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Idea: a Star Trek 2009 Extended Cut?

Octorox said:

FanFiltration said:

Rura Penthe was established as an ice planet in Star Trek VI. A planet where without proper clothing, no humanoid lifeforms could survive for very long on the surface.



Could you guys add in a few snow flakes and a bit of ice? Or could you make it look like this is underground or under some type of dome?

Isn't Delta Vega supposed to be a desertish Planet too? I believe they established that in TOS.

Reminds me of the Robot Chicken Star Wars bit where the serpent creature dismissed the notion of a planet defined by a single geographic feature. :)  No, what we saw of Delta Vega, in the TOS 2nd pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" didn't establish much, other than they beamed down to a temperate region. It was an apparently strip-mined area near the lithium cracking station. Thick storm  clouds were in the distance. In the remastered edition, the clouds were subtly moving behind the station's structures, with rain streaks falling from them. (The streaks might be in the original background as well - blu ray needs to be installed here, to check).

In any case, this would have to be a different "Delta Vega", as the TOS one was extremely close to the rim of the galaxy. (Annoys me that they lifted the name, it worked against the movie's careful attention to trivia. The intention was probably to call back to the episode's sense of you-don't-want-to-be-stranded-here). IIRC, there was a single bush seen in that artificially-barren region.

To get pendantic, as is my wont, an "ice planet" would have to have considerable vegetation, somewhere, in order to have a breathable atmosphere. In TNG, using microbes to achieve an atmosphere, in any reasonable time frame, seemed to be somewhat cutting edge. And in TOS "The Cloud Minders", the botanical plague threatened to wipe out the source of a planet's oxygen. Heck this one even had monsters - animal life.


So, anyway, I generally liked the movie. My full opinion will hinge on the next movie(s). And I'd also much rather have a series - movies have to be "big, big big", gets in the way of substance, and the actors age too dang much between movies.


Looking forward to this edit.


Wish I could pitch in. So little time for fandom stuff, anymore. My attempts to get more educated with compositing, CGI, et. al, leave me spinning my wheels, trying to get over the starting line. :-\ (Any starting line). Never enough time to really dig in.

Idea & Info: 'Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown' and 'Race For Your Life Charlie Brown' - airing on HD channels throughout June and July... how bout a DVD preservation?

CompMovieGuy said:

HDNet and HDNet movies (or whatever its called) is 5C encrypted at all times via the broadcasting network and not the cable distributor

Been wondering if they're premium channels flagged to prohibit it. Thanks for settling that question for me.

Would you be able record it to a personal DVR, from the S-Video output? Full SD would be better than what's been released so far.

(A lot of newer personal DVRs honor 5C, and other flags, but I thought I'd ask).

Idea & Info: 'Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown' and 'Race For Your Life Charlie Brown' - airing on HD channels throughout June and July... how bout a DVD preservation?

I haven't found anybody with HD Net. :-C


Yeah, Paramount isn't very good about releasing stuff. I suspect we only got some famous TV series, after CBS-TV came into the picture. (I haven't checked the release dates). CBS is no help for theatrical.


On the other hand, someone went to the expense of transferring it to HD. That often foreshadows a release. It also means they might defray some of the expense by farming it out to other networks. (I imagine Nick and Cartoon Network are too lame, but maybe TMC, AMC, Encore...). (Isn't Disney Channel stuck on their own catalog? I never pay any attention to them).


SilverWook said:

Race For Your Life has an interesting footnote in home video history.

CED is a lot better than videotape. The quality is closer to laserdisc, and a good (composite-output) player will give you a clean picture. (Once the needle dislodges any dust deposits). I've got a nice player, but I don't recall seeing that cover before I boxed up the collection that came with the player.

Was it on laserdisc? (Currently, I only have an non-decent LD player).

eBay only shows VHS, at the moment.


Idea & Info: 'Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown' and 'Race For Your Life Charlie Brown' - airing on HD channels throughout June and July... how bout a DVD preservation?

xhonzi said:

Hmmm.. do we need to ask someone in particular.  Who here does this kind of thing?


I'm that guy. That one solitary guy on both forums. (Sigh)

But only on Comcast. They let me cap by firewire. (See bottom link in my sig).



Jesus H. Rodrigues!!! Can they make it any tougher to capture???


Comcast doesn't carry HDNet channels. (The best they'll do is On Demand for the original programming only. In 5 cities - which I don't live in).


AT&T U-Verse has HD-Net. But not the firewire capture. AT&T would need an an HD capture card or HD Personal DVR. I have neither. And I don't think I can afford to get both U-Verse TV and Comcast TV.


Verizon carries HD Net. I'd love to have FIOS bandwidth - and the last I heard, Verizon lets you do the firewire thing on most/all channels. But it's not likely to spread out beyond a tiny patch of the county above us.


Many Sattelite providers carry HD Net. But none have the firewire thing.


All cable providers have firewire. But half of them have DVRs with broken firewire. Of the good half, it's random chance if they have HD Net. A lot of cable are very stingy with HD channels.


If the world worked the way it should, a Verizon customer, or a Non-Comcast cable customer, would post HD firewire caps to Usenet. But tons of stuff that should be up there, never shows up.

Depressing Update: Bon Voyage has been on since May, and the only HD on Usenet is a Christmas special "Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales", which is on DVD. A few things in SD, but not "Race" or "Bon Voyage".


Don't get your hopes up... but I'll ask around and see if I can dig up somebody on U-Verse. See if I can hang an SD Personal DVR off their SD output. That'd be pitiful, but better than nothing. (It'd be nice if they'd get it on their AT&T DVR, but I don't know anyone who's DVR isn't chronic-ly full.


Oh! Hey marioxb! How's it goin?

Ideas and Suggestions for :Star Trek The Motion Picture (True Fan Edit)

Heh, oops. Alien Appendix 7 - some of my internal narrative leaked out.

There, now it reads better.



Speaking of disconnected bits from out of nowhere... I know you're looking at cutting the celibacy oath, et. al. Please cut it. The pitiful remnants of the Deltan backstory are only a morbid reminder of a series that I would've vastly preferred to the movies. And they serve to confuse the majority of Trek watchers. Often, on newsgroups and forums, I've seen involved fans who saw those remnants as odd story flaws. (Because they hadn't got the books off of eBay, or cared what was on the commentary track).


I may have tried to deal with ditching the backstory in my editing. I know I wanted to...


Meandering Question:

But I'm curious - did earlier script versions have any exposition or scenes about the Deltan pheromone backstory? Any mention of filmed scenes Weiss decided to drop? Was it a Phase II concept that would've been explained over the course of the series? I'm baffled why there was any reference left in at all. We know that it plays into Decker's joy at getting the dangerous Probe-Ilia assignment, but... most people don't.


Meandering Suggestion:

On the related subject of Sulu going slapstick apeshit over Ilia, and Decker ignoring that all-too-familiar behavior. I'd like to see a little of his "Yowsa!" reaction, from the deleted scenes disc, without any of the over-the-top parts, of course.


Sulu doesn't get to do much in TMP. "He... doesn't know." is his only good line.

And, by golly, It's always been fun to watch Sulu express his distinct appreciation for the ladies. He lost all his TOS girlfriend scenes to Chekov, while Takei was stuck on that John Wayne movie. All Sulu had left were the Mirror-Sulu scenes with Our-Uhura, a cabaret girl in Shore Leave, a few moments where he got to be attracted to some of the ladies in the series, and two(?) in the movies (the Ilia scene, and the bit at the end of ST5 where he and Checkov were following the Klingon gal).


Yeah, I know what you're all unanimously thinking. But Takei's life isn't the Sulu character's. Sulu is straight. Hell, there isn't even any indication Sulu might possibly be bi. (Except maybe what might be read into the helicoptor pilot scene in ST4, or Sulu in a bathrobe on a hike with Chekov in ST5, or the big, graceful movements - with the jacket-as-a-cape bit in the ST3 prison break, or... :-). (Yes, I hate Roman numerals).


Edit: Was going to add another opinion, but that's enough for one post.

Ideas and Suggestions for :Star Trek The Motion Picture (True Fan Edit)

Stumbled on that V'ger Incident edit last night. Before I came here blahblah AA7 and tripped over this one. Watched the first few minutes, but I couldn't be objective. I kept thinking about what I had in mind, and what my reasons were. He had some good ideas going, though.


I've got a lot of notes, but they are scattered across different docs, on different computers. Usually mixed with other project's notes. Also, my first efforts in Womble were TMP and TWoK. I did a lot of trimming. And I surprised with the results. But I was a newbie, and found two completely different ways to force Womble to shift every damn edit point. So I'll see what I can collate from notes. I may even take a whack at reconstructing those projects.


Time permitting, of course.


I sure could use a few Mr. Atoz's of myself. Take care of all the fiddly little crap that eats up my time. Get down to some really serious time with my fan stuff!

All day long, it's [begins muttering unintelligibly].

Alien Appendix #7: The ALIEN SAGA Archive (Released)

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! Late again!



Now posting to Usenet (newsgroups).


Alt.binaries.dvd, and alt.binaries.midnightmovies.

Nzb is in the nzb group, where it belongs.


The posting computer died. It came back to life after a few tries. It does that.

The posting will be interrupted... Starting tommorow, I'll have to shut it off during the heat of day. It might not chose to come back to life. No big, I have a backup antique.


Hmmm, .DS_STORE files.  Mac OSX's answer to desktop.ini and thumbs.db.

I deleted them, in case someone's burning software gets mad.

RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

It's finally going up on the newsgroups (Usenet) - alt.binaries.dvd and alt.binaries.multimedia.startrek (the nzb is crossposted to a.b.nzb).


Sorry for the delay. Planned obscelesence keeps rearing its ugly head. Makes life complicated...


If the upload gets interrupted, don't worry, it'll be back up within a few hours. (I'm bracing for a couple of failures that could chose to happen during the posting).

RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

Or a person could let the new torrent replace the ifo's.

Then they could join the seeding, or finish their download.


Copy the files from:





Load the new torrent file, point it at the drive, or folder, where "\Star-Trek" is, and let it verify existing files.


(In Bit-Tornado it's "verify existing files". Other software might say something else, or need you to use a slightly different method. That's why I say to copy the files, so there's a backup, until you get it to work).

RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

It's being torrented on Demonoid. We can't link to downloads, directly, so go there and search "star trek motion picture longer", or something like that.


I'll also post it to the newsgroups, in a week or two. And someone will probably put it on Rapidshare before too long.


Thanks for the new years surprise Fanfiltration! Looks like I'm your first downloader.

Alien Appendix #5+6: The ALIEN SAGA Archive (Released)


Pretty hot chick, for a cueball, tho.


Cool cover Ash. As always. (Included in the AA5 upload). I especially like that photo on the back.


Yeah Usenet! WhooWhooWhoo! Depending on some things, there's a chance I'll upload regularly, again.


HehHeh, "Forgettery", I have to remember that. Errr... somehow...


AA3 is going up, now. Same newsgroups.

Guide: Capture Digital Cable's original digital stream - no recompression

I'd say give it a try. Go down and trade your box for the newest Motorola DVR they have. It'll have firewire ports.


The trick is - whether the ports are enabled. When you get home, go into the setup information and look if the firewire is enabled or disabled. If it's disabled, take the DVR back, and let them know why they aren't going to get the extra fees out of you. On my Motorola, you press the power, and then hit the Ok/Select right away. I think most Motorolas work that way. You should be able to find the info on Wikipedia.


(Tell them you have a D-VHS, or an LCD that only works with firewire, they can't argue with that).


Avoid Scientific-Atlanta DVR's, if at all possible. They're supposed to be a real bitch to get working with firewire.


The FCC's interpretation of the Telecommunications Act requires all Cable companies to supply DVR's with active firewire ports. But many people say the FCC isn't interested in enforcing it. (Still doesn't hurt to file a complaint).


Google hasn't turned up much about Time Warner, so far. But some folks say their local Time-Warner follows the FCC mandate, others say their local ignores it.  So it depends on where you are.


The next problem is their encryption flag settings - that's also up to the local outlet. The broadcast channels are the only ones they are required to leave unencrypted. Most local cable outlets just leave the flags they way they were broadcast. Some don't have any encryption flags at all. Some only leave the broadcast channels available.

How do you guys do it?

I don't know what they did.

Probably captured to lossless. I suspect a time base corrector. (Especially one build into the vcr).


So far, I've been underwhelmed by the effectiveness of TBC's though. It's early in my testing. But before I got them, I did read a lot of depressing caveats.


(If someone would freakin' finally come out with software tbc capture function, it should theoretically be able to overcome all the timing limits that hardware has).


I have a D-Vhs that does a remarkable job of de-noising. But it doesn't seem to do as much tbc-ing as I expected. Perhaps because I haven't tried home video yet. (I suspect that our local stations all used vcrs, for everything, but never bothered to use TBC with them).


Mitsubishi HD-2000U. Google that at videohelp & doom9's forums. Should get the subject going for you.