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How did you imagine The Star Wars Prequels before they came out?

twooffour said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

5. I expected Palpatine to be more of a background character - someone who wouldn't be focused on until the final prequel


That's kinda what happened, though :D

I meant that I didn't expect Palpatine to be shown that much until it came time for him to seduce Anakin to the dark side and rise to power. Maybe he'd make one or two appearances throughout the PT, a few references to him would be made perhaps, but that's all I expected. I didn't expect him to be the puppet master pulling the strings of galactic events as he was shown to be throughout the PT.

How did you imagine The Star Wars Prequels before they came out?

haraldo23 said:

This is more of a questions for those who saw The Original Trilogy back when it 1st came out, when prequels were years and years away...

Well, I'm not one of you guys - fact is I was born in '87 and never got to properly see the OT until '99. That being said I didn't know George was making prequels until almost literally the last minute, so there was some time for me to think about how the prequel era might have been before the PT wave rolled in.

1. I expected Anakin to be older at the time he became a Jedi, more-or-less the same age as Luke

2. I expected the Jedi to be like the Jedi in the EU: non-dogmatic, allowed to marry, have children, families, etc.

3. I expected the clones to be the enemy in the Clone Wars

4. I expected the Mandalorians to have a large role in the Clone Wars, serving pretty much as nemeses of the Jedi

5. I expected Palpatine to be more of a background character - someone who wouldn't be focused on until the final prequel

6. I expected Palpatine to be a self-taught dark side sorceror, not a Sith

7. I expected multiple lightsaber colours for the Jedi

8. I didn't expect there to be any Sith (Vader and any other non-Palpatine darksiders would be simple Dark Jedi)

9. I expected the look and tone of the PT to match that of the OT

10. I expected the PT era to be more archaic in terms of architecture, technology, etc.

11. I expected Anakin's wife to be a minor character

12. I didn't expect Palpatine to use a lightsaber

13. I did expect Yoda to have a lightsaber, but I thought it would be purple instead of green

14. I expected the PT era to be "a more civilized time" - ie. no wide-spread corruption in the Senate, at least not at first

15. I didn't expect any Darths other than Vader.

Star Wars prequel comic

The EU writers should be making these kind of comics, as far as I'm concerned. It's not as if they're unable; they've got the Infinities imprint for out-of-continuity storylines. And it's not like there's no precedence for it; DC and Marvel Comics have been churning out alternate non-canon storylines for decades. But the EU has to be different, doesn't it? Everything's got to be continuity, continuity, continuity!!! Canon, canon, canon!!!

God, what a stifling, stagnant franchise.

What do you LIKE about the EU?

captainsolo said:

I revisited TPM, and have now jumped back into my EU collection.

Jedi Apprentice #1. This is the reason I don't despise the Prequels completely. The single best thing to come out of Ep. I-III. In this first book, 13 year old Obi-Wan is being thrown out of the Jedi Temple. He has reached the age where not being taken as an apprentice can no longer become a Jedi. He is to be a farmer.

Yes it's a kids book. It's better than most if not all the post Zahn adult EU. Still reads well today.

It works, it feels like Star Wars, the characters are well developed, and it only gets better. Book #2 pits Qui-Gon against his former apprentice who turned to the Dark side...these books really get darker as they go along, with surprising plot turns and virtually every bit of Obi-Wan's character is born then scrutinized then developed. Qui-Gon's past, war, turmoil, love interests, siege, genocide, depression, resignation, society, slavery and the list goes on...

And in the end of Book #1, Obi-Wan still has an uncertain future! Pre-OT tension? Yay!

Heck, I'm gonna re-read all 20. Damn well written, fun books. The first one has a different author than the other 19, so it's a bit rougher. 2-20 are exceptional.

10 training lightsabers out of 10 conniving Hutts, Togorian pirates and Yoda schemes.


I read most of these books back in the day, and really liked them. Most of them were written before the worst prequelisms from AOTC & ROTS were established, which adds to their appeal.

Lost in Space!!! (Or, if you prefer, Lost IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!)

My experience with Lost in Space is pretty much limited to the film and a few of the film's tie-in novels and comics. I liked the film as a kid, loved the part of the film where they stumble upon and explore the ghost ship, but I haven't seen it in years so I don't know how it would hold up for me if I were to watch it again.

On another semi-related note, my dad, who was a fan of the show when he was a kid, recently re-watched the movie and didn't like it at all.

The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie. Or is it?

timdiggerm said:

DuracellEnergizer said:


theprequelsrule said:

Empire is a better movie, but Star Wars was the best Star Wars movie.

There's something about this statement that makes me feel like I'm seeing an impossible object in word form.


He's drawing a distinction between two systems of judgment. By the rules of "What makes a good movie?", Empire is better. By the rules of "What makes a good Star Wars movie?", Star Wars is better.

FWIW, I was trying to pull a Frinkism.