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A New Hope: Semi-Special Edition

Ok, so heres a small snippet of the new “enhanced” scene of the speeder traveling towards the cantina (directly after the mind-trick scene in the OUT), with a new SE-ish shadow underneath the speeder while retaining the bottom half of the speeder seen in the theatrical.

This scene is still W.I.P. (moreso a proof of concept), and there are tons of things that need fixing (trying to clean up and stabilize the 4k77 source, color-correction) and I am not particularly good in doing such thing (I’m a first-timer) so any VFX help with this scene is greatly appreciated!

A New Hope: Semi-Special Edition

UPDATE: This project isn’t dead, however things are going by very slowly as of the moment due to personal matters.

However, I have been slowly developing this and so far have created a very, very rough rough-cut of the final film, using Neverar’s Technicolor Recreation as a base.

I am also doing preliminary VFX work for the infamous “139 frames” scene of the speeder going to the cantina, I might post a snippet of that soon.

YouTube/Vimeo/etc... Star Wars finds

oojason said:

STAR WARS CHANGES (Part 1 of 4) — A New Hope’:- - from the ‘Original Thrillogy’ youtube channel

I haven’t had a chance to watch all of it yet - though looks promising going on the first 4-5 minutes…

(Is it by one of us from here?)

Hmmm… That sure seems interesting.

I wonder if the 1997 SE shown in the comparison is 35mm, it sure has superior quality from any other publicly available version of the 1997 SEs, possibly a privately-owned 35mm scan?

A New Hope: Semi-Special Edition

This isn’t a major narrative-changing edit of ANH, more rather just a semi-specialized/despecialized/whatever-you-call-it edition, mixing different sources from Blu-Ray, to 4k77, to DeEd 2.7, and others, as of current I might be branching into ESB or ROTJ, I might probably use Adywan’s Revisited for it.

This edit is inspired by Hal 9000’s “Custom Special Edition”, but I’d like to do a more muted edit that still keeps the movie mostly the same, while still changing the audio and visual aspects.
I might also do some moderate vfx work for some shots, however there are some shots that are out of my abilites, so if you would wish to help me out, please feel free to.

-General color-correction on Blu-Ray to remove magenta, might use NeverarGreat’s Technicolor version as main source
-Re-timing the crawl to match Adywan’s, might not add the “Episode IV”
-Repositioning the escape pod to go downwards, instead of upwards (similar to ANH Revisited)
-Adding the effect seen as the pod goes into the atmosphere with the help of an upscaled ANH:R
-Using De-Ed to restore the 77’ dusk sandcrawler shot, and the droids scene.
-Using 2011 for the extended view of the vaporators
-Using parts of Blu-Ray and DeEd to restore 77’ binary sunset and mountain
-Using De-Ed to remove “ghost Luke”* (already removed if I will use the Technicolor version)
-Using 2011 for all the speeder scenes, as it replaces the old “handdrawn shadow”
-Using 2011 speeder sequence as the Tusken Raiders look out
-Using De-Ed to remove rocks on R2-D2

(Mos Eisley will be a good balance between the 2011 and theatrical:
-using 2011 shot of speeder entering Mos Eisley, and removing the Womprats in the process
-DeEd for the Jedi Mind Trick scene
-ENTIRELY redone shot of the infamous “139 frames” scene of the Speeder heading towards the cantina in the OOT,
removing the SE Ronto, keeping the shuttle, and restoring the cut-out portion of the speeder, while adding in a new, not-handdrawn shadow underneath)

-DeEd throughout the cantina scenes, but replace with 2011 for the canteen exterior shots (mainly readding the CGI dewback)
-Using 2011 for the Falcon escape
-Using 2011 for the Alderaan Explosion, without the explosion ring* (Needing VFX for that)
-Using 2011 Falcon hangar matte
-Using DeEd 1.0 for the Darth Vader vs Obi-Wan scene, restoring the cleaner sabers while still having them consistently red and blue
-Using 2011 for the Falcon escaping and entering into Dantooine
-Might use a combination between Blu-Ray/DeEd for the X-Wing takeoff scenes
-Overall mixing and matching 2011 and theatrical for the entire Death Star fight, balancing them out
-Using 4k77 for the Death Star explosion
-Using DeEd for restoring the original ending

-2011 Blu-Ray/NeverarGreat’s Technicolor Recreation
-Despecialized Editions 2.7 and 1.0
-Adywan’s Revisited cut of A New Hope

Star Wars - Episode IV: The Heir of Skywalker

IlFanEditore said:

I still can’t consider it as bad… I find it more in line with the PT and ST.
Anyway, you guys are surely more expert than I am.

What do you think about this?

Thats pretty good! Although I think its leaning more into saturated magenta, which is commonly what the Blu-Rays have. I suggest shifting the colors into a “balanced” version.

From the Earth to the Moon "Despecialized" Cut

Just over a week ago I heard about the coming release of HBO’s “From the Earth to the Moon” to Blu-ray in time for the 50th Anniversary and straight away I was excited for it.

When I got it home, I immediately played it and realized that something didnt look right. The original VFX shots that were created in SD have all been redone, and at first I thought it was an improvement, until I got to see that many, many things were wrong.

One of them I caught was the descent stage portion of the Lunar Module in Part 6 was completely reversed, and the 3d model of the Lunar Module used in the remake didnt even match up to the set version unlike the original VFX.

So I took matters into my own hands and try my hand to see if I was able to restore the original VFX of “From the Earth to the Moon” and possibly upscale them to match to Blu-Ray quality.

The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was

Longtime lurker here, just hovering a suggestion over from the ANH:RHD thread,
is it possible to recomposite the speeder scene? (the scene which comes right after the Obi-Wan mind trick in the OUT) Like, removing the ronto blocking in the way while still preserving some elements. (such as the SE shadow at the bottom of the speeder, shuttle flying behind the vaporators)

STAR WARS: Last Jedi (The Anti-Cringe-Cut)

I’ve seen the clips over there at the Fanedit Forums and I wanted to say how amazing this project is.

One suggestion though, I think change you did to not have Luke throwing the saber is a bit clunky.

I suggest to use the moving shot of Luke holding the lightsaber, and the reaction shot from Rey, and cutting it off from there to the wide shot of the village.

You can use a different soundtrack to help lead in the way to that wide shot.