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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant

jonh said:

Hal 9000 said:

That’s some very nice work. However, I think the only way I would actually want to use it as if it is so subtle that it’s almost hard to notice on the first viewing.

??? jedi ghosts v4…with anakin

This is some great stuff, I think if you made them seem more in the distance (maybe add some blur for distance) and only appear with the lightning strikes and then disappear in the shadows, it would sell the effect better

Star Wars: Remastered - A New Special Edition

Petrovelly said:

Yeah dude, this looks great. Have you looked into a render farm to assist in rendering your projects? Sheepit is free and has a pretty good community.

I didn’t but it seems to be a game-changer, thanks! Right now, one frame of this animation is rendering about 12 minutes (in ray-trace sampling 1300, which isn’t good enough), and I have about 470 of them to render, just for the one shot…

conversely, if you dont mind spending a little $ then seems to be really cheap

Star Wars: Remastered - A New Special Edition

Petrovelly said:

I’ve been experimenting with different lights and color grading. I also added some more details to the model itself.
Ps. This model was propably done in 3DSMax, I’m modyfying and rendering it in Blender.


Yeah dude, this looks great. Have you looked into a render farm to assist in rendering your projects? Sheepit is free and has a pretty good community.

The Sequel Trilogy: Trilogized

This sounds quite interesting. I like the ideas for TFA and TLJ. I would try and rework the crawl a bit for TFA though. But hinting to Palps from the beginning is a great idea. Especially the idea of adding him to the end of TLJ and Kylo on Mustafar at the beginning. I’m not sure how I feel about deleting Kijimi from the film. By doing this your not left with much of a movie after adding much of the beginning to TLJ. Also making Palp a clone is an interesting idea, but does open up the thought that no one could ever kill him if there is just an endless number of clones. But all in all I’m interested in checking this out

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist (COMPLETED)

Darth Muffy said:

All your edits seem on point but would you for v2 consider maybe some harder changes like ones found in of Solo edit here:


  • After crawl and planet pan open with Han a Quira escaping on speeder and rework the crawls text to fit.
  • Less in your face lucky dice shots
  • Add deleted scene where he gets demoted to the infantry
  • No Han getting the blaster from Becket.
  • Cut most of Han speaking wookie.
  • When formerly introduced to Chewie, cut out Han saying “Chewbacca” as it sounded patronizing
  • Fix the over the top score which makes your ears bleed about half way through the train heist or cut heist down.
  • Val does not sacrifice herself stupidly she just gets blown up by the droids.
  • Cutdown the kiss between Han & Quira in the falcon by cutting to Becket as to similar to Empires Han & Leia kiss in falcon.
  • Cut L3 fist pumping the air and shouting “Rebellion!” at the spice mines

This might be close to what you are looking for

Han Solo and the Kessel Run (A Solo Edit)


The aim of this edit is to tighten up the pacing a bit, remove some of the unnecessary political aspects, and cut down on the hinting that Lando and L3 have a sexual relationship. Cut list is as follows:

  1. Cut expository title cards after “A long time ago…”
  2. Faded in the music from the cut title cards leading up to Han jump starting the landspeeder
  3. Cut main “SOLO” title card
  4. Cut children arguing over junk stolen for Mother Proxima
  5. Cut entire Mother Proxima scene. We now jump straight from Han and Keira to the landspeeder chase sequence. We just assume that the guys Han stole the coaxium from have caught up with him.
  6. Added subtitles to better match the OT
  7. Reinserted the “Corellian Chase” deleted scene.
  8. Cut Han’s whining “Kiera! I’ll come back for you!”
  9. Cut Han’s line “…the best in the galaxy.” when he tells the imperial officer that he wants to be a pilot.
  10. Added Han’s theme music once he is accepted into The Empire to lead into new titles.
  11. Added new title card displaying the name of this edit.
  12. Reinserted part of the “Cadet Solo” deleted scene.
  13. Removed subtitles when Han speaks in the Wookie language.
  14. Cut down some of Rio’s comedy during the campfire sequence
  15. Removed Beckett giving Han the DL-44
  16. Cut down on Rio’s comedy during the train sequence.
  17. Tightened up the train sequence a bit
  18. Removed Rio’s last words “…it’s not good to die alone.”
  19. Tightened up Mal’s death. She now just says “It’s been a ride babe…” before her death.
  20. Removed weird singer from Vos sequence that looked too much like something from Dr. Who
  21. Removed Lando’s “thanks love” to the robot pouring his drink.
  22. Cut down the overt droid politics from L3 in the bar.
  23. Cut L3 asking the crew to not look at her when she cuts the fence.
  24. Cut “equal rights” comment from L3
  25. Trimmed conversation between Kira and L3 so we don’t believe that Lando and L3 have sexual relationship 🤨
  26. Cut L3’s “I’m so glad we took this job!” line and any other droid rights/freedom comments.
  27. Trimmed Lando’s reaction to L3’s death.
  28. Cut Darth Maul.

As of right now this is just a personal edit. I have yet to upload it anywhere and with the holiday weekend I won’t likely have it up until next week. But I wanted to at least let everyone know it’s gonna be in the wild soon.

A 2gb tiny encode version is now available. If you are interested in this edit, please pm for a link.

The Prequel Trilogy Revised Trailer

I’ve been wanting to do a TMP edit for a while now, and the Naboo destruction is similar to what I was thinking as well. My only criticism would be that I think it is a little over the top in some areas. There are flames that appear to be 10 stories high. Other than that I think it looks pretty interesting. Just don’t get too carried away with the glows. Subtlety can go a long way. Great job


iamweasel said:

You guys probably already saw this making off (and the completed scene of course):

I wonder if something like this could be done to ANH:R. For years I thought that new scenes could be added by filming with actors against a green screen, after all, anyone can play Vader and Obi-wan has his head covered, what makes it possible to have someone to play his role too. Not as it was done by FX if Ady doesn’t think it fits, but as something new that could be used to improve the original scene.

What do you guys think?