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Boba Fett's Death Remastered (Released)

Nice job! I think I might use this for my edit now, considering he now actually sounds like Temuera Morrison. If I were to do it, I would also remove the shot in which he takes a shot but it looks like he’s not even trying to hit Luke (considering he’s supposedly a super skipped bounty hunter but misses the shot by a mile).

Idea: OT Edits to Fit the PT and/or the Larger Saga (A Resource Thread, Hopefully)

I actually had an idea for the exchange between Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi before their duel to be more consistent with the prequels. It would start with Ben saying “Anakin…” (almost like a last ditch effort to reach him), only for Vader to immediately respond with “Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him.” (from Rebels) and then Vader makes his first strike (I’m using SC 38 reimagined for my edit so it will be Vader making the first strike, as it should be IMO).

I think it fits better as “When I left you, I was but the learner” implies he was still Obi-Wan’s student, when in Revenge of the Sith he is no longer Obi-Wan’s Padawan, rather a Jedi Knight in his own right.

Not sure if the Kenobi show will render my idea weird or not though since the two will be meeting again in that show.

My Star Wars Saga Episodes 1-6 Edits (2/6 available) (WIP)

TestingOutTheTest said:

You said it yourself, that Luke isn’t as powerful as the prequel-era Jedi.

Haha, you got me. Good point. I still feel like he could use some more training to be honest. I just find it jarring seeing Yoda begging for Luke to stay and then when he comes back he just says “No more training do you require.”

I have been thinking of doing the idea in which the rescue of Han Solo taking place almost immediately after ESB and then Luke returns to Dagobah for a year or so. That way the original structure is retained, though Vader arriving at the Death Star would have to be moved to later.

TestingOutTheTest said:

Also, regarding scenes you want such as the canon comics version of Vader’s “No!”, I suggested in Hal’s thread for TRoS that they create new scenes or stuff like Adywan did with the OT; however this should require collaboration, since I don’t think you have enough resources for new scenes matching the quality of the PT and OT, respectively.

One idea I have is using the Unity game engine, I recall it being used to animate 99% of every scene in the recent live-action remake of The Lion King.

That would be really awesome, but you’re absolutely right about me requiring collaboration. It would probably even need somewhat of a budget. I’d need a Darth Vader suit similar to the one in ROTS (I really do want to cosplay as Darth Vader anyway), someone to play Sidious who’s willing to wear make-up that looks exactly like his appearance in ROTS and do a stunt in which they get slammed against a wall, and a CG environment that looks exactly like the room in ROTS. Unless you’re suggesting the characters also be CG, in which case I guess that could be tried out but I’m not sure how that would look compared to the rest of the film.

Star Wars Theory seems like the perfect guy to collaborate with since he did a Vader fan-film with a Vader suit and worked with a pretty good Palpatine actor. FXItInPost would also probably be able to pull it off (I feel like SC 38 is proof of it). But the chances of me getting in contact with either of them, let alone collaborating, are slimmer then a dime.

If I were able to pull this off though, that means I could also definitely pull off a scene of Vader visiting Padme’s grave too, which would be great for my ROTJ.

If anyone’s willing to help, I’d love it. Bringing even just one part of the Darth Vader comic is the stuff of my dreams.

Idea & Info: Do edit NV II fit in SW Edits?

What Hal said. Just downloading the videos off of YouTube and putting them in your edit along with HD footage definitely wouldn’t work. They definitely have interesting ideas (my favorite is the R1/ANH interlude with Qui-Gon and Yoda and Vader telling Sidious about the death of Kenobi; those actually feel like real scenes that would happen if the OT was made after the PT) but the videos are very low quality, the exchanges don’t always make the most sense (which is understandable since he’s working with limited voice material) and rely on reusing shots, often over and over again, to varying results. They’re interesting for what they are but aren’t convincing enough to be put in the films themselves.

I do plan on making my own HD versions of my two favorites for my ANH fan-edit myself (Qui-Gon and Yoda and Vader and Sidious; the former because it’ll break up the R1 Vader hallway scene, which I also plan on including, and the opening of the actual film, reminds us that Qui-Gon and Yoda are still relevant, shows that Yoda has been training under Qui-Gon, and it also has some character development for Vader, with the whole “He will never set foot on Tatooine” thing; the latter because it reminds the audience that the Emperor, the Sith and the Jedi are still relevant and shows that Vader has a greater purpose and mission beyond what the original film shows). I wouldn’t be using his videos at all, rather using similar but sometimes different sources, and the scenes won’t be exactly the same (for example, due to some feedback I will at least attempt at an Emperor hologram that looks like his ROTJ self). You could try and recreate some of them in HD as well, but be wary; while you may be able to get away with reusing shots a little bit, it definitely wouldn’t work to the degree NV does it (in which sometimes he is forced to use the same close-up for pretty much all of a character’s lines in a video). I’d recommend if you are to try this, improve the scene itself (remove any awkward nonsensical lines if need be), make sure there’s some time and space between the last time the footage was shown to try and mitigate the familiarity, make it short, and if possible and if you feel it’s worth it, remove the part that the footage actually comes from so it doesn’t repeat.

The Clone Wars: Refocused - A new holistic approach inspired by the Mandalorian [FIVE EPISODES RELEASED]

Just watched the first and second episode. Really good!

I only had a couple problems with the first:
-The thing Ventress says about having someone on the inside (which is an episode I actually quite liked) is never expounded upon.
-Anakin still says “I had everything under control” even though he asked for help.
-I think Anakin goes from hating his Padawan to caring about her too soon.

I think the second one was pretty much perfect (the spider bot does disappear from the table, but not really much you can do about that). This does seem to be a great way to get people into Clone Wars who don’t really feel like watching through the entire series.

Complete Saga Radical Redux <strong>Ideas</strong> Thread

sade1212 said:

I also don’t think the Original Trilogy works very well as a sequel to the prequel trilogy, if you know what I mean. You might have questions like - why does Luke only have to train for a few weeks, or a year at the absolute most, to become a Jedi? Why doesn’t Obi-Wan mention that Luke and Leia are related so they don’t keep kissing one another? How come no one can jump anymore, and fight like geriatrics? What happened to Sidious’ lightsaber skills? Why does Vader never mention Padme? How on Earth does Leia remember a mother who died thirty seconds after she was born? Why does Obi-Wan continue to wear Jedi robes on Tatooine? Why doesn’t it occur to Obi-Wan and Yoda that some of the ten thousand other Jedi might have survived? I mean, all of these little nitpicks exist anyway, but watching in release order makes them less apparent unless you’re being deliberately anal.

  1. I would say that looking at the movies alone, Luke wasn’t at the level of most of the prequel Jedi even by the end of ROTJ. The only reason he won against Vader is because Vader is pretty much half Anakin at that point. He was heavily conflicted and he didn’t want to kill his son. Also Yoda does say Luke is too old to begin. I’d also argue that a long time of training is also a good retcon. I just feel like it makes more sense for something as complex as learning to wield the Force would take time.
  2. That’s a problem with ROTJ, that was the one that introduced the retcon of Luke and Leia being brother and sister. But I guess you could say that he didn’t want to drop that ball too early.
  3. Bruh I think you need to watch ESB and ROTJ again. Luke jumps up out of the Carbon freezing thing in ESB, he literally jumps right over Vader in that same fight, and he jumps up onto the guard rail in ROTJ. Vader also does a big jump in ESB too. And I’d argue that the Vader and Luke duels weren’t like geriatrics, that was just the Vader vs. Ben duel and that was because of the limitations of the time.
  4. He didn’t need to use a lightsaber in that situation. The whole point of the climax of ROTJ is that the Emperor and Vader are both trying to get Luke on their side. The Emperor is trying to get Vader and Luke to fight (so Luke will kill his father or Vader will kill his son) and Vader is trying to do the same thing he did in ESB.
  5. Why would he? In what situation would he mention his wife? Also I don’t get your reasoning for why that’s an inconsistency, it’s not like when the OT was being made Vader never had a wife, unless you’re saying the OT implied Luke and Leia were the result of a one night stand.
  6. I will give it to you that that is a legitimate inconsistency but IMO Padme dying was a good retcon. If she survived she would go and try and redeem Vader, and I’m sure the sight of his babies would immediately turn him to the light and completely invalidate the OT. Or if she didn’t, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to completely obscure herself from the public eye and any sightings of her would probably immediately be reported to Sidious and Vader. She isn’t like Luke and Leia, she has a widespread public image. And I feel like Vader would be able to sense her presence.
  7. The Jedi just wore normal robes. Everyone on Tatooine wears robes. It isn’t specifically a Jedi outfit. Yoda wears the same stuff.
  8. Because the others didn’t survive. They were wiped out by Order 66, and any survivors were hunted down by Vader and the Inquisitors, which is consistent with what the OT says.

I won’t deny that they definitely didn’t follow the continuity of the OT to the letter but I don’t think these were the best examples. 1 & 6 are the only ones I feel like you could really hold against the prequels but I feel like they were done for the better.

My Star Wars Saga Episodes 1-6 Edits (2/6 available) (WIP)

Space Medievalist said:

I really like a lot of your ideas but I have some ideas that I think would make them even better. I think you maybe could somehow imply that Owen knew Anakin more than once considering how Owen is thrown into AOTC as an afterthought even though in ANH it is implied that he knew Anakin and Obi Wan a lot more. I’m not sure how to fix that but there must be some way.

Another interesting idea is flashing back to important scenes in TPM in AOTC like Darthrush did with his edit. Then you could have AOTC the first movie and then make a fanedit of TCW tv show as the middle movie.

With ANH I would suggest removing a lot of Motti’s comments about the jedi because he would have been around when the Jedi were in their prime. Also maybe have Luke say “You fought in The Clone WAR” instead of WarS since there was only one or you could change it to “The DROID War” because the droids were on the defeated side and wars are usually named after the side that was defeated.

You could also remove Leia being Lukes sister entirely like the radical re edit of ROTJ. It would not be hard to cut from Padme saying “Oh Luke” in ROTS to her dying skipping Leia. You could also get rid of the line “from a certain point of view” (god I hate that line). You could include the Boba subplot from the ROTJ radical re edit as well instead of him going out like a little bitch.

Good work so far tho

I’m not sure about the feasibility of the Owen idea.

I have actually considered doing something like this, putting the Anakin parts from Phantom Menace at the beginning of Attack of the Clones and calling the movie something like “The Advent of Skywalker” or something. My only problem with that would be that I’ve actually warmed up to other parts of TPM so I’m not entirely sure if I’d want to do that. Though I’m not sure how I would handle the second movie then, like which Clone Wars arc to use (there’s so many good ones I’m not even sure which one I would pick; I would want to pick one that shows off Anakin and Obi-Wan’s friendship a good amount), unless you’re talking about the 2003 series, which could also work, since the two together would be the length of a movie. I have also considered actually doing a 9 film saga, but instead of the sequels, there’d be a couple Clone Wars movies (if I were to combine TPM and AOTC there’d be three Clone Wars movies) and a movie using the Kenobi show. But for now I’m sticking to 6. I’d like to hear what you guys think about either of these ideas.

I’m not sure about those dialogue changes. I don’t even think Motti brings up the Jedi, he just says “Your devotion to that ancient religion…” which first of all, could be referring to the Sith, and second, is technically true since it was started a long time ago. And the war has been called “The Clone Wars” so much in-universe and out that I think changing that line would also just be really weird and pointless.

Not really feeling like making Luke and Leia not brother and sister. I’ve gotten so used to that that one in which they’re not would just feel… bizarre. And while I liked the Boba Fett subplot in the radical re-edit, it isn’t complete enough to integrate and it contradicts The Mandalorian.

TestingOutTheTest said:

Since there are many things you want that cannot be achieved by editing and limited resources, do you also plan on posting rewrites for them? If so, here is where you can post a rewrite of the saga.

I think that would be really cool. I’m still definitely going to do these edits because I would like to have preferred versions of the saga to actually be able to watch for when I do my saga rewatches but I think this would be fun to do.

It would allow me to do things that are unfeasible for an edit, like replace Vader’s No in Revenge of the Sith with how it goes down in the comics:

Xhorkis said:

Really liking these ideas, could I have a link for the first two edits please?

Thanks, I’ll send the link.

Since I’m waiting to do the Revenge of the Sith edit (but I should be able to resume work soon since octoroxx is almost done with his extended edition) I have been working on V2 of my Phantom Menace edit, I’ll post something here when it’s finished.

The <strong>Original Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I don’t care for trying to preserve a plot twist that everybody on the face of the Earth already knows but I do actually really like the idea of Obi-Wan referring to Darth Vader as a Sith lord rather then just “a young Jedi” (a Sith reference in the OT is a great thing in my book, and I also think it just makes more sense from an in-universe perspective), Obi-Wan calling him “Vader” instead of “Darth” (also fits with new canon), and Vader referencing Padme instead of Obi-Wan. I know some people prefer changing ROTS so Obi-Wan tries to redeem Anakin and I can see some of their reasoning but I think the way they did it works better for characterization. Obi-Wan trying to kill him shows the flaws of Jedi indoctrination, fits with his attitude towards him in the OT, and Vader saying “Padme” or “Your mother” instead of “Obi-Wan” shows how Luke is both a more modern, different Jedi as well as having character traits similar to his mother, further reinforces how much family means to Vader, and is just more poignant IMO, calling back to the scene on Mustafar when she said those exact words to him.

I know there are a group of fans who think that later material just shouldn’t contradict older material and the older material shouldn’t be changed to reflect that, but I’m all for retcons as long as they’re good retcons, and all of the retcons mentioned are IMO good.

George's Alternate Altered Trilogy (AKA, The GAAT) (ANH V1 Released)

Oooooo, that’s really cool! It’s strange that I can’t find that anywhere, I searched all over YouTube for it. Is that the only video with the extended production footage you found?

Maybe attempt an AI upscale of the low res footage, and if you’re not able to do it maybe ask for help.

I think with some good editing (for your version I wouldn’t reuse the same exact audio for the extended parts that is used later so it doesn’t just sound like a weird loop) it would make for an awesome extended duel. I can’t believe George Lucas decided to restore the Jabba scene but not those clips. Then again, there are a billion edits that I can name that would be better then the Jabba scene.