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NeverarGreat said:

Children of Dune

I remember quite liking this book the first two times I read it, but the latest time it felt rather lacking in plot. Most of the book is mired in a swamp of introspection which often teeters on the edge of full-on Randian rant. I really want to still like this book and it still has its moments, but they’re getting fewer and farther apart as I get older. 7/10.

I barely remember anything of the book. The miniseries is more memorable.

Jurassic Park

Speaking of rants, I had no idea that Ian Malcolm was the John Galt of this story. This is a rare case of the movie being better than the book. Maybe you could appreciate this book if your interest was computer science in the early nineties or the vagaries of Chaos Theory, but I’m a simple man who wanted a story about dinosaurs but got fifty diagrams of computer menus instead.

I’m just happy that Malcolm died at the end. 6/10.

The Lost World

“Somehow, Malcolm returned.”

The film is trash, so I had high hopes that this was merely a problem of the story being lost on its way to the screen. I still haven’t finished the book, but from what I can tell, the book is trash as well. It’s a different type of trash than the film, but equally worthless. Nobody in either telling has a good reason to be on Dinosaur Island Version 2 and they all deserve to die. I keep reading out of morbid curiosity, hoping that at least the raptors get a good meal. 1/10.

I’ve read/tried to read a few Crichton novels, but found none of them satisfying. Rumination on technical trivia may engross some readers, but not me.

Last web series/tv show seen

Earth 2

I started watching Earth 2 in September of 2018. Yeah, took me three years to watch a show which lasted a single 21-episode season. The plots were middling and often boring, drawing my interest elsewhere, but the cast and premise were strong, which kept drawing me back in. I imagine had a second season followed, barring any Andromeda-style retooling, the series would’ve found its footing. Guess we’ll never know.


  • “First Contact” – 8/10
  • “The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)” – 8/10
  • “Life Lessons” – 8/10
  • “Promises, Promises” – 8/10
  • A Memory Play" – 7/10
  • Natural Born Grendlers" – 7/10
  • “Water” – 7/10
  • “The Church of Morgan” – 7/10
  • “The Enemy Within” – 8/10
  • “Redemption” – 8/10
  • “Moon Cross” – 8/10
  • “Better Living Through Morganite: Part 1” – 7/10
  • “Better Living Through Morganite: Part 2” – 8/10
  • “Grendlers in the Myst” – 7/10
  • “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” – 7/10
  • “Brave New Pacifica” – 6/10
  • “The Boy Who Would be Terrian King” – 8/10
  • “After the Thaw” – 7/10
  • “Survival of the Fittest” – 7/10
  • “Flower Child” – 5/10
  • “All About Eve” – 7/10



Last web series/tv show seen

American Gothic

Close to a month ago, I came across the American Gothic DVD set in a used book store. I had neither seen nor heard of the series before, but I like Gary Cole and I have a fondness for '90s TV horror, so I took a chance and bought it, hoping I’d enjoy it.

Well, I wasn’t altogether impressed, unfortunately. Typical of network television then and now, there were just too many episodes and too little focus or momentum. Aside from Jake Weber and the nonentity he played, most of the cast/characters were great, but there just wasn’t enough mystery or atmosphere to keep me engaged. After five episodes, I’d lost interest, and only felt compelled to finish watching as I’d paid for the set. Well, that set’s gonna be finding a new home very soon.


  • “Pilot” – 8/10
  • “A Tree Grows in Trinity” – 7/10
  • “Eye of the Beholder” – 7/10
  • “Damned If You Don’t” – 8/10
  • “Dead to the World” – 7/10
  • “Potato Boy” – 7/10
  • “Meet the Beetles” – 7/10
  • “Strong Arm of the Law” – 6/10
  • “To Hell and Back” – 7/10
  • “The Beast Within” – 7/10
  • “Rebirth” – 8/10
  • “Ring of Fire” – 8/10
  • “Ressurector” – 6/10
  • “Inhumanitas” – 7/10
  • “The Plague Sower” – 6/10
  • “Dr. Death Takes a Holiday” – 7/10
  • “Learning to Crawl” – 6/10
  • “Echo of Your Last Goodbye” – 8/10
  • “Triangle” – 7/10
  • “Strangler” – 5/10
  • “The Buck Stops Here” – 6/10
  • “Requiem” – 7/10



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thatguyakira123 said:

I love Terminator Salvation.

Don’t love it, but I certainly prefer it over T3.

Haven’t watched any of the sequels made since, but I can’t imagine my answer would differ regarding them.

Both It movies suck, especially the new one.

I never watched Chapter Two. Suppose that speaks volumes on how much I liked Chapter One; only the casting was good.