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Star Wars prequels were mapped out in 1981, only nothing like the way they turned out

adywan said:

This is a really interesting excerpt from the upcoming “Making of Return of the Jedi” book.

Interesting to just how different his plans were back then. It also destroys the argument of the prequel fans that they were planned out that way all along ( i bet they’re going to love that 😉 ).

So to summarise;

Yoda doesn’t fight. He is more of a teacher.


Jedi can love and marry.

ANYONE can learn to use the force if they are prepared to learn.

Luke & Leia’s mother was still alive until they were 2 years old

So they would have originally fit in pretty well with the OT.

Face palm

NJVC Custom Bluray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions now available on Mega

solkap said:

If you are talking about playing the blu-rays on Xbox one, you can’t. According to towne32 X-box Ones are specifically designed to not be able to play burrned media.

I have no idea what their capability for playing ISO files is. Perhaps Towne32 or another member does?

Not ISO’s I think the BDMV files will play I have tested it in the past I just wanted the fancy menus
Avchd files won’t work

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

oojason said:

HerekittykittyX said:

Ugh my favorite part of all of this if they installed the custom one like the one you linked the first thing that comes up this can’t be bought or sold so they didn’t even edit the files lmao

Sorry mate - I have no idea what you just posted.

On the NJC custom set the first thing that pops up before the menu it says this must not be bought or sold it’s ironic because most of the time NJC set is being sold I just find it hilarious

Let’s talk about Star Wars fans

TV’s Frink said:

chyron8472 said:

TV’s Frink said:

chyron8472 said:

You should also add paragraph breaks. It’s hard to read in a clump like that.

But why would you even bother to read it?

He changed it to look like that. It used to be a (properly wrapped around) wall of text.

My point is there’s no reason to bother reading anything that starts with “I think Star Wars fans are the worst.”

My point is to discuss bad Star Wars fans I even said I don’t think all Star Wars fans are bad I just think some are I change the title called let’s talk about Star Wars fans

Let’s talk about Star Wars fans

I think some Star Wars fans are the worst. Let me say not all Star Wars fans are bad I am saying the ones who go around on YouTube and Facebook and Reddit and start stating that there opinions are fact. the fans that say, “you are not a real Star Wars fan if you like the Force Awakens.” I am going to tell you what are my opinions on Star Wars films are I love the Original Trilogy and the Clone Wars and the Force Awakens I don’t like Rebels and the Prequels I thought Rogue one was meh I thought the first act was slow but the second act was amazing.

look I am not going to shit on you for enjoying the prequels.I will respect your opinion on the films the only time I agree with Star Wars fans should be negative is when complaining about the original version not being released. That is the only time I agree that we should complain.
Please don’t be a asshole to people for liking certain Star Wars films