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Custom Crawl Creator: Revisited (A Free Blender Project for Fan Editors)

DigMod said:

Would you be willing to do a screen cap of yourself using the template with a narrative?

I would, not a bad idea actually. I have a few days coming up in a couple of weeks where I might be able to work something up. Also, I have a version 2 of the crawl creator that I think people might like to check out. It adds some light lense distortion and chromatic aberration that can be adjusted to the user’s liking.

Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif Fanedit

If he does get his project file back to working, exporting the audio as saparate wavs is what needs to be done. Then he can use this program:

I use AudioMuxer all the time and it works great. It’s intended for surround sound music, but can be used for movies too. Just used the tools section and all of the converters and muxers are there. There is even a normalizing tool as well that is helpful


Smithers said:

Jackpumpkinhead said:

im kinda playing around with the idea of cutting vader out of the movie completely

Not a bad idea, unfortunately Vader is a highlight in the movie even though he doesn’t serve the story whatsoever

indeed, it’s the only reason that i have retained the krennic/vader scene. the only reason to keep that scene is to not confused the audience when they get to the end scene


EddieDean said:

Certainly interested in the finished version of this. The only thing I’ve seen no mention of which I liked elsewhere was colour correcting the CG replacement actors’ faces to give them slightly more natural hues.

yeah, i thought of doing that, but i worked off of KK650’s regrade for this edit and i honestly thought the colors looked pretty good. but you can check it out and let me know


For a while now I have been slowly planning and working on a personal edit of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. After reading the comments and watching some of the other edits here I have finally finished my version of the film. This is most of the edits this version contains but I am sure I missed a few. Hope you enjoy:

  1. Soft opening after “A long time ago” (since this is a spin-off film, I feel that not having a crawl was the best choice for this movie. It sets it apart from the saga films and gives it its own identity while still fitting in with the universe. With what I have done with the opening, it emphasized this fact a little more. Having a sharp burst of horns and strings felt, to me, like it was trying to fit with the saga films without blatantly being one, but to me the execution fell flat. By eliminating that, and slowly fading into the opening shot feels more natural.)
  2. Hard cut to Jyn in prison after Saw opens hatch to imply the opening was a dream sequence/past memory
  3. Hard cut from Jyn in prison to new opening titles that mimic what we saw in the trailers. (Again, I feel that the titles for this movie were trying to resemble the crawl without actually having a crawl. By using new title cards, this film starts to feel more like its own entity without deviating from the “Star Wars” formula.)
  4. Cut “Rings of Kafrene” scene. We now meet Cassian when Jyn meets him.
  5. Cut first Bohdi scene on Jehda.
  6. Cut establishing shot/title card for Wabani Planet.
  7. Fade in from “Rogue One” Title Card to Imperial transport that contains Jyn.
  8. Removed Yavin 4 title
  9. Removed General Draven calling Jyn "Leanna
  10. Added diagonal wipe between Yavin and Death Star reveal.
  11. Added iris wipe between Death Star and Jedha.
  12. Cut dream sequence of Jyn as a child
  13. Added new establishing shot of U-Wing approaching Jedha
  14. Removed Bogalette scene
  15. Kept establishing shot of Saw’s lair from the beginning of the Bogalette scene.
  16. Added Bodhi meeting Saw to give him the message of Galen.
  17. Subtitles changed to match the OT
  18. Saw’s eyes are now blue to match the Clone Wars
  19. Added subtitle to the words “Bogalette” to read “Lock him up!”
  20. Removed Evazan and Ponda Bobba
  21. Added Battlefront music to Jedha battle (thanks to Digimod for this idea)
  22. Cut “Does your foot hurt?” line from Churritts fight (it is now one seamless, uninterrupted fight)
  23. Cut the quick shot of Jyn and Cassian between Baze shooting the stormtroopers so it is now one continuos shot. (Thanks to Digimod)
  24. Changed 2 Tubes line from “Tell that to the one who kill our men” to “This one must pay for the life he took” to better establish why Saw’s gang is coming after them.
  25. Changed the subtitles to match the OT.
  26. Saw’s eyes are now blue to match the clone wars.
  27. Removed planet title card for Edu
  28. Cut Cassian’s redundant “…your in shock”
  29. Cut Jyn‘s lines after Cassian says: “I’ve been in this fight since I was 6 years old…”
  30. Pitch shifted Vader’s voice to closer match the OT (JEJ has aged 30 Year’s since the OT and his voice has naturally gotten deeper. Which for me changed Vader and made him seem different to me)
  31. Cut Vader name dropping Galen Erso in his discussion with Krennic. He now says “…this weapon is not compromised in any way.”
  32. Cut Jyn’s lines after Cassian says he wants to help her get the Death Star plans.
  33. Removed planet title card for Scarif
  34. Crop/Removed R2 and 3P0 from the film.
  35. Cut Jyn identifying herself as “stardust” to Cassian after he asks how she knows that “stardust” is the right file.
  36. Moved Vader scene at the end to just after Jyn sends the plans.
  37. The Rogue One Crew’s story ends with Jyn and Cassian on the beach and fade to white.

The movie will conclude pretty much like it is in the theatrical version. However, the ending has been changed to fit the main theme of Rogue One which is “hope”. I feel that the best way to end the film is to show that “new hope” in the galaxy. That being said, I have be able to integrate some of the footage from ANH’s deleted scene “Treadwell”. With this footage and a newly created shot using 3D modeling/animation, I feel I have been able to create a stronger ending for both those who are watching the film without seeing the OT and for those that have.

The film now moves the destruction of the facility on Scarif/Jyn, Cassian, and Krennic deaths to the end of the film with the fade to white as the beach is exploding. Fading in from white we see the Tantive fly by the screen, headed towards Tatooine (this shot is similar to the opening shot of TMP). Then we see the shot of the Death Star plans being handed over to Leia. As she looks up from the plans we jump to a pan down from the blue sky of Tatooine to a wide shot of the Lar’s homestead with Luke looking through binoculars at the space battle above.

Hopefully I will be able to upload this to the spleen for anyone who would like a full bitrate version. But I will be sharing this edit in a “tiny encode” version for review, PM for a link.

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

pleasehello said:

The Luke saving Leia scene is really well edited for the most part. I’m not a huge fan of the bombastic trailer music that was inserted toward the end of the scene though. Something more subtle would serve much better, I think.

I would have to agree with this as well. If there was a way to use some other music from the TLJ soundtrack, this scene would fit in a bit better.

That being said, I would also like a link to this edit.


Return of the Jedi, in Harmy's Despecialized, has CGI by "mistake"?

SparkySywer said:

Someone needs to learn that in the Simpsons canon, the mid 80s only semi-happened. They just skipped from 1980 to 1990, except for a few events in the 80s, and that’s their explanation for why the Simpson’s aging is weird instead of just saying it’s a god damn cartoon.

I am confused as to how this is relevant 🤔