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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

Forgive me if this has already been addressed. Sadly I don't have time to read all 459 pages and a search was not fruitful. Ive tried twice to download V2.5 from a torrent and both times its stuck at 77%. Any idea why this might have happened? Any help would be appreciated.

Also wanted to add that I've just bought a 180p projector and I want this to be the first and last version of Star Wars I watch on it, apart from Ady's marvellous version of course. Thanks for your continued, brilliant work guys!

//Star Wars Begins\\: HD Version Now on Vimeo

TV's Frink said:

Ten thumbs up out of ten.

Side note: I don't remember contributing anything to this project, but thanks for putting me in the credits anyway!

Thanks dude. It was all in the mix as they say. Thanks for the support.

The 720p version are just upconversions. A little experiment really. The 7 hour combined versions were uploaded to youtube without my consent. They seem to have been taken down now.

Ghostbusters Filmumentary Feasibility Study

Hi folks. As you may know, I've just finished my Jaws filmumentary project and as always I am looking for something to get my teeth into.

Yesterday I started reviewing the resources available to do a Ghostbusters filmumentary having just read Don Shay's amazing The Making of Ghostbusters book again.

As far as I can tell there is quite a lot of material out there, though I would of course probably have to do some of my own interviews.

This is the list I have so far:

Ghostbusters DVD release
Ghostbusters BR release
Scene Cemetary
1984 Featurette
SFX Featurette
Music Videos (Need)
USA TV Broadcast (Need)
Teaser Trailer (Need)
SFX Museum with Richard Edlund
CD Soundtrack (to buy)
A few vids off youtube (already borrowed).

Is there anything else you guys know of?


Inside Jaws - A Filmumentary - Out now!

Hello all!

Long time no see! Glad to see the community is still thriving.

After completing Raiding the Lost Ark in 2012, I immediately embarked on a new project, tentatively called Jaws Bites Back. After 16 months of trawling, reading, spooling, skyping, chatting, interviewing, editing and refining, I am pleased to release Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary (2013). As with my other filmumentaries this is a completely unofficial and non profit making project made with a genuine affection for the film. Please share the link with your friends.

I would like to extend my thanks to all of the lovely, kind people that helped me on this voyage. In particular Jim Beller (of , a Jaws expert, no, THE Jaws expert was always on call to answer my questions and give suggestions. The Jaws community as a whole really have helped motivate me to keep this project swimming forward and to make a good job of it. You’re a great bunch of people!
For this project I unearthed some unheard interviews with cast members and I conducted some interviews myself. So even you big Jaws fans should find plenty of new things to enjoy!

You can find the final video here -

16mm SPFX The Empire Strikes Back - Restoration?

I still have a 16mm copy of SPFX sitting in my cupboard. Given that the version on the blu ray hasn't been cleaned up, I wondered if anyone would consider this as a litte (big) project?

The film itself is in reasonable quality. I've never screened it but it looks ok to the naked eye. There is some discolouration, the film looks fairly purple.

Let me know what you think.

The making of The Empire Strikes Back (Michel Parbot)

Hi all!

Last week I posted some clips that Darth Neo (of StarwarsArchives) had given me a while ago for my updated Miami Film Festival version of Building Empire (which you can see on

He contacted me and was up happy that I had done so. But after a bit of chat, we sorted it out and got full credit for him on an article on He has since said that he will upload the first 15 minutes of the documentary in better quality if he gets some good support on his Facebook group. I think he just wants to share it with as many people as possible. So make sure you "like" the group next time you're there.

I hope everyone is doing well. Despite not visiting here much recently, I still have a huge affection for this site and what all you guys and girls are doing! Keep up the great work!

P.S - I am continuing to work on Inside Jaws and should be done in a matter of months.

Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary

Jonno, it looks like I may have managed to procure a copy of the BBC dodo from a very good source. I should know within two weeks.

DarthCarr, The Shark is Still Working was never properly released (probably never will) so I don't know how easy it would be to get hold of it. I kind of don't want to step on their toes.

Maclanachu, The collector is Jim Bellar but Harry from AICN will know about my project already. AICNBrit just posted about it.

Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary

Call me mad, call me crazy, bonkers, whatever...

...I am embarking on my biggest project yet. "Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary".

Yes, I know Jaws has been very well documented but I am very keen to make a good product using the best and most rare resources I can. I've already been in touch with one of the worlds biggest Jaws collectors and have some awesome material heading its way to me. As with "Raiding the Lost Ark", I won't be releasing this unless I feel it is a worthwhile product.

The Jaws blu ray is apparently out in Aug 2012, so I have lots of work to do. So I am cracking on with this!

I am currently looking for a good copy of the BBC's In the Teeth of Jaws. I have found several fuzzy, low quality versions but I am sure there must be somebody out there with a good copy. Any help would be appreciated.

Current Resources:

Jaws 30th Anniversary DVD
The Making of Jaws (Long Version)
DVD Deleted Scenes and Outtakes
AFI Masterclass Williams and Spielberg
Jaws a Place in History
Animal Planet - Jaws
E True Hollywood Story - Jaws
In the Teeth of Jaws
Jaws The Inside Story
Jaws From Book to Screen
Edith Blake Interview
Lee Fierro Interview
New England Our Way
Spielberg on Spielberg
Spielberg Culture Show Interview
Spielberg In the Actors Studio

Many Thanks

NEW PROJECT: Raiding The Lost Ark - Released Date- 6th Feb 2012

none said:

In the wikipedia entry on Bruce Vilanch:

there's an uncited note that he may have done script enhancement on Raiders. (and Die Hard...)  Sounds completely crazy that one of the main writers of the Holiday Special would have been asked.  ...but sometimes reality makes me a fool.

This can't be correct.  anyone know?

Goodness knows!