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The Usual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Bingowings said:

I still think we missed a grand opportunity in the sequel trilogy. Consider the chaos of the last years of the Republic. Putting things back together after ROTJ would have been deeply frustrating for Leia. She has the Skywalker blood. She lost her home. The war as left a squabbling mass of political intrigue. She could have invented the First Order. To give the Republic something to unite against but eventually the allure of the powers she was using could have corrupted her. Imagine the reveal that it wasn’t Palpatine pulling the strings of Snoke but our beloved princess. Wouldn’t that explain why Luke would lose faith? Especially if she had warped her own son into becoming the new Vader. Rey could just be the Force readdressing the imbalance as it did with Anakin. How the hell someone would edit the material to make this work I don’t know. Perhaps replacing the Smoke model with a cowled figure that could add plot changing exposition. Just imagine Kylo’s face when Snoke says" I am your mother"😁

The Thread Where You Wax Rhapsodic about Your Book Collection


  • Adam, Eve, and the Serpent (Elaine Pagels)
  • The Amazing Spider-Girl #2 (Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz)
  • The Amazing Spider-Girl #3 (Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz)
  • The Amazing Spider-Girl #4 (Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz)
  • The Amazing Spider-Girl #5 (Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz)
  • Batman: Haunted Gotham (Jeph Loeb)
  • Chariots of the Gods? (Erich von Däniken)
  • The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr. Willy Wonka (Roald Dahl)
  • Crash Go the Chariots (Clifford Wilson)
  • The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant (John Dominic Crossan)
  • Misquoting Jesus (Bart D. Ehrman)
  • Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #26 (Tom DeFalco)
  • Spider-Man: Life Story (Chip Zdarsky)
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: The First Adventure (Vonda N. McIntyre)
  • Star Trek: My Enemy, My Ally (Diane Duane)
  • Star Trek: Strangers from the Sky (Margaret Wander Bonanno)
  • Star Wars: I, Jedi (Michael A. Stackpole)
  • The Star Wars Trilogy (various)
  • Superman: Kal (Dave Gibbons)


  • The Best of Trek #3 (edited by Walter Irwin & G. B. Love)
  • The Dune Encyclopedia (compiled by Willis E. McNelly)
  • I Am Legend (Richard Matheson)
  • More Bones: Scary Stories from Around the World (Arielle North Olson & Howard Schwartz)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (Gaston Leroux)
  • Simpsons Comics Big Bonanza (edited by Bill Morrison)
  • The Transall Saga (Gary Paulsen)
  • Ubik (Philip K. Dick)
  • The Walking (Bentley Little)