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Episode 3: Fan Editing Ideas Discussion
Originally posted by: rennervision
I would also be curious if anyone has any idea on how to reconcile the Empire dialogue where Obi-Wan says, "That boy is our last hope." and Yoda says, "No, there is another." It certainly doesn't make sense if Obi-Wan was present at the birth. I suppose the easiest solution is to remove this exchange from Empire, but I always liked that final line from Yoda.

What's to say that Yoda is even referring to Leia? In the end it turns out to be Anakin as the last hope. Leia didn't do anything spectacular in Return of the Jedi.

Even if you were to interpret his line as meaning Leia, I don't think Obi-Wan felt her all that capable, nor the force as strong in her.
Episode 3: Fan Editing Ideas Discussion
Originally posted by: Hardcore Legend
Originally posted by: MagnoliaFan
"will Dooku be revealed as a Sith Lord or is he still just a fallen Jedi who got suckered?"

Dooku was a Sith Lord, Darth Tyrannus.

Not necessarily...
In fact, late in the film, Obi-Wan may even mention that Dooku was right all along...

But I would assume that Obi-Wan would still believe that Dooku was fooled, much like Anakin. I mean, we don't want to comprimise Obi Wan's moral standing here.

You're edit is your own, but sitting here re-reading the script, alot of the dialogue between Obi Wan and Anakin is great at the beginning of the film. I would cut down the space between "Hold on, you're not helping anything" and then "You're right, bad idea". There is a weird space between the responses that kills the comedic timing. However, one line that is CLASSIC: Wait a minute, how'd this happen! We're smarter than this.

Actually I disagree. Most of the banter in the space battle is too much. I think a good idea would be to cut Anakin blasting Obi-Wan's ship, and instead cutting to the part where he swoops in and removes them with his wing, you know a "great pilot". There's some bad acting in that scene, mostly from Christensen.
STAR WARS: The Torrents thread
Originally posted by: agr1170
Originally posted by: Faid
Making people with a .94 ratio wait 6 hours is the worst kind of elitism.

I remember on a private tracker that I frequent the admins were coming under firing and being called Nazis for banning people with .10 ratios.

I had a 46 hour wait when I first started, but if you DONATE a little cash (not much $5 or more) the wait went to 0 and I downloaded TCW and allready watched it. Like Rikter said it is about sharing. Also after you download something let it keep seeding, this also helps your ratio. I have donated $20 so far and I have downloaded 2 different OOT, BOTF, TCW, 5 B&B Banned Episodes, Season 1 of Parker Lewis. 18 DVDs full. I would say that is well worth $20. And still much more to chose from. I have also shared these lovely items with several friends for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

No way am I donating $5 just to get have no line. That's another thing... this ridiculous queue was most likely partially intended to generate revenue.

Trackers shouldn't require PBS like fundraising to stay up.
STAR WARS: The Torrents thread
Awesome, thanks.

Actually nevermind:

From the time that each new torrent is uploaded to the tracker, there is a period of time that some users must wait before they can download it.
This delay in downloading will only affect users with a low ratio, and users with low upload amounts.

This is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard when it comes to torrent tracking.

People with ratios of .94 are banned for 6h. That's not a typo.

You should rethink MySpleen, these guys are clearly retarded.