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SOLO: A Star Wars Story: Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS & PAJA INSIDE **

Well, here’s my rough cutlist of the movie:

-Make the intro shorter and starts with Han and Qira already on the speeder and minor cuts in between.

-Cut the imperial officer giving Han his last name

-Small trims throughout to make the pacing a bit more consistent

-Cutting that very fanservicey moment of Maul showing his saber to Qira

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

While watching TLJ, I found out that there was more foreshadowing than I saw at the theater.
For example, Kylo’s saber flies into the air and land on his feet spinning, which gave him the idea of killing Snoke that way.
A similar (meta-ish) instance of this is when R2 shows Luke the old hologram of Leia, then later, Luke shows his force projection to Leia.

(On Hold) Revenge of the Jedi (The Snooker edit)

snooker said:

Collipso said:

I like the wipe but think it’d be better if it was a little bit faster.

Yeah, I quickly threw this together so that I could upload a preview! 😕

Normally wipes are 1 second and I had to make this one 2 or else I would have had to put in some effort!

I just came in to your project and so far; I’ve liked it! Especially your prieviews for the new Star Destroyer, however I would like to give a quick suggestion, is it possible to add some sort of slight motion blur (in-post or however you do it) it’s a little thing that can give more life to the new animated scenes.

Return of the Jedi: A Gentle Pruning

A quick suggestion, Can you possibly restructure the Jabba “plan” sequence? It seems to me there’s no plan to save Han at all. All they just do is to get captured and wait for Luke to rescue them.

Another thing, when Threepio describes Jabba’s palace, he says that Lando and Chewie has never gone out of the palace, even though we see Chewie brought in by Leia.