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List of Disney plus only content in need of preservation (info + project idea)

PsyKovic said:

Darth telly said:

stwd4nder2 said:

Darth telly said:
Avatar (Censored Version)

How is the D+ version censored?

There is a version with a censored audio track.

what do you mean? they made any changes to the film or what? i dont get it

In the extras tab there is a censored version available.

Help: looking for... 'Iron Man 3' - Extended Edition in 1080p

heathen3017 said:

I’ve been searching for years. They exist (seen on YouTube, but can’t use), but nobody has indicated that they have it or can get it. I’ve tried myself with various international vendors, but with zero luck.

Still would love to get it

I found them! They are included in this!

Joel's Star Wars Holiday Special 1080P AI Upscale and Reconstruction (a WIP)

Joel said:

The Star Wars Purist said:

You could always piece it together from some ANH footage (Falcon approaching Yavin) and use some color replacement/a color change mask on Yavin to make it green. (As that’s what it appears to be.)

The screenshot I originally posted is exactly that, but the footage I’m asking about is the scene with Darth Vader and officer “Moradmin Bast” walking in a Death Star Corridor.

I changed the pic in my original post to one that relates more to the request.

Meanwhile, this picture is indeed from Star Wars, with the planet color replaced to match the Holiday Special.

If you want you can use my reconstruction of that scene when it is done.

The Knick Knack Boobs Restoration

MrBrown said:

I’ll try to answer the flow of questions as good as possible:
I took them myself from a video.
The source is not from your links.
The caps are 1:1 from that video, they are not blown up afterwards.
The marks are scratches, and nothing digitally added.

There was someone who got a 16mm print of Knick Knack.
AFAIK it is not scanned, yet.

Back in that time, I just had a 35mm print of the altered re-release.

That had changed since then… I got a true 35mm print of the old version.

Can I have That video that you got them from please.

List of Disney plus only content in need of preservation (info + project idea)

So I was thinking that it would be great if someone would release as much disney plus only content as possible, because who knows what will happen, maybe disney will replace the mandolorians rifle with a walky talk next. My Idea for this project is basically to back up everything exclusive to Disney Plus in the highest possible quality. I can contribute The Ice Age Adventures of buck wild, The Ewok Movies, The Ewoks show, Droids, and the final episode of Loki.

This list is a work in progress


Star Wars Content
The Mandalorian season 1
The Mandalorian season 2
Star Wars Visions
Clone Wars Season 7
The Bad Batch
The Book of Boba Fett
Under the Helmet

Marvel Content
The Falcon and the Winter solider
Marvel 616
Marvel Studios Assembled
Marvel Studios Disney Plus Day 2021

Other Content
The World According to Rube Goldberg
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild
Disney DIY Sundays

different transfers and versions of films

Star Wars
Forces of Destiny
An Ewok Adventure: The Caravan of Courage
Ewoks: The Battle For Endor

IMAX aspect ratio films
Spidey and his Amazing Friends

Saludos Amigos (Censored Version)
Splash (Censored Version)
Clock Cleaners (Censored Version)
Schoolhouse Rock “The Greatest Show on Earth” (Censored Version)
Adventures in Babysitting (Censored Version)
Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Scope)

Currently Have
The Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure
Ewoks: The Battle For Endor
Under the Helmet

Lion King Theatrical unaltered version recreated and remastered (W.I.P. at the moment)

ValenStudios said:

Oh THANK YOU!!! I’d love to see the print immediately, but first, I need to know what condition is it exactly beyond just “not perfect”? Does it have any scratches, cigar marks, splices, what are we talking here? I hope it’s nothing too severe and can be taken care of, as well as what aspect ratio are we talking with this print. Because from what I’m aware of, the theatrical and Laserdisc intended aspect ratio is 1:85.1, matted from the original CAPS 1:66.1 (as seen in the 2003 DVD) and as I’ve seen from 35mm scans to Disney animated movies from the 80’s and 90’s, they seem to be open matte-ish only to have a soft matte for theaters to take care of (and some being hard mattes), I wouldn’t mind either aspect ratio although kind of ironic for what the project is for, I’d prefer if the print would be 1:66.1 uncropped for the project but that wouldn’t mean I won’t give the option for 1:85.1.

The current 4k version on Itunes is 1.66:1.

Fixing modern animated disney films (WIP) Help Needed

So I was watching encanto, and I thought of ways I could improve it. It was so close to being a 10/10 film. Then I noticed that I should try to fix all of their modern films, because if you have seen any of them, you know there are problems. I will just be focusing on Disney’s 3D animated films to limit this down. Here is the list of the ones I am doing, I am open to any ideas for fixes I can do. Encanto is the one I would like the soonest because I already have what I will do to that one entirely planned out. This will be a project done over a long period of time.

Chicken Little
The Wild
Meet the Robinsons
Tinker bell
Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
A Christmas Carol
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Mars Needs Moms
Secret of the Wings
Wreck it Wralth
Once Upon a Princess
The Floating Palace
The Pirate Fairy
Planes Fire and Rescue
Big Hero 6
The Curse of Princess Ivy
Tinker Bell and the Neverbeast
Ralph Breaks the Internet
Frozen 2
Raya and the Last Dragon
Mickey and Minnie Wish Upon A Christmas

Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

Doctor M said:

With an eye towards a v2 of Make Mine Music, a friendly 'Spleener sent me a clip of the ‘nudity’ in Make Mine Music from the Japanese laserdisc.

OMG, the colors. What the heck happened there? They are so far apart I have no idea which is correct.

And so so much dirt. (Although I think I’d hit a v2 with a de-halo filter.)
I’ll consider working on this if anyone has solid suggestions, but I’m not sure there is anything worth pulling from the source.

I can’t believe I got an analog TV/VHS source looking that good. (Btw, the VHS has colors about halfway between these two. I’ll add snaps of that if anyone is interested.

from those images you posted I created a color correction.


color correction

If someone would send me the US DVD I could apply color correction to the whole movie and reinstate the missing segment and nudity.