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What if the prequels were made in the 80s?

Sorry haven’t listened yet so I don’t know if this is adressed. I can’t remember where I heard, so I don’t know if this is just a rumor, but Michael Jackson wanted to appear in Phantom Menace as Jar Jar in live action with prosthetics before Lucas decided to go with an all CGI character. Since Lucas had a hand in Captain Eo I can’t help but think Jackson would’ve actually had a role in 80s prequels, similar to casting Samuel L Jackson as a popular actor/fan in a supporting role in the actual prequels. Imagine if Star Tours was actually a vehicle to hype 80s prequels instead of the last gasp of OT era. Maybe those prequels would even find a role for Pee-Wee Herman.

Unpopular Opinion Thread

I guess my idea would be Darth Vader had his wicked way with Mrs. Skywalker, so she would still be Luke’s mother. Obi-Wan of course wouldn’t know this. Lucas probably didn’t want to do this for the same reason he took the easy way out on the Luke/Leia/Han love triangle. He has no sense whatsoever for romance in any of his movies and it would probably be too ‘mature’ for his perceived audience (the one he wanted to buy toys.)

ps. I would rather have it than Obi-Wan a liar. And hell, Leia wouldn’t even have to be a Skywalker at all. When Luke says “What do you remember about your mother–your real mother?” like when did it ever come up before in the story? As her friend she may have told in the past, but the audience doesn’t know that. So we’ll put this fantasy in a timeline where in ROTJ Luke has a more ambiguous flirtation with the dark side, Star Wars sequels continued coming out every three years 1986 1989 etc, and then the prequels were more in line with the clues we hear in the first two movies.