothly.

one thing is for certain - Bungie could have made things more clear from the begining.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

Actually It's already begun apparently. According to Bungie they finished up all the maintenance stuff they had planned for yesterday / today so they've kicked it off early.

At first I was quite interested but now i'm a bit wary of what to expect.

I know one person who has Beta access so I might go around to his place after work and take a look.

Early tweets mention that you might have tears if you try to launch the beta before it's downloaded 100% so keep that in mind if any of you are planning to check it out.

I guess 5 days access is better than 4 when people have real life to deal with but with the game launching in a matter of weeks it feels more like a demo of sorts.

Your favo[u]rite actors & actresses


It's a joke that's funny because we can all relate to assholes like that but it certainly doesn't showcase his range. I'm sure anyone could have pulled off Lumbergh just as well. It's all in the writing.

That doesn't mean I don't like the guy he's done a lot of great stuff. Can we agree to pretend he never had anything to do with the Brady Bunch?

Aside from being that guy who shows up in stuff I'd be inclined to associate him with American Gothic or Harvey Birdman....or Crusade.

Idea & Suggestions Wanted: for a... Mysterious Cities Of Gold - The Movie

I would kill to see something like that.

You might not need to include absolutely everything. Look at the most important stuff and work backwards from there. Here's a good example of trimming -


Without all the bullshit, you can watch a full episode of Family Feud in exactly 3 minutes.

Last movie seen

Video Games: The Movie

Pretty Disappointing. There are a lot of interesting topics that they barely even touch on or ignore completely. The whole thing feels like a real missed opportunity. You wont really learn anything, it's all common knowledge stuff.

They talk to people like Randy Pitchford from gearbox - a company that has had massive succeses and massive failures in recent years. You'd expect somebody like that to have some interesting things to say but they don't cover any of it.

1 Ball - because it could have been so much more.

The Zero Theorem

I have two words for you - Terry Gilliam. That should give you an idea of what to expect..

There were some entertaining moments but overall it just feels too much like a rip-off of Brazil.

1 ball.

Bad Words

It seems that Jason Bateman is becoming a lot like Nicholas Cage. If you see his name attacted to something there is a chance that it will be really good but it's quite likely that it will be terrible.

The movie tries to hard to be funny but it doesn't feel like it goes anywhere. You will see the plot twist coming from a mile away.

and the orange and green colour grading will give you a migraine.

1 ball

Video Games - a general discussion thread

Just got Spec Ops: The Line as well. Haven't played it yet. I look forward to checking it out.

I mentioned to xhonzi that I was interested in getting The Bureau: Xcom Declassified and he pointed me towards Humble Bundle where you can get it for as little as a dollar.

I opted to spend a few dollars more to also get Spec Ops as well as the first 2 Bioshocks and a few other things.

all Hail xhonzi - his Bioshock ramblings paid off for once ;)