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The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)

Greetings, exalted one. I have been looking at this project for a while, but have only now decided to post about it. The Force Awakens is my favorite movie in The Sequel Trilogy. I feel like it has the best story, best action, and best acting. It’s for sure better than the TLJ and TROS. As of lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about sequel edits and what I would do with the sequels, if ever edited them. I have to say those color corrected shots look really good and almost look like shots from the OT. I have also seen some of your ideas for this project, like adding back in the deleted scene with Han in the Cockpit with the Dice. I would definitely like a link to this project. Being that it’s in a workprint stage actually makes me really happy for the future of this project. As one great man would say, “We will watch your career with great interest.”

An <strong>Info &amp; Help Thread</strong> for the '<strong><em>Fan Edits and Projects for Other Properties</em></strong>' section... (Searches, FAQs, 'Where can I find x?', 'Is there an Edit of film x?', Myspleen, and more...)

Hello, everyone. I know this website is mainly about Star Wars and even though this thread is about non-Star Wars edits, I don’t see any one talk about horror movies. Specifically, Nightmare on Elm Street. Is it possible that anyone has the edit by Dr. Sapirstein called, “Nightmare on Elm Street Anthology Volume 1”?