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Hal9000 edits..

oojason said:

You could use your tablet or phone to acquire these Edits - Hal 9000 has made his Prequel Edits available in a wide range of sizes and file types.

Or maybe borrow or use afriend or family member’s pc (or buy a cheap pc) to acquire and/or burn them to disc?

There are a few threads on Hal 9000’s Prequel Edits in the ‘Star Wars Fan Edit’ section of the site, and can also be found in the ‘An Index Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects…’ thread.

The '‘How do I do this?’ on the - some information & answers to queries’ thread in the General Assistance section may also be of some help.

Good luck with it mate.

Thank you for the suggestions! I’m not able to hit up those options…but I suppose I’ll have to wait till I can get my own PC again.

I appreciate it!