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The Terminator - Color Regrade (Released)

I did a quick rescan of the Technoir frame as I upgraded my camera. I got the 5D Mark IV a few days ago, but don’t have a Macro lens anymore since it was a Crop lens, so I had to use a Macro extension tube. Not used for quality reference but hopefully the improved sensor shows some improvement colour-wise over my old 60D scan:

Mr. Plinkett's Prequel Reviews Remastered in HD? (TPM & AOTC - done; ROTS - a WIP)

theMaestro said:

Just a heads up, the reviews have already been Lucas’d. Like in the ROTS review, the one on their channel has the Nadine storyline removed and the ending music was changed from having Trench Run music to some generic stock music (for copyright reasons). The OOT of Plinkett reviews is no longer available. Are you going to be creating an HD Despecialized version of the original Plinkett reviews?

Didn’t actually know that, good thing I downloaded it before the YT version was put up. Though I wasn’t really fond of the Nadine storyline in the ROTS review, was fine with how it ended in AOTC, so I don’t mind that either staying or going.

There was another change (only one I’m aware of) in the Phantom Menace review when the psuedo-3D version was put up with a skull slowly fading in and audio drowning out before a jump scare when Plinkett’s explaining the bets Qui-Gon makes to Watto:
Though since that was for the “3D review”, not really necessary to make a version with it.