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Writing a Fan Edit of the 'ROTS' Novelization (a WIP)

There’s a meme of dialog that’s more so from Douglas Adams, not ‘The Clone Wars.’

However, comma, I’d love to pay tribute to Adams by altering it and fitting it into the scene where Anakin and Obi-Wan are caught by ray shields onboard the ‘Invisible Hand.’

Obi-Wan could say, “In times like these, I wish I’d listened to what Master Yoda said.”

Anakin says, “What did he tell you?”

Obi-Wan says, “I don’t know; I didn’t listen.”


Obi-Wan could play it off like he was testing Anakin, making sure he had listened to Yoda.

That could work, because on page 114, Anakin quotes Yoda:

“I say,” he puts in slowly, “patience.”

“Patience?” Obi-Wan lifts an eyebrow. “That’s a plan?”

“You know what Master Yoda says: Patience you must have, until the mud settles and the water becomes clear.”

Writing a Fan Edit of the 'ROTS' Novelization (a WIP)

Started playing with ideas to make a fan edit of the ‘Revenge of the Sith’ novelization.

This OP is going to have to be kind of quick to start off, because I technically have other stuff to do, but I had an itch to discuss a particular line.

On page 160, Anakin says the following line, which is also used in the movie; I have always felt it sounds awkward and barely rolls off the tongue well.

P. 160:

“I wish that were so,” he says, “but the fighting will continue until General Grievous is spare parts.”

The fighting will continue until Gen. Grievous IS spare parts? Not only does it sound awkward, it’s downright unimaginative.

I played around with ideas and decided on this for now.

“I wish that were so,” he says, “but the fighting will continue until General Grievous is sliced and diced into spare parts.”

I feel like using verbs to describe HOW Grievous can become spare parts really gives the line more life.


Other ideas were “reduced to spare parts” and “cut down to spare parts;” also, “blown up into spare parts.”

What are your favorite fan edits for the Prequel Trilogy and why?

To start, I chose the Battle of Christophsis and intro to Ahsoka Tano, leading up to the moment when Anakin says, “You wouldn’t have made it as Obi-Wan’s Padawan, but you might make it as mine.”

There’s a montage of Anakin and Ahsoka’s adventures throughout the Clone Wars; the episodes used are too numerous to list, and I barely recall off the top of my head. I used a combo of adventure and growth moments from the series.

After that, I edited together the entire arc where Ahsoka was framed for the bombing on the Jedi Temple, using wipes to transition to the next part of the story arc, leading up to the moment that Ahsoka walks away from the Jedi Order.

After the credits, I also inserted sequences showing the Battle on Yerbana, Ahsoka talking to Anakin and Obi-Wan via hologram, and then setting up the Siege of Mandalore, leading up to Obi-Wan announcing that Coruscant has been attacked.