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The Unpopular Film, TV, Music, Art, Books, Comics, Games, & Technology Opinion Thread (for all you contrarians!)

Superweapon VII said:

Vampires combusting in sunlight’s one of my least favourite tropes in vampire lore. I don’t begrudge Nosferatu for introducing it, but it’s become grossly overused in the decades since.

I can remember Interview with the Vampire and Let the Right One In, which were both very effective in terms of drama and not just “defeating the boss.” I’m curious where else is this depicted? I do recall many vampire movies that merely show them avoiding sunlight, and Coppola’s Dracula literally dismisses the idea. Haven’t seen any of the Hammer movies.

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull - The Spence Edit (Released)

I applaud SpenceEdit for making this film more palatable. However it still stinks. No edit can change the laughable direction, horrible scripting, or godawful lighting in this movie. If this flick wasn’t a sequel, the consensus would be “zero out of ten.” Its plot borders on complete illogic, the audience has no reason to care about anything, the gratuitous callbacks are unfounded, the action has no danger, and the dialogue is anything but natural. People said Temple of Doom was racist, well this film has “natives” jumping up & down and jabbering like monkeys. Indy has been wearing the same clothes for 30 years, though they look new and clean and fit for an old man. If that’s a metaphor for this movie then I’m being generous.

Tldr. Even if the bones are ok, the meat of this film is diseased and to consume it invites illness.

What if the prequels were made in the 80s?

Sorry haven’t listened yet so I don’t know if this is adressed. I can’t remember where I heard, so I don’t know if this is just a rumor, but Michael Jackson wanted to appear in Phantom Menace as Jar Jar in live action with prosthetics before Lucas decided to go with an all CGI character. Since Lucas had a hand in Captain Eo I can’t help but think Jackson would’ve actually had a role in 80s prequels, similar to casting Samuel L Jackson as a popular actor/fan in a supporting role in the actual prequels. Imagine if Star Tours was actually a vehicle to hype 80s prequels instead of the last gasp of OT era. Maybe those prequels would even find a role for Pee-Wee Herman.

Unpopular Opinion Thread

A new Return of the Jedi. basically the same movie but with some different exposition. In the past, the “real” Darth Vader kidnaps and has his wicked way with Mrs. Skywalker. Anakin has to free her but is killed. Obi-Wan of course wouldn’t know that Anakin is not the daddy.

So in ROTJ we have Darth Daddy rather than Obi-Wan The Liar. Leia wouldn’t even be a sibling to Luke. Maybe she is the real progeny of Anakin Skywalker. Or maybe she’s just Bail Organa’s biological daughter. Leia hates Luke because he reveals he is the son of Vader (instead of her brother) but at the end she knows the hate is misguided. But she’s already got with Han, which leaves room for romantic questioning in the future.

So we shall put this fantasy into an idea where Luke has a more ambiguous flirtation with the dark side. Sequels continued coming out every three years 1986 1989 etc. There is no OT but an ongoing triennial series of movies in various episode order so as to foment maximum anticipation. The prequels would end up being more in line with all the hints we hear from Ben and Yoda. Anakin was a cool dude, and Obi-Wan’s friend, but is not Darth Vader or Luke’s dad.