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The Superman Trilogy, Part I: The Last Son of Krypton


Another bout of lovemaking between Clark and Nell comes to a close.


A minute later.

Nell and Clark lay together, sheets bunched up between them. Instead of cuddling, making pillow talk, they watch the ceiling — Nell with disinterest, Clark with dissatisfaction — a silent, palpable distance between them.

Sitting up, Nell reaches over Clark for the nightstand on his side of the bed, taking up a cigarette case and lighter resting atop a movie magazine. As she fishes a cigarette from the case, Clark picks up the magazine; an image of Greta Garbo emblazons the front cover.

CLARK: Greta Garbo. (flips through magazine) Is she a good actress?

Lighting up her cigarette, Nell shrugs.

CLARK: I don’t know any of the actors. I’ve never been to the movies. I’ve never been out of Smallville to see one. (beat) My whole life.

NELL: Poor dear. (solemn) I know that feeling well.

The two make eye contact, on the cusp of an emotional connection.

CLARK: Do you remember your first? Which was it?

Nell takes a moment to think it over.

NELL: Frankenstein, in 1910. (takes drag) Yes, it was Frankenstein.

CLARK: What was it like?

NELL: You’ve read the book.

CLARK: Certainly.

NELL: There’s your answer.

The distance returns.

Nell offers Clark her cigarette. Accepting it, Clark takes a dispassionate puff. Tobacco does nothing for him.


Nell opens the front door for Clark.

NELL: You’ll be in tomorrow, of course.

CLARK: It’ll be a long day for me. I don’t believe I’ll make it in.

NELL: Then the day after.

CLARK: The family’s entertaining a guest — my cousin Linda, visiting down from Canada. I’m sorry.

Clark enters the threshold.

NELL: (raises hand) Just a moment!

Stopping in the door, Clark waits for Nell as she leaves for another room. In a minute she returns, a fresh-baked pie in hand.

NELL: (offers pie to Clark) Pecan.

CLARK: Thank you.

Nell starts to smile.

CLARK: (cont’d) Ma has allergies, but I appreciate the gesture.

The nascent smile dies.

CLARK: (forlorn) Take good care of yourself, Nell.

Clark steps through the door, closing it after him. Nell is left standing in the entrance hall, alone with her pie.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

ChainsawAsh said:

Now I want a series predating even KOTOR about how humanoid androids rebelled and started a massive war against the “living” species, to the point where they infiltrated their enemy by creating duplicates, causig a McCarthyism-style witch hunt and ending in the banning of lifelike droids throughout the galaxy.

In other words, kind of what I wanted the Clone Wars to be, but with androids instead of clones.

In other words, sort of a mishmash of Blade Runner, The Second Renaissance, and some version of the Butlerian Jihad (but not BH/KJA’s version), set in the ancient times of the Star Wars universe.

So, a series about the Great Droid Revolution?