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Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

None of these really address the ins and outs of Palpatine’s essence and why he’s so obsessed with possessing Rey in particular

What if Rey was partially not just a clone of Palpatine, but of the fallen celestial Abeloth?

This is an idea that I tailor made for the legends cut

But the basic gist is that Rey is a clone of Palpatine and a recovered avatar husk of Abeloth

Palpatine’s spirit is tethered to the throne, he cannot risk anything happening to it

This creates a deeply troubling state of affairs

Enter the project of Rey

He wants Rey because he can merge with abeloth through her

Merging with Abeloth will allow his spirit to possess multiple bodies at once

The death of one avatar meant nothing, he would be physically immortal

This explains the teeth of empress Palpatine

Thus the Horcrux throne and the need for Rey is perfectly explained

With rey, he can merge with Abeloth and gain her immortality

No longer needing the throne

Two scientists take her and…

A New Hope: The Reimagined Cut | SC 38 Reimagined + Rogue One + Hal 9000 + Adywan (V1.1.1 available, V2 on indefinite hold)

Delpheas said:

Those is my favorite version of the film. There are some minor sound desync moments (Obi-Wan warning Luke not to go back to the homestead) but it’s the best presentation for my liking.

I think it would be nice to to cut some of Luke’s infatuation with Leia and maybe add in Obi-Wan’s theme from the Kenobi show, for Kenobi’s first appearance and after hus death.

I know this is on indefinite hold, so I may end up making those adjustments myself.

Can you shoot a link?

Crimson Empire

Superweapon VII said:

The Crimson Empire trilogy was a letdown. Excellent first part; okay second part; pointless third part which only rehashed the “resurgent Empire” trope that had already been played out by the end of the '90s instead of realizing the trilogy’s raison d’être (the last of Palpatine’s Royal Guards seeking vengeance against Luke).

Feel that it would have been better if it was the last stand of the empire

A sequel trilogy of trilogies of sort

The rise of the imperial remnant in the Thrawn trilogy

The height of the imperial remnant and the beginning of its decline after Palpatine’s final death

The fall of the imperial remnant after the fall of the last of Palpatine’s royal guards

<em>Kenobi: Trials Of The Master</em> - Fanedit by PixelJoker95

I’m gonna try my hand in commissioning a Star Wars fan-edit called

Star Wars episode 4: trials of obi-wan

Basically plan on taking this fan edit, SC38 reimagined, and Adywan’s Star Wars revisited into one film

Kenobi is treated as flashbacks while the present day deals the events of new hope

Might even use deepfake tech as well for two versions, one with Alec Guinness and one with ewan mgregor


The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)


Darth Plagueis can now appear in Rey nobody edits that nonetheless want to preserve the theme of Rey rejecting a dark heritage but don’t want her to be a Palpatine

This is a primitive technology as of now

But…it won’t be long before it advances enough to make it easy to edit Darth Plagueis into the sequel trilogy

Star Wars Episode X: Fate Of The Jedi (title TBD)

Hal 9000 said:

Here’s what we end up with applying my logic for bestowing ‘Episode’ titles onto things, from the ol’ Legends/EU. Only include things that substantively forward the Skywalker story, and only things which at the time of their release are chronologically later than the latest “Episode.”

Thrawn Trilogy
Jedi Academy Trilogy
The Crystal Star
Corellian Trilogy
Thrawn Duology
New Jedi Order series
Dark Nest Trilogy
Legacy of the Force series
Fate of the Jedi series

So, who knows? Maybe we’ll be at this for a while, despite TROS nominally being the end of the saga. But for now, I’ll enjoy looking forward and speculating about the movie itself, and let this thread lay fallow for the most part.

Replace crystal Star with dark empire

(The Rise of Skywalker) Legacy of the Force | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

I think that Leia dying of healing ben is the best case scenario without reshooting the scene

But if we had infinite financial resources

Floating palpatine is a Hologram projected from a Holocron, not a physical clone, but he wants a physical vessel through possession

Rey leaves Kylo to die, Leia heals Kylo, rey goes to ach-too, Kylo tries to confront the emperor and kills the KOR, Kylo is captured by the imperial guards, palpatine ties Kylo up and tempts Rey to kill him, Rey spares Kylo, Kylo and Rey are force drained by the Holocron and becomes a physical person

Palpatine floating in the air due to a harness gave me the hologram idea

Wish these guys go faster