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The Unpopular Film, TV, Music, Art, Books, Comics, Games, & Technology Opinion Thread (for all you contrarians!)

CourtlyHades296 said:

Order 66 is one of the weakest scenes in an already weak film. The Jedi are way too easily dispatched, and don’t fade when they die. Vader can’t “hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights” if all of them are dispatched this easily.

Agree with almost everything you said. The thing where they don’t fade when they die, though? Doesn’t bother me.

And here’s why.

*dramatic pause*

Jedi fading away when they die is a stupid concept and has been since Day 1.

What are you reading?

Black Fire (James Kidman)

I borrowed a copy of this novel from my local library in 2008. It read it and absolutely loved it, so much so I immediately wanted to own a copy. It took me 'til 2017 to purchase one, and finally a month ago to take it off the shelf and begin the re-read.

I considered Black Fire a masterpiece in my twenties. Now that I’m older and wiser(?), I see the flaws. The protagonist, while sympathetic, lacks personality; the dialogue skews toward cliched/banal, especially the exchanges between the protagonist and his girlfriend; the plot twist at the end isn’t exactly unpredictable. Those are the cons, but there are certainly pros. Black Fire is rich with imagery, atmosphere, and emotion; as a “right-brained” individual, I find these qualities compensate for the novel’s shortcomings.



I know this has long been a joke thread, but after so many years of inactivity, and with the OP no longer around, I feel it’s time enough at last for a revamp.

Bingowings said:

the term handsome when applied to women just refers to women who are attractive but not ‘pretty’.

Bingowings said:

Pretty is more a delicate, fragile beauty (like daisies. butterflies).

Handsome is a strong, durable beauty (like mountains and tall ships).

A Hitchcock blonde (Kim Novak, Janet Leigh etc) isn’t pretty but is definitely attractive.

Deneuve is another example I’d give.

She was pretty when she was young:

but she grew to be more handsome (and arguably more attractive) when she got older :

Last web series/tv show seen

The New Batman Adventures

I never really watched this show when it originally aired. I caught the three-part “World’s Finest” crossover on Superman: The Animated Series, but that’s as far as my exposure to TNBA went. Fast-forward to recent decades. My interest in checking out TNBA never rose. The character redesigns by-and-large were atrocious, a far cry from the beautiful designs of B:TAS. I did watch “Legends of the Dark Knight”, but was underwhelmed by how hollow and cheap it felt. I also knew the character development Freeze and Harley underwent in the predecessor series was rolled back, furthering my disinterest in the cartoon. So I consigned TNBA to the “not interested” pile and figured it would remain there. But then I purchased the B:TAS BD set this past July, and then a couple weeks ago finally realized the TNBA episodes were included. As I owned then, I figured I may as well watch them, apathy be damned. So I did.

Not all the redesigns were horrible; I liked Freeze’s redesign, though he should never have been brought back, and the Penguin’s was an improvement over the Burtonesque original. There were also a handful of good episodes; “Growing Pains” with Clayface was the best of the lot. That’s where anything positive I have to say about TNBA ends. This show is hot garbage. I’ve already mentioned my contempt for the handling of Freeze/Harley. Fuck that annoying, underaged shrimp Tim Drake; he’s virtually everything I’ve ever disliked about the Robin character, minus the green speedo/pixie boots. I’d cringe everytime Catwoman or Poison Ivy appeared on screen; in B:TAS, they and the other female characters had individualized physiques/body language, but here, all look like bulimic teenagers. And then there’s Batman. B:TAS Batman was human; he was serious, but still capable of humour and compassion. TNBA Batman is a remote, inconsiderate thug.

The New Batman Adventures (and in hindsight, Batman Beyond, too) effectively ruined the Batman corner of the DCAU. No redemptions, no happy endings. Just regression, alienation, and failure. Fuck. This. SHIT.


  • “Holiday Knights” — 5/10
  • “Sins of the Father” — 5/10
  • “Cold Comfort” — 2/10
  • “Never Fear” — 7/10
  • “You Scratch My Back” — 5/10
  • “Double Talk” — 5/10
  • “Joker’s Millions” — 4/10
  • “Growing Pains” — 8/10
  • “Mean Seasons” — 6/10
  • “The Demon Within” — 5/10
  • “Over the Edge” — 6/10
  • “Torch Song” — 6/10
  • “Love Is a Croc” — 7/10
  • “The Ultimate Thrill” — 5/10
  • “Cult of the Cat” — 7/10
  • “Critters” — 5/10
  • “Animal Act” — 7/10
  • “Old Wounds” — 6/10
  • “Legends of the Dark Knight” — 5/10
  • “Girls’ Night Out” — 4/10
  • “Chemistry” — 5/10
  • “Judgment Day” — 6/10
  • “Beware the Creeper” — 5/10
  • “Mad Love” — 7/10



The Last Son of Krypton (Season One)

TestingOutTheTest said:

Irrelevant to this post, but regarding your “Ultimate Star Wars Saga” rewrite, Qui-Gon should never constantly abuse his Force abilities to get his own way and he also wouldn’t have a contradictory moral code (e.g. he is perfectly happy brainwashing Watto into accepting useless money, but not to simply steal the spaceship part he needs).

Please don’t cross-post. I read the message you left in that thread, so it wasn’t necessary to share it here. Forgive me if I come off as harsh, but I like comments on my work kept to their appropriate threads.

Worst Edit Ideas

Eyepainter said:

Give everyone a lightsaber. Han Solo gets a lightsaber. Boba Fett gets a lightsaber. R2 and 3P0 get lightsabers. Greedo gets a lightsaber. Chewbacca gets a lightsaber. Lando Calrissian gets a lightsaber. Give all the rebels lightsabers. Give the stormtroopers lightsabers too, and make sure they don’t know how to use them properly, so it makes sense when the ewoks take them down with their own lightsabers.

Finally, give the lightsabers lightsabers.

The Last Son of Krypton (Season One)

I’ve gone ahead and started revising the completed episodes. The changes to “The Last Son” are already finished.

  • The opening on Krypton’s been simplified. No Luma, no other Kryptonians. The only beings shown are anonymous robots who prepare the birthing matrices for launch.
  • The Codex, an Eradicator-type device, is sent along with the birthing matrices to Earth. It crashes in Antarctica, forming the Fortress of Solitude.
  • Changed a few dates.

The revisions to “Stranger in a Strange Land” will be more extensive. Luma’s scenes will be discarded, no doubt about that now. Remaining scenes will have to be rearranged, new scenes written to fill the gaps. I may end up folding “Thanksgiving” into it, keeping the Clark/Helen subplot to a single episode. I have no idea how long this’ll take.