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Conclude the Original Trilogy differently

Anakin Starkiller said:

I see you took cues from DotF.

Definitely the gist(battle of coruscant, force beacon, grassroots revolution)

But vader, palpatine and luke are actually involved and the alchemical ritual serves as a ticking clock…unlike in DOTF where whatever ben and rey are doing have absolutely nothing to do with the plot on coruscant as Jenny nicolson states in her review for duel of fates.

As for palpatine’s plan…he intends to provoke luke into killing his father so that the emperor can transfer his essence into luke after he blackened his soul just enough for possession, whose connection to the force along with palpatine’s knowledge of force draining will allow for palpatine to smoothly transition to godhood. It is revealed that palpatine is darth bane, who had been possessing the bodies of his apprentices for the past 1,000 years. He wanted to possess anakin before his body was ruined and now sets his sights on luke.

Basically a mixture between return of the jedi, TROS and duel of fates with a heavy dose of fullmetal alchemist.

The beacon sends a telepathic message to every living being in the galaxy, provoking revolutionary fever that will permanently reshape galactic politics as every planetary obelisk is destroyed by the people(not rebels, just normal people) bringing about an era of revolution against all forms of unjust hierarchies.

Conclude the Original Trilogy differently

Opening crawl

For more than 20 years, the now-disbanded imperial senate’s greatest obstacle to restoring the republic’s democratic institutions was a golden age of economic growth which incentivized the people to overwhelmingly support emperor palpatine’s reign.
A popularity that vanished after the collapse of the imperial economy due to the immense construction costs and subsequent destruction of the death star along with its role in the destruction of alderaan, leading to the rebel alliance’s exponential growth. The emperor mysteriously shuts down all galactic communications as reports surfaced from the millions of the worlds from across the empire that their imperial black obelisks are glowing red.
Luke Skywalker and his allies are captured by jabba the hutt during their rescue of han solo, forcing them to launch a desperate plan to escape.

The basic plot

The movie begins with luke, han and leia vs jabba and his goons over the sarlac pitt…beginning the story in earnest.


Luke Skywalker discovers that for the past 20 years, emperor palpatine has been planning an alchemical ritual that will absorb all life in the galaxy in order for palpatine to become a living God. However, all communication between planets have been completely severed. Luke skywalker launches a daring plan to activate the force beacon under the jedi temple to send a message across the galaxy about palpatine’s true intentions…inciting the people to destroy the obelisks across the galaxy…made all the more scarier by vader’s own pursuit of his son.

Revenge of the True Sith

darklordoftech said:

Hadrian sunrider said:

A sith species invasion motivated by the desire to avenge the sith holocaust is perhaps one of the biggest missed opportunities of the post-ROTJ timeline.

Couldn’t agree more. What better way to cap things off than with the original source of the main evil of the franchise?

Why do they themselves have to be evil…it seems more thematically proper for the sith to be victims and for the new republic to answer for the crimes of the old

What was George talking about here? In his conversation with Alan Dean Foster?

Lucas: We also wanted to have a scene where Vader goes and bows before the Force and the Force picks him up and tells him that he better go out and get that crystal… But it’s not the Force personified; it’s on the verge of personification. Maybe it’s a shadow or something.

Alan Dean Foster: The ultimate…

Lucas: It’s the ultimate evil. It’s the devil.

What stories/intellectual properties (other than Star Wars) would you like to retell/rewrite?

Not an established property…but an original miniseries on Netflix

Titled Hercules and nemean…a 15 episode miniseries centered on the enemies to friends to lovers story of hercules and an anthro version of the nemean lion…whose real name is maahes from north africa… Basically a muscular lion furry.

The first 12 episodes of the series would be about their developing relationship as hercules completes each of the 12 labors with the help of the lion to attune for the murder of his family.

Hercules is torn between staying on earth to have a family with nemean or to complete his labor to become a god. He is also conflicted about maahes’s misotheism

While maahes is torn between staying with the man who tried to kill him or to give their relationship a chance. He is also torn between his desire to return to africa in order to regain his position as head of the pride of anthro lions which he feels was stolen by his sister sekemet or to move on.

In the middle of said series…maahes and hercules free Prometheus, who reveals the reason he was tied up on the rock…because zeus was torturing him for information regarding the identity of the son who would kill him and end the reign of the gods.

Maahes is curious…though hercules does not believe him.

Eventually around either the minos bull labor or the amazon labor…hercules and maahes consumate their relationship. Their sexual chemistry coming from 2 things.

  1. Hercules no longer has to hold back when making love…making it a far more passionate and rewarding experience.

  2. Maahes’s invincible skin used to make it hard if not impossible for him to feel physical sensation…Hercules is the only one that makes him feel physically due in part because he is a divine being and because of sheer physical strength. Making maahes lose his mind during their mating.

later towards the series, after hercules fails to achieve a labor involving the cattle of geryon under mysterious circumstances…hercules reluctantly decides to stay with maahes.

Adopting a young strong orphan boy named antaeus and being a family in the wilderness.

After several years of domestic bliss Hercules and maahes’s relationship is sabotaged by hera…who reveals that maahes is the one who got rid geryon’s cattle in order to stay with him.

Hercules and maahes argue…hercules feeling betrayed by maahes’s actions, eventually becoming a fist fight in front of anateus and hurting hin. Hercules, realzing how disgusting his action were…leaves maahes and anateus.

He finds the cattle and finds the golden apples.

After nearly being trapped carrying the world forever…hercules realizes what is really important and goes back to his house in the wilderness.

He finds maahes feral and with bloody lips and bones of a child next to him.

Hercules realizes that maahes was turned into a feral beast and murdered their son…just as hercules was brainwashed into doing so.

Realizing that maahes’s mind is broken…he puts the lion out of his misery by bare hugging him to death. In the last moments as maahes laid on the ground dying, hercules strokes his face and gives him a kiss.

Falling into a deep depression…hercules contemplates suicide just as his mother done when she was raped by zeus and the stress of raising a child proved too much for her.

But decides not to…deciding instead to bring maahes and anateus back.

Hercules goes on a journey to the underworld…where he completes his final labor symbolically, wrestle Cerberus in order to have his son and husband maahes ressurected.

Succeeding…hercules has maahes and the boy back…a different boy.

Maahes tells him that anateus was captured and the boy he killed was named khaled, anateus’s best friend.

Maahes tells him more bad news…that the one who kidnapped him was zeus, who also turned him feral.

Despite this bad news…hercules and him passionately “reconcile”…in the middle of a clearing…thankfully after taking khaled home.

The last 3 episodes center on maahes and hercules trying to save their son.

Episode 13 centers on hercules and maahes looking for prometheus and his grandfather chronos in order discover how to get to Olympus. There hercules discovers the truth, that the one destined to end the reign of the gods is hercules…zeus did not know this but suspected all his sons to be a threat. Before finding chronos Maahes also meets his sister again…realizing that she was a better and more just leader than he ever was, he wishes her happiness.

Ending with hercules and maahes freeing the titans and fighting his brother ares. Before hercules deals the final blow…ares taunts him stating that his father is grooming little anateus to be his “cupbearer”. Maahes rips into his throat as hercules decapitates him. Going up mount olympus with the help of the titans lead by gaia.

Episode 14. Hercules and maahes vs the entire greek pantheon. Straight up murdering every God they see.

We get flashbacks to anateus and how he was captured by zeus…where we see how zeus slowly grooms him to be his weapon and makes him feel special by giving him the role as “god of heroes”. Brainwashed into thinking that hercules is abusive towards maahes and that maahes needs to be saved from hercules using false memories

Hercules and maahes use the weapons they steal from the dead gods. Tearing olympus down from its very foundations in an epic god of war 3-esque climax. Soon they confront hera, where she laments how for years she tried to get zeus to stop having sex in order to reduce the chance of the prophecy coming true. It is revealed that hera was never TRULY jealous of zeus’s affairs because she never truly loved zeus but merely trying to protect her own position of power…lamenting how zeus was unable to set aside his own hedonstic desires for the greater good of their family…always doing his duty with the bare minimum.

Soon, they see a door leading to the throne room of zeus…where they enter into the final battle.

Episode 15. Hercules and maahes are forced to confront their son and zeus.

Maahes fights anateus in order to stop him from helping zeus as he fights hercules. Anateus is baffled by maahes’s loyalty to hercules as he and maahes battle. Zeus tells hercules the truth…it was him who brainwashed hercules into murdering his family, so that hercules could complete the 12 labors and become a god. Hercules becoming a god would make hercules into a direct benefactor of zeus’s regime and thus would not be incentivized into rebelling against him. That is why he makes sure his kids are given great positions in heaven(ares the god of war) and earth(kings who are children of zeus), because those who benefit from a oppressive system are less likely to ever rebel against it.

Maahes and anateus fight as maahes slowly pokes holes into every abusive hercules memory told to him by anateus during their fight, Think of it as reverse gaslighting. Anateus gets the upperhand and is ordered by zeus to kill him. Anateus resists, and soon hugs his father maahes, begging for forgiveness. Soon all three are fightinf against zeus in an epic earth shaking battle.

Defeating zeus with the help of gaia…the reign of the gods has ended.

Soon the titans, hercules and maahes with their reconciled son leave Olympus to the land of hyperborea…the land of giants and gods, away from the affairs of mankind…slowly fading into myth amd leading into our world.

Hercules, maahes and anateus standing on top of a hyperborean mountain after learning that this place will grant them immortality amd will become their new home.

Hercules with maahes and anateus leaning into his arms, says that they are his pride now(a reference to lion hierarchies)…never being more happy in their lives as they look into the sunset in the dawning of a new age.