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Star Wars in Numbers

Hi all, it’s been a while…I am on the beg…

I’ve managed to find some time to edit a short video called SW in Numbers today.

I am wondering if anyone has the isolated sounds of:

1 - The Star Destroyer and Tantive engines and lasers from the start of Star Wars
2 - Isolated dialogue of Wedge saying "Look at the size of that thing!"
3 - Any isolated ship or dialogue actually (besides the .com soundboards)

Thanks in advance.

Topic shorts

Thanks dvdmike.

I am currently trying to compile all of the ROTJ Jabba footage I can for my next short project coming in February 2015.

I did this back in 2008 for Returning to Jedi of course but I have long since lost all the media files for that project. Another HDD failed! Same old story.

So, I wonder if you guys and girls can help. This is the list of sources I have so far:

- Harmy's Despecialized ROTJ
- Empire of Dreams
- MTV When Star Wars Ruled the World
- JW Rinzler ebook edition of the Making of ROTJ
- From Star Wars to Jedi, the making of a saga
- ROTJ Classic Creatures
- SW Blu ray

Is there anything else that leaps to mind?

Also I am desperately trying to track down any other behind the scenes photos of Jabba. Apart from the few seconds in Making of a Saga and a tiny thumbnail in the Rinzler book has anyone ever scene more of the Action Man puppeteer model of Jabba for instance? Also need to find some photos of Jabba's internal workings. I've got the footage from the docos about, but if you know of anything else, please shout!

Thanks in advance.

Topic shorts

Hi all,

Its been a while...

But I thought you might like to know I am now producing some short interviews augmented with behind the scenes footage and stills. I've already spoken to Kevin Pike about BTTF. You can find them on vimeo.

Here's my latest on ROTJ's location effects.

I hope you like them.

Next up is Jabba puppeteer Toby Philpott.

//Star Wars Begins\\: HD Version Now on Vimeo

Today I was at a loose end so I've begun to update Star Wars Begins. But only in terms of updating the subtitled facts and idents to HD. I won't be putting in any 'new' material for now. I'll eventually replace the old version with this HD version on Vimeo. Maybe one day I'll update the video quality with Harmy's Despecialized Edition and add additional scenes that have come to light with the BR and the ebooks. But that will be on the back burner for now.